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The Blue Letter Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Outline for John

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I. Prologue — incarnation, Chapter 1:1-18

A. Word is God, vv. 1-3

B. Word became flesh, v. 14

C. Word revealed God, v. 18

II. Introduction, Chapter 1:19-51

A. Witness of John the Baptist, vv. 19-36

Jesus is Revealer of God (v. 36); Redeemer of man (v. 29)

B. Witness of Andrew, vv. 37-42

Jesus is the Messiah [Christ] (v. 41)

C. Witness of Philip, vv. 43-46

Jesus is fulfillment of Old Testament (v. 45)

D. Witness of Nathanael, vv. 47-51

Jesus is Son of God, King of Israel (v. 49)

III. Witness of works and words (“signs” Jhn 20:30, 31), Chapters 212

A. Jesus at marriage in Cana (1st work), Chapter 2:1-12

B. Jesus cleanses temple during Passover in Jerusalem (1st word), Chapter 2:13-22

Jesus is Resurrection (v. 22)

C. Jesus interviews Nicodemus in Jerusalem (2nd word), Chapters 2:233:36

Jesus must die for sins of world (Jhn 3:15)

D. Jesus interviews woman at well in Sychar (3rd word), Chapter 4:1-45

Jesus is giver of Water of Life

E. Jesus heals nobleman’s son in Capernaum (2nd work), Chapter 4:46-54

F. Jesus heals man at pool of Bethesda (3rd work), Chapter 5

Jesus is equal with God

G. Jesus feeds 5,000 on east of Sea of Galilee (4th work & word), Chapter 6

Jesus is Bread of Life

H. Jesus teaches at Feast of Tabernacles in temple (5th word), Chapter 7

Jesus is Water of Life; promises the Holy Spirit

I. Jesus in temple forgives woman taken in adultery (6th word), Chapter 8

Jesus is Light of World

J. Jesus opens eyes of man born blind in Jerusalem (5th work), Chapter 9

1. Record of miracle, vv. 1-7

2. Reaction to miracle, vv. 8-41

K. Jesus is Good Shepherd (7th word), Chapter 10

1. Humanity — Christ in form of servant, vv. 1-21

2. Deity — Christ equal with God, vv. 22-42

L. Jesus raises Lazarus from dead in Bethany (6th work), Chapter 11

M. Witness of Jew and Gentile to Jesus, Chapter 12

1. Jesus comes to Bethany for supper, vv. 1-11

2. Jesus comes to Jerusalem — tearful entry, vv. 12-19

3. Jesus comes to Greeks, vv. 20-26

4. Jesus comes to His hour, vv. 27-36

5. Jesus comes to end of public ministry, vv. 37-50

IV. Witness of Jesus to His witnesses, Chapters 1317

Upper Room Discourse

A. Jesus washes feet of disciples, Chapter 13

Picture of His present ministry

B. Jesus comforts His disciples, Chapter 14

Announces His second coming

C. Jesus is genuine vine; disciples are branches, Chapter 15

New relationship

D. Jesus will send Holy Spirit during His absence, Chapter 16

New ministry of Holy Spirit

E. The Lord’s prayer, Chapter 17

1. Jesus prays for Himself, vv. 1-5

2. Jesus prays for disciples, vv. 6-19

3. Jesus prays for His church, vv. 20-26

V. Witness to world, Chapters 1820

A. Arrest and trial of Jesus, Chapter 18

1. Arrest in Gethsemane; trial before Annas, vv. 1-14

2. First denial by Simon Peter, vv. 15-18

3. Trial before high priest, vv. 19-24

4. Second denial by Simon Peter, vv. 25-27

5. Trial before Pilate, vv. 28-40

B. Death of Jesus at Golgotha; burial in tomb of Joseph, Chapter 19

C. Resurrection of Jesus; appearances to Mary, disciples, Thomas, Chapter 20

VI. Epilogue — glorification, Chapter 21

The resurrected Jesus is still God

Lord of our wills — directs our service (v. 6)
Lord of our hearts — motive for service (vv. 15-17)
Lord of our minds — lack of knowledge no excuse from service (v. 22)

Another division of the Gospel of John:

John   112     LIGHT
John 1317     LOVE
John 1821     LIFE  

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