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Don Stewart :: Does the Genesis Creation Account Allow for the Theory of Evolution?

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Don Stewart
Does the Genesis creation account allow for the theory of evolution? There are many Christians, both scientists and non-scientists, that have alleged that believing in some type of God-guided evolution causes no problem for the believer.

Theistic Evolution

Theistic evolutionists believe that God was behind the process of creation but they have no problem with the modern theory of evolution. They find it possible to accept limitless development, so long as it acknowledged God was guiding that development. Most of them believe God created matter/energy which constitute the universe, and that He established the natural laws behind which the universe is governed. They are willing to accept the development of life and of living things from an original life form but most of them deny the historicity of Adam. Theistic evolutionists willingly change their views on how evolution occurred. Whenever modern science redefines how evolution took place, the Theistic evolutionist changes with their definition.


There are many problems in trying to unite Genesis with the theory of chance, mindless evolution. We will consider only a few of these discrepancies.

1.Chance Or Design

The main problem of trying to equate creation and evolution is that each theory is opposed to the other by its very nature. Evolution means chance, randomness, and unplanned events. There is no guiding principle because evolution is mindless. Biblical creationism, on the other hand, is based upon the perfect plan of the Creator God where nothing is left to chance and everything has a definite purpose. The Genesis creation account has God doing everything with a purpose, this is the exact opposite of randomness.

2.Against Clear Teaching Of Text

Another problem of finding some type of evolution in Scripture is that no one would ever discover it from a normal reading of the text. Direct creation by God is the normal way of interpreting the Bible. Nobody would interpret the Scripture as teaching evolution by a simple reading of the text. Statements such as the following are incompatible with randomness.

By the word of the LORD were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of His mouth . . . For He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm (Psalm 33:6,9).

3.No Crossing Of Kinds

The Bible says God made the animals after their own kind. This does not allow the crossing of kinds as is necessary in the theory of evolution. Dogs don't become horses, cats don't become pigs, etc. There is a limitation by where kinds can develop. This strikes at the very heart of evolution which argues for a common source of all life forms on our planet.

4.Humanity Fully Human At Creation

According to Genesis 2:7 human beings were fully human when created. There is no hint of development from ape men or from any pre-human form. Eve, Adam's wife, was directly created from his body. Therefore the testimony of Scripture is at odds with an evolutionary development of humanity.

5.Order Of Evolution Different Than Genesis 1

The order of events in Genesis 1 are different than the usual evolutionary scheme. Attempts to unite the two are doomed to failure.


It is not possible to unite God's method of intelligent creation with the modern theory of chance evolution. To do so does not take the statements of Scripture at face value. Though some well-meaning people have attempted to do this, it causes more problems than it solves (For a more thorough discussion of this matter see our course The Bible and Science: Are They in Conflict?).

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