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The Blue Letter Bible

Kress Biblical Resources :: Overview Outline

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Overview Outline of 1 Timothy

The Church Must Oppose Error and Uphold the Truth in This World

  1. Prologue/Greeting (1Ti 1:1-2)
    1. The writer (1Ti 1:1)
      1. The human author
      2. The divine Author (2Ti 3:16; 2Pe 1:21; 2Pe 3:15-16)
    2. The recipient[s] (1Ti 1:2a)
      1. The original recipient[s]
      2. The current recipients
    3. The reasons
      1. Oppose false teaching (1Ti 1:3ff; 1Ti 4:1-6)
      2. Order the church so as to uphold the truth (1Ti 3:14-15)
    4. The requisite greeting (1Ti 1:2b)
      1. The prayer of blessing
      2. The Person[s] behind the blessing
  2. Purity in doctrine (1Ti 1:3-20)
    1. Preserve the purity of the gospel (1Ti 1:2-11)
      1. The pursuit of a faithful shepherd (1Ti 1:3-5)
      2. The proper use of the Law (1Ti 1:8-11)
    2. Praise Christ and testify of His salvation (1Ti 1:12-17)
      1. Praise the Lord for the grace of His salvation (1Ti 1:12-16)
      2. Praise the Lord for the glory of His sovereign Person (1Ti 1:17)
    3. Persevere in the fight (1Ti 1:18-20)
      1. Persevere in confronting false teaching (1Ti 1:18a)
      2. Persevere in using your giftedness and calling (1Ti 1:18b)
      3. Persevere in trusting God and keeping a good conscience (1Ti 1:19-20)
  3. Priorities in church worship and leadership (1Ti 2; 1Ti 3)
    1. Starting with corporate prayer and proper worship (1Ti 2)
      1. The primacy of prayer and male leadership in corporate worship (1Ti 2:1-7)
      2. The proper conduct of male leadership in corporate worship (1Ti 2:8)
      3. The proper conduct of women in corporate worship (1Ti 2:9-15)
    2. Sanctified leadership (1Ti 3)
      1. The required character of an overseer (1Ti 3:1-7)
      2. The required character of deacons and their wives (1Ti 3:8-13)
      3. The reason for this epistle—the church is to uphold the truth (1Ti 3:14-16)
  4. Pastoral responsibilities (1Ti 4; 1Ti 5; 1Ti 6:1-21a;)
    1. Concerning godliness and legalistic discipline (1Ti 4)
      1. The Spirit’s warning against a legalistic approach to godliness (1Ti 4:1-5)
      2. The shepherd’s work in refuting a legalistic approach to godliness (1Ti 4:6-16)
    2. Concerning godliness and relationships (1Ti 5; 1Ti 6:1-2)
      1. The pastor, and those he is to encourage/admonish (1Ti 5:1-2)
      2. The policy of the church towards its widows (1Ti 5:3-16)
      3. The policy of the church towards its elders (1Ti 5:17-25)
      4. The practice of believing slaves in relation to their earthly masters (1Ti 6:1-2)
    3. Concerning godliness and a right view of riches (1Ti 6:3-21)
      1. The contrast between greed-driven false teachers and true godliness (1Ti 6:3-10)
      2. The charge to the man of God in the face of such greed-driven opposition (1Ti 6:11-19)
      3. The charge to guard the faith—that which is truly treasure (1Ti 6:20-21a)
  5. Prayer (1Ti 6:21b)
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