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The Blue Letter Bible

Kress Biblical Resources :: Overview

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Overview Outline of Titus

The Gospel of Grace Calls Us to Adorn the Doctrine of God as Savior

  1. Introduction [To the doctrine of God as Savior] (Tit 1:1-4)
    1. The writer
    2. The recipients (Tit 1:4a; Tit 2:5; Tit 2:12-13, 15; Tit 3:15c)
    3. The reasons (see The Aim in Introductory Matters)
    4. The requisite greeting (Tit 1:4b)
  2. Church leadership that adorns the doctrine of God as Savior (Tit 1:5-16)
    1. The charge to Titus recalled (Tit 1:5)
    2. The character and conduct of an elder revealed (Tit 1:6-9)
    3. The character and conduct of false teachers rebuked (Tit 1:10-16)
  3. Christian living that adorns the doctrine of God as Savior (Tit 2:1-15; Tit 3:1-11)
    1. The character and conduct of various groups within the church (Tit 2:1-15)
      1. Sound doctrine and the grace of God practically applied to believers (Tit 2:1-10)
      2. Sound doctrine and the grace of God powerfully explained to believers [as the motive and power for godly living] (Tit 2:11-15)
    2. The character and conduct of all toward those outside the church (Tit 3:1-11)
      1. Salvation practically applied—submission to authority and love toward all men (Tit 3:1-2)
      2. Salvation powerfully explained—salvation by God’s grace as the basis and motive for that submission and love (Tit 3:3-7)
      3. Salvation and its practical ramifications summarized (Tit 3:8-11)
  4. Conclusion [An itinerary and prayer that adorns the doctrine of God as Savior by emphasizing good works based on grace] (Tit 3:12-15)
    1. The itinerary of good works specifically applied to Titus’ context (Tit 3:12-14)
    2. The issuing of greetings (Tit 3:15a)
    3. The invocation of grace Tit (Tit 3:15b)

Alternate Overview Outline1

  1. God’s people need leadership to live for God’s purpose. (Tit 1:1-16)
  2. God’s people need order to live as God’s people. (Tit 2:1-15)
  3. God’s people need counsel to live in God’s world. (Tit 3:1-15)

1Kitchen, John A., The Pastoral Epistles for Pastors, p. 611, Kress Biblical Resources.

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