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The Blue Letter Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Outline for Isaiah

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I. Judgment (poetry), Chapters 135

Revelation of the Sovereign on the throne.

(The Crown, chapter 6. The government of God.)

A. Solemn call to the universe to come into the courtroom to hear God’s charge against the nation Israel, Chapter 1

B. Preview of the future for Judah and Jerusalem, Chapter 2

C. Present view of Judah and Jerusalem, Chapter 3

D. Another preview of the future, Chapter 4

E. Parable of the vineyard and woes predicted on Israel, Chapter 5

F. Isaiah’s personal call and commission as prophet, Chapter 6

G. Prediction of local and far events, Chapters 710

(Hope of future in coming Child)

H. Millennial kingdom, Chapters 11, 12

I. Burdens of surrounding nations (largely fulfilled), Chapters 1323

1. Burden of Babylon, Chapters 13, 14

2. Burden of Moab, Chapters 15, 16

3. Burden of Damascas, Chapter 17

4. Burden of the land beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, Chapter 18

5. Burden of Egypt, Chapters 19, 20

6. Burden of Babylon, Edom, Arabia, Chapter 21

7. Burden of the Valley of Vision, Chapter 22

8. Burden of Tyre, Chapter 23

J. Kingdom, process and program by which the throne is established on earth, Chapters 2434

K. Kingdom, mundane blessings of the Millennium, Chapter 35

II. Historic interlude (prose), Chapters 3639

(This section is probably a prophetic picture of how God will deliver His people in the Great Tribulation [see 2 Kings 18, 19 and 2 Chronicles 29, 30].)

A. King Hezekiah and the invasion of Sennacherib, king of Assyria, Chapter 36

B. King Hezekiah’s prayer and the destruction of the Assyrian hosts, Chapter 37

C. King Hezekiah’s sickness, prayer and healing, Chapter 38

D. King Hezekiah plays the fool, Chapter 39

III. Salvation (poetry), Chapters 4066

Revelation of the Savior in the place of suffering.

(The Cross, chapter 53. The grace of God. There is a three-fold division marked by the concluding thought in each division, “There is no peace to the wicked.”)

A. Comfort of Jehovah which comes through the Servant, Chapters 4048

(Polemic against idolatry — help and hope come only through the Servant.)

B. Salvation of Jehovah which comes through the suffering Servant, Chapters 4957

1. Redeemer of the whole world, who is God’s Servant, Chapters 49:152:12

2. Redemption wrought by the suffering Servant, who is God’s Sheep (Lamb), Chapters 52:1353:12

3. Results of the redemption wrought by the Redeemer, who is God’s only Savior, Chapters 5457

C. Glory of Jehovah which comes through the suffering Servant, Chapters 5866

1. Sin hinders the manifestation of the glory of God, Chapters 58, 59

2. Redeemer is coming to Zion, Chapters 6066

(Nothing can hinder God’s progress — He will judge sin.)

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