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The Blue Letter Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Outline for Exodus

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I. A DELIVERER, Chapters 1-11

A. Slavery of Israel in Egypt, Exo 1

B. Birth of Moses — first 40 years in Pharaoh’s palace, Exo 2

C. Call of Moses — second 40 years in Midian, Exo 3

(incident of burning bush)

D. Return of Moses to Egypt — announcement of deliverance to Israel, Exo 4

E. Contest with Pharaoh, Exo 5

(9 plagues against idolatry of Egypt, battle of the gods)

II. DELIVERANCE (by blood and power), Chapters 12-14

A. Institution of Passover — tenth plague, death of firstborn (blood), Exo 12

B. Crossing Red Sea — destruction of army of Egypt (power), Exo 13, 14

III. MARCHING to Mt. Sinai (spiritual education), Chapters 15-18

(7 experiences correspond to Christian experience)

A. Song of redeemed — wilderness of Shur, Exo 15:1-22

(no bed of roses after redemption)

B. Marah, bitter water sweetened by tree, Exo 15:23-26

(Cross sweetens bitter experiences of life)

C. Elim (fruitful Christian experience), Exo 15:27

D. Wilderness of Sin — manna and quail, Exo 16

(Christ is the Bread of Life)

E. Smitten Rock (“That Rock was Christ”), Exo 17:1-7

F. Amalek (the flesh), Exo 17:8-16

(victory on the hilltop, Deuteronomy 25:17, 18)

G. Jethro, priest of Midian, Exo 18

(worldly wisdom in contrast to revelation)

IV. The LAW (condemnation), Chapters 19-24

A. Arrival at Mt. Sinai — agreement to accept the Law, Exo 19

B. Ten Commandments — order for the altar, Exo 20

C. Social legislation, Exo 21-24

V. BLUEPRINT and CONSTRUCTION of tabernacle, Chapters 25-40

(a pattern and picture of Christ)

A. Blueprint for tabernacle — pattern of garments for high priest, Exo 25-30

B. Workmen for tabernacle — Sabbath a sign to Israel, Exo 31

C. Golden calf — broken law — Moses’ intercession, second tables of the Law, Exo 32-35

D. Construction of tabernacle, Exo 36-39

E. Tabernacle erected — filled with glory of the Lord, Exo 40

Exodus begins in gloom and ends in glory.

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