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Don Stewart :: What Should We Conclude about the Traditional Arguments for God's Existence?

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What Should We Conclude about the Traditional Arguments for God’s Existence? Are They Convincing?

Does the God of the Bible Exist? – Question 11

There are a number of conclusions that we can make to the traditional or classical arguments for God’s existence. These arguments do give us some insight into different aspects of God as He is revealed in Scripture. For example, we can make the following observations.

The Evidence from These Various Arguments Relate to Different Aspects of God’s Person

The various arguments that have been given for God’s existence relate to different aspects of His being. The ontological speaks of His complete perfection, the cosmological and biological to His creative abilities, the teleological to His designing intelligence, and the moral and anthropological to His personal nature. The evidence from these arguments is consistent with what the Bible reveals about God’s existence and His nature.

Belief in the God of Scripture Is Consistent with Everything We Know and Observe

We can also conclude that what we know and observe of the universe around us is consistent with how the Bible describes God. These traditional arguments do reflect truth about God.

The universe had a cause and that cause is God. He is the One who started everything in the beginning as the Bible so clearly says.

Furthermore, the universe has a Designer and that Designer is God. God created everything perfect so that it would function together in an orderly manner.

In addition, the universe has a purpose in God’s plan. Just as everything we find in the universe has a purpose so we discover that the universe itself is here for a specific purpose.

The Bible says God has given the moral sense of right and wrong to us. Our conscience is there to testify to the standard which He has provided.

In addition, since we know that life only comes from life, we can conclude with the Bible that God is the Giver of life.

The universal moral standard has been placed in our hearts by God, the Lawgiver. He has left the entire human race without any excuse. Everyone knows that He exists.

The fact that we can conceive of such a perfect being as God, as the ontological argument points out, only shows that the Lord has put those thoughts in our hearts. We long for such a being to exist and He does exist!

Therefore, while not proving the God of the Bible exists, the traditional arguments are consistent with His existence as well as what the Scripture has to say about Him.

Summary – Question 11
Belief in the God of Scripture Is Consistent with Everything We Know and Observe

There are a number of conclusions we can make from the traditional arguments for God’s existence. These arguments, while not conclusively proving that God exists, when considered together, do relate to various aspects of God’s nature or being. In other words, they are consistent with what we know about the God of the Bible.

The cosmological arguments show there is a first cause. The first verse of Scripture says that God is that cause. The teleological argument points out the intricate design in the universe. Scripture testifies to God’s great designing power.

The moral argument shows that the Lord has put a sense of right and wrong in each of us. We know that there are certain universe standards.

The biological argument says there must be a Creator since life only comes from life. The ontological argument shows that the Lord has put thoughts of Himself in our hearts and minds.

Therefore, every single thing we observe in the world around us gives testimony to God’s existence. Thus, there is no need to be ashamed of our belief in the God of Scripture.

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