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Don Stewart :: If God Was Behind the Writing of a Book, Then What Should We Expect from It?

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If God Was Behind the Writing of a Book, Then What Should We Expect from It?

Why the Bible Is So Special – Question 20

There are certain things that a person would expect from any book that was divinely inspired, or overseen, by God. They include, at least, the following six things:

1. It Would Have Universal Appeal

Any book from the living God would have a universal appeal. Everyone, in every place, would be touched by its message. It would not be limited to any one culture or any one time in history. It would be for all people for all times.

2. It Would Be Understandable by the Masses

Since God is perfect, He would be the perfect communicator. Therefore, any book that had God’s authority behind it would have to be understandable to the masses. God would choose writers that would communicate in such a way that all peoples would be able to understand. It would not matter what language they spoke, or what culture they came from.

3. It Would Be True in All That It Says

Any book that has God behind its writing would be assumed to be true in all that it says. If God is true, then His Word must also be true; for the words of a person reflect their character. Thus, there would be no lies or false promises in a book from God. Everything that is said or taught could be trusted.

4. It Would Be the Most Profound Book Ever Written

The truths found in a book that would come from God would make it the most profound book ever written. In its pages, we would expect to find truths that were found nowhere else. Even the wisest of us could not expect to completely understand the depths of its teachings. Indeed, we would be surprised if everything about God could be easily understood.

5. It Would Be the Most Influential Book Ever Written

We would expect a book that God divinely inspired to be the most influential book that has ever been written. We would assume that it would have an impact like no other book in history. Nothing could stop its impact if God was behind it.

6. It Would Be the Most Important Book Ever Written

Finally, any book that came from God would be the most important book ever written. It would hold the secrets to such questions as: Who is God? Who are human beings? Why do we exist? No other book would even come close in rivaling it in importance.

These Expectations Are Met by Scripture

Scripture meets and exceeds all these expectations. We can make the following observations about the Bible:

1. The Bible Does Have Universal Appeal

The Bible, from the start, has had a universal appeal. Although the main events come from the ancient East, the truths of the Bible have molded Western civilization.

In every country in which it goes, the impact of the Bible changes lives. The truths of the Bible are just as relevant for those living in China as they are for those living in Africa. Wherever we go into the world, we find the truths of the Bible appealing to the human heart. Young and old, rich and poor, the intelligent and the simple; the Bible is for everyone.

2. The Bible Is Understandable to the Masses

The Bible has been written in a style that is easy to understand. Even little children can read its stories with understanding. God uses our human words, wording and meaning to clearly communicate His truth to everyone. The Bible is indeed a book for all people.

3. Scripture Claims to Be True in All That It Records

The Bible itself claims to be the true Word of God. Over five thousand times in the Bible we have phrases such as, “God said,” or the “Lord said.” It claims to accurately record truths about God. Add to this, all the evidence that we now possess, whether it be historical or scientific, indicates Scripture is true in all that it says. If the Bible is true, then we should submit to the commands it gives.

4. The Bible Contains Profound Teachings

Despite being written in a style that is easy to understand, no one, even after a lifetime of study, can fully understand all its truths. No matter how much a person knows about the Bible, they can always learn more. Paul wrote:

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! (Romans 11:33 TNIV)

Isaiah the prophet recorded God revealing the differences between His thoughts and ours. The Lord said the following:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9 KJV)

The truths of Scripture are profound indeed.

5. The Bible Is the Most Influential Book Ever Written

In our world, no book has had near the influence that the Bible has had. It is easily the most influential book that has ever been written. The effects of the Bible in the lives of human beings, as well as in human history, testify to its divine authority. Although it is one of the oldest books ever written, it is still the best-selling book in the world. No book has been so often translated, quoted, attacked and loved as the Bible. The Bible has been printed more times, it has been more often translated and it is the most widely read of any book in history. No other book even comes close.

Furthermore, the Bible has promoted literacy in the world. For example, there are many languages that have been now reduced to writing for the very first time. This has occurred so that the books of the Bible might be translated into these languages and then placed into some written form.

The Bible is different from all other books in its effect on individual human beings and on the history of nations of the world. It is not only the all-time best seller, it still appeals to both the hearts and minds of all people in every nation. Wherever the message of Scripture has gone, it has been embraced by every race, nation or tribe. This is true whether the people are rich or poor, young or old, scholars or laymen, kings or commoners. People of literally every background and walk of life receive the message of Scripture with gladness. There is no other book that has ever had such universal appeal, nor has any other book produced such lasting effects as has the Bible.

6. The Bible Is the Most Important Book Ever Written

If God was personally behind the writing of a book, we would expect it to be the most important book that has ever been written. Since it would tell us who God is, who we are, why we are here and what our destiny is, no book would rival its importance. The Bible is that Book. It is the most important Book that has ever been written. Therefore, the Bible should be studied more than any other book.

All things considered, the Bible is just the sort of book we should expect as coming from God; it has the credentials that we would imagine.

Summary – Question 21
If God Was Behind the Writing of a Book, Then What Should We Expect from It?

There are a number of things that would be expected if God was to be behind the writing of a book. This book would have to address the basic needs of humanity.

We would expect it to have universal appeal—it should be relevant to every person no matter when they lived in history. This book should also be understood by the masses—not just an elite few.

This book should be true in all that it says if it comes from a wise and perfect God.

In addition, we would expect it to be the most profound book that has ever been written—its truths could never be fully appreciated. We would expect it to be the most influential book ever written.

Finally, it would be the most important book ever written.

The Bible meets all these expectations. If any book could make a claim to be God’s Word, then it would be the Bible.

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