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Don Stewart :: Where Is the Site of the Tower of Babel?

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Don Stewart
Assuming the tower of Babel was built as the Bible says, the question arises as to where it was located. Do we know where it was built? Is there any evidence of it that still remains?

Not Been Identified

The site tower of Babel has not been identified but there is the possibility that its remains might still exist in the Great Temple of Nebo in Borsippa in modern day Iraq.

Near Ancient Babylon

These ruins are of a pyramid mound that exists today some 8-10 miles southwest of Babylon. It has existed since before the time of Nebuchadnezzar (600 B.C.). Nebuchadnezzar claimed that an earlier king had built it but had not finished the job. The mound had fallen into bad condition and Nebuchadnezzar restored it. The following is a modern day description of the ruins.

An immense mound of coarse sun-dried bricks, laid with bitumen. It is a ruinous heap, shattered by violence, furrowed by storms, and strewn by fragments of brick, pottery, etc., fused and vitrified by some intense heat. It is 190 feet high, and on the top rises an irregular tower 90 feet in circumference and 35 feet high . . . The tower is rent asunder and mutilated at the top, and scathed as if by lightning-a monument, some have thought, of the just wrath of God.

However, there is another view that the ruins have not and probably never will be found. H. L. Ellison comments:

No known relic of the Tower of Babel is left, nor is any likely to be found by the archaeologists, for the earliest levels of the city lie below the water-table of the plain (H.L. Ellison, in The New Layman's Bible Commentary, Glasgow, Scotland: Pickering and Inglis LTD, 1979, p. 143).


Though we are aware of the basic geographical area where the Tower of Babel was built, as far as its exact site is concerned, we cannot be sure.

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