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The Blue Letter Bible

Don Stewart :: How Should We Go about Studying the Bible?

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Don Stewart
Once we understand the importance of Bible study, and we have the proper tools, we need to discover how we can go about studying the Bible.

Understand Plan Of God

First, the believer needs to understand the overall plan of God. This is done by grasping a basic overview of the various books of the Bible. Starting with Genesis and the creation of humankind, moving on to Abraham and the covenants God made with his descendants and then the fulfillment of the promises to the nation Israel. The Old Testament needs to be understood as a background for study of the New Testament. Unfortunately many people start right in with the New Testament with no background whatsoever. Common sense tells us that when we pick up a book to read, we start at the beginning. The same thing is true with the Bible.

Systematic Study

It is important to have a systematic study of God's Word. The believer needs to attend a church where the Bible is systematically taught. This will tremendously aid in the comprehension of God's overall program for the world as well as His specific promises to the individual.


Commentaries can be helpful in understanding the message of Scripture. However, they should not be depended upon as the sole source of information. Reading the Bible on one's own is essential. This allows God to speak to us through His Word.

Bible Institutes And Schools

There are various Bible Institutes (such as the Blue Letter Bible Institute) that offer classes for people to better understand the Bible. Courses are offered that instruct the believer on the overall plan of God as well as the purpose of various books. This is another way in which we can know God's Word better.


When one goes about studying the Bible they should first understand the overall plan of Scripture. Once this is comprehended then the person should go about studying individual books-always remembering them in light of the total plan of God. Systematic study can be accomplished by attending a church that is going through the Bible, reading Bible commentaries on owns own, or taking courses at Bible Institutes. These are some of the many ways we can go about knowing God's Word better.

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