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The Blue Letter Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Outline for Deuteronomy

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I. Reviewing the journeys, Chapters 1-4

II. Restating the Law — love and obedience, Chapters 5-26

A. Repetition and interpretation of Ten Commandments, Deu 5-7

B. Religious and national regulations, Deu 8-21

1. God’s past dealings are assurance for future, Deu 8

2. God knew Israel — the past was not good, Deu 9

3. God sent Israel to Egypt; God brought them out of Egypt, Deu 10

4. Promised Land not like Egypt; principle of occupancy, Deu 11

5. Israel has only one place to worship in land, Deu 12

6. Warning against and test of false prophets, false gods, Deu 13

7. Diet for Israel, Deu 14

8. God’s poverty program; the permanent slave; the perfect sacrifice is Christ, Deu 15

9. Three main feasts (Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles); all males required to attend, Deu 16

10. Sundry laws, Deu 17

11. Priests and prophets; test of true prophet, Deu 18

12. Cities of Refuge; extent of land and extremity of Law, Deu 19

13. Laws regulating warfare, Deu 20

14. Laws regulating murder, marriage and delinquent sons, Deu 21

C. Regulations for domestic and personal relations, Deu 22-26

1. Miscellaneous laws concerning brother relationships, dress, building code, planting seed, and marriage, Deu 22

2. The world, the flesh, and the devil, Deu 23

3. Divorce, Deu 24

4. Punishment of guilty (40 stripes); law protecting widows; punishment for crimes; judgment of Amalek, Deu 25

5. First fruits — thanksgiving, Deu 26

III. Regarding the future of the land, (blessings and curses), Chapters 27-30

IV. Requiem to Moses, Chapters 31-34

One Hebrew division of Deuteronomy is very good and follows the generally accepted pattern:


1st Oration — Deu 1:6-4:40
2nd Oration — Deu 4:44-26:19
3rd Oration — Deu 27, 28
4th Oration — Deu 29, 30
5th Oration — Deu 31:1-13
6th Oration — Deu 32 (Song of Moses)
7th Oration — Deu 33
8th Oration — Deu 34

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