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Don Stewart :: Is It Possible That Dinosaurs Are Alive Today?

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Don Stewart
Finally, we come to the question, Is it possible that dinosaurs still live today? Several modern reports lend credence to this idea.

World War I Incident

In World War I a German submarine captain named George von Forstner described the following encounter with a creature that seems like the one mentioned in Job 41:1,2.

On July 30, 1915 our U28 torpedoed the British steamer Iberian carrying a rich cargo in North America. The steamer sank quickly, the bow sticking almost vertically into the air. When it had gone for about twenty-five seconds there was a violent explosion. A little later pieces of wreckage, and among them a gigantic sea animal (writhing and struggling wildly), was shot out of the water to a height of 60 to 100 feet. At that moment I had with me in the conning tower my officers of the watch, the chief engineer, the navigator, and the helmsman. Simultaneously we all drew one another's attention to this wonder of the seas . . . we were unable to identify it. We did not have the time to take a photograph, for the animal sank out of sight after ten or fifteen seconds. It was about 60-feet long, was like a crocodile in shape and had four limbs with powerful webbed feet and a long tail tapering to a point (cited by Paul Taylor, ibid. pp. 48,49).

Discovery Off Of New Zealand

On April 10, 1977, near Christchurch New Zealand, a Japanese fishing boat named the Zuiyo Maru brought up from 900 feet of water a decayed body of a dinosaur that was supposedly long extinct - a plesiosaur. Photographs and tissue samples of the creature were taken but the carcass itself was thrown back into the sea because of the smell and decay. The creature was 32 feet long, weighed approximately 4,000 pounds and had four fins which were approximately three feet in length. Since it is impossible to think that only one of these creatures has survived on its own, scientists concluded that others must still exist.

Other Sea Monsters

Further tales of sea monsters are also told in modern times. The following incident took place in 1969.

The U.S.S. Stein tangled with such a creature on its way to track submarines near South America. When its sonar equipment suddenly stopped working, the captain headed the ship back for repairs at the Long Beach Naval Dockyard. When the tough underwater sonar dome was examined in dry dock the crew found a big surprise. The rubber covering that protects the dome was torn and battered with dozens of big gouges. Hundreds of sharp, hollow teeth (or claws) were left broken off in the covering. Some were longer than an inch.
It looked as if some large sea creature had been attracted to the underwater sounds of the sonar and tried to bit it and break it. After months of examination, scientists at the Naval Oceans Center made a decision. The animal must have been extremely large and of a species still unknown to science (Paul Taylor, ibid, p. 46).

Because of reports such as these, we should not rule out the possibility that dinosaurs still exist in our world today.


There have been reports of dinosaurs in both ancient and modern times. The fact that some seem to still exist is a problem for the theory of evolution which says they all became extinct about 65 million years ago.

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