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The Blue Letter Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Outline for Luke

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I. Birth of the Perfect Man and His family, Chapters 1-3

A. Announcement of the births of John and Jesus; the birth of John, Chapter 1

1. Purpose of Gospel, vv. 1-4 (Periodic sentence)

2. Gabriel appears to Zacharias and announces the birth of John, vv. 5-25

3. Gabriel appears to Mary and announces the virgin birth of Jesus, vv. 26-38

4. Mary visits Elisabeth, vv. 39-56 (Hail Mary and Magnificat)

5. Birth of John (Zacharias’ Benedictus), vv. 57-80

B. Birth of Jesus; His reception; His circumcision; His journey to Jerusalem at twelve years of age, Chapter 2

1. Birth of Jesus at Bethlehem in a stable, vv. 1-7

2. Reception of Jesus: angels announce His birth to shepherds; shepherds visit stable, vv. 8-20

3. Circumcision of Jesus and purification of Mary, vv. 21-24

4. Incident in temple concerning Simeon, vv. 25-35 (Nunc Dimittis, vv. 29-32)

5. Incident in temple concerning Anna; return to Nazareth, vv. 36-40

6. Visit of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus to Jerusalem when Jesus was twelve, vv. 41-52 (Dr. Luke says He was growing normally in body, mind, and spiritv. 52)

C. Ministry of John the Baptist; baptism of Jesus; genealogy of Mary, Chapter 3

1. Ministry of John, vv. 1-20

2. Baptism of Jesus, vv. 21, 22 (Trinityv. 22)

3. Genealogy of Mary, vv. 23-38 (Mary was also descended from David, v. 31 — see Matthew 1)

II. Testing of the Perfect Man; rejection by His hometown, Chapter 4 (“Tempted like as we are,” Hebrews 4:15)

A. Temptation of Jesus, vv. 1-13

B. Jesus returns to Galilee and Nazareth; rejected by His hometown, vv. 14-30 (Jesus quotes from Isaiah 61:1-2 in v. 18)

C. Jesus moves His headquarters to Capernaum; continues His ministry, vv. 31-44

III. Ministry of the Perfect Man in area of Galilee, Chapters 5-9

A. Jesus calls disciples for the second time; cleanses lepers; heals man with palsy; calls Matthew; gives parables on new garment and wine skins, Chapter 5

B. Jesus defends disciples for plucking grain on sabbath; heals paralyzed man on sabbath; chooses twelve; gives Sermon on the Plain, Chapter 6

C. Jesus heals centurion’s servant; restores to life son of widow of Nain; commends John the Baptist; goes to dinner at Pharisee’s house; gives parable of two debtors, Chapter 7

D. Jesus gives parables: sower, lighted candle, personal relationships; stills storm; casts out demons at Gadara; heals woman with issue of blood; restores to life daughter of Jairus, Chapter 8

E. Jesus commissions and sends forth the twelve; feeds 5000; announces death and resurrection; transfigured; casts out demons from an only son; sets His face toward Jerusalem; puts down test for discipleship, Chapter 9

IV. Ministry of the Perfect Man on way to Jerusalem, Chapters 10-18

A. Jesus sends forth the seventy; pronounces judgment on Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum; gives parable of Good Samaritan; enters home of Mary and Martha, Chapter 10

B. Jesus teaches disciples to pray by using parables of the persistent friend and a good father; accused of casting out demons by Beelzebub; gives parables — unclean spirit leaving a man, sign of Jonah, lighted candle; denounces Pharisees, Chapter 11

C. Jesus warns of leaven of Pharisees; gives parables of rich fool, return from wedding, testing of servants in light of coming of Christ; states He is a divider of men, Chapter 12

D. Jesus teaches men not to judge but repent; gives parable of fig tree; heals woman with infirmity; gives parables of mustard seed and leaven; continues to teach as He goes toward Jerusalem; weeps over Jerusalem, Chapter 13

E. Jesus goes to dinner at home of Pharisee; gives parables of impolite guests, the great supper, building a tower, king going to war, salt that loses its tang, Chapter 14

F. Jesus gives parable of lost sheep, lost coin, two lost sons (prodigal son), Chapter 15 (The obedient Son is the One giving the parable.)

G. Jesus gives parable about unjust steward; answers covetous Pharisees; speaks on divorce; recounts incident of rich man and Lazarus (poor man), Chapter 16

H. Jesus instructs His disciples on forgiveness, faithful service; heals ten lepers (one Samaritan returns to give thanks); speaks on spiritual nature of kingdom and His coming again, Chapter 17

I. Jesus gives two parables on prayer; blesses little children; confronts rich young ruler with five of Ten Commandments; heals blind man on entering Jericho, Chapter 18

V. Ministry of the Perfect Man in Jericho and Jerusalem, Chapters 19-21

A. Jesus enters Jericho and home of Zacchaeus; conversion of Zacchaeus; gives parable of ten pounds; enters Jerusalem; weeps over city; cleanses temple, Chapter 19

B. Jesus’ authority challenged; gives parable of vineyard; questioned about paying tribute to Caesar; silences Sadducees about resurrection; questions scribes, Chapter 20

C. Jesus notes how people give, commends widow; answers question in Olivet Discourse, “When shall these things be?” Chapter 21

VI. Betrayal, trial, and death of the Perfect Man, Chapters 22, 23 (Our Kinsman-Redeemer)

A. Judas plots with chief priests to betray Jesus; Jesus plans for last Passover and institutes Lord’s Supper; announces His betrayal, position of apostles in future kingdom; Peter’s denial; warns disciples of future; goes to Gethsemane; betrayed by Judas; arrested and led to high priest’s house; denied by Peter; mocked, beaten, brought before Sanhedrin, Chapter 22

B. Jesus brought before Pilate and Herod; Barabbas released; Jesus foretells destruction of Jerusalem and prays for His enemies; Jesus crucified; mocked by rulers, soldiers, one thief; other thief turns to Jesus and is accepted by Him; dismisses His spirit; placed in new tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea, Chapter 23

VII. Resurrection of the Perfect Man, Chapter 24:1-48

A. Jesus raised from the dead; leaves Joseph’s tomb, vv. 1-12

B. Jesus goes down road to Emmaus, reveals Himself to two disciples, vv. 13-34

C. Jesus goes to the assembled disciples, reveals Himself to the eleven; gives commission to go, vv. 35-48 (He is still a man; emphasizes the importance of the Word of God)

VIII. Ascension of the Perfect Man, Chapter 24:49-53 (Jesus promises to send Holy Spirit; ascends to heaven in attitude of blessing His own)

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