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The Blue Letter Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Outline for 1 Samuel

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I. SAMUEL: God’s prophet, priest, and judge, Chapters 1-8

A. Birth of Samuel, Chapters 1, 2

1. Hannah’s prayer and answer, 1Sa 1

2. Hannah’s prophetic prayer; boy Samuel in temple, 1Sa 2

B. Call of Samuel, Chapter 3

C. Last judge and first prophet (prophetic office), Chapters 4-8

1. Ark captured by Philistines; Word of God to Samuel fulfilled; Eli dies and his sons slain, 1Sa 4

2. God judged Philistines because of the ark; ark returned to Bethshemesh, 1Sa 5, 6

3. Samuel leads in revival (put away idols and turn to Jehovah); victory at Ebenezer, 1Sa 7

4. Israel rejects God and demands a king; Samuel warns nation but promises a king, 1Sa 8

II. SAUL: Satan’s man, Chapters 9-15

A. Saul received, Chapters 9, 10

1. Saul chosen as king, 1Sa 9

2. Saul anointed as king, 1Sa 10

B. Saul reigning, Chapters 11, 12

1. Saul’s victory over Ammonites, 1Sa 11

2. Transfer of authority from Samuel to Saul, 1Sa 12

C. Saul rejected, Chapters 13-15

1. Saul’s rebellion against God, 1Sa 13

2. Jonathan responsible for victory over Philistines; Saul took credit, 1Sa 14

3. Saul’s glaring rebellion and disobedience regarding Agag, 1Sa 15

III. DAVID: God’s man, and SAUL: Satan’s man, Chapters 16-31

A. David anointed, Chapter 16

B. David trained, Chapters 17, 18

1. David slays Goliath, giant of Gath, 1Sa 17

2. Jonathan and David make covenant; Saul gives daughter Michal to David, 1Sa 18

C. David disciplined, Chapters 19-30

1. Saul attempts to kill David again, 1Sa 19

2. Jonathan helps David escape, 1Sa 20

3. David escapes to Nob and Gath, 1Sa 21

4. David gathers his men; Saul slays priests of God, 1Sa 22

5. David fights Philistines; Saul pursues David; Jonathan and David make covenant, 1Sa 23

6. David spares Saul’s life at En-gedi, 1Sa 24

7. Samuel dies; David and Abigail, 1Sa 25

8. David again spares Saul’s life in wilderness of Ziph, 1Sa 26

9. David retreats to land of Philistia (Ziklag), 1Sa 27

10. Saul goes to witch of Endor, 1Sa 28

11. Philistines do not trust David in battle, 1Sa 29

12. David fights Amalekites because of destruction of Ziklag, 1Sa 30

D. Saul, mortally wounded in battle, commits suicide, Chapter 31

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