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The Blue Letter Bible

Don Stewart :: How Will Satan Work through the Man of Sin?

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Don Stewart
Satan will eventually have his wish and will be worshipped by humanity. The Bible speaks of a person coming on the scene of history who will be energized by Satan and will deceive many. He is known in Scripture by a variety of names such as "the beast," the "man of lawlessness," and the "man of sin."

Energized By Satan

This "man of sin" will be totally energized and controlled by the Devil.

The coming of the lawless one is apparent in the working of Satan, who uses all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved (2 Thessalonians 2:9,10).

The Antichrist

The most well-known designation of this person is that of "Antichrist." The word Antichrist is only found in the writings of the Apostle John.

Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour. . . Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and Son (1 John 2:18,22).

And every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of Antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and is now already in the world (1 John 4:3).

For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist (2 John 7).

Observations On The Antichrist

From these verses we can deduce the following.

1. The spirit which characterizes the future Antichrist was at work at the time of the Apostle John.

2. A final Antichrist is expected at the end of the age.

The spirit of Antichrist is that of apostasy - departing from the truth.

4. The spirit of Antichrist is that of a liar - denying that Jesus is the Christ.

Warning Of Jesus

Jesus warned that false Christ's would appear.

Then if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ! or 'there!' do not believe it. For false Christ's and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect (Matthew 24:23,24).

Claim To Be God

The Bible says the man of sin will claim to be God.

he that opposes and exalts himself against all that is called God or that is worshipped; so that he sits in the temple of God, setting himself forth as God (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

Comparison With Christ

This final Antichrist can be compared with Christ in the following ways.

1. Satan's Image, God's Image

The Antichrist will come in image of Satan, while Jesus came in the name of the Father. Jesus warned us about this one coming in His own name.

I am come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive (John 5:43).

2. False Trinity

As God is a Trinity, there will be a false trinity with Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet.

And the Devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and sulfur, where are also the beast and the false prophet; and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever (Revelation 20:10).

3. Above And Beneath

Christ came from above, Antichrist is from below. Jesus said to the religious leaders of His day.

And He said unto them, you are from beneath; I am from above: you are of this world; I am not of this world (John 8:23).

4. Lamb And Beast

Christ was a lamb, Antichrist is called a beast.

The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him and declared, "Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! (John 1:29).

5. Empowered By Satan, Empowered By The Father

Christ was empowered by God the Father, but Satan is the driving force behind Antichrist.

even he, whose coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9).

6. Genuine Resurrection Versus Possible Counterfeit One

Antichrist has a possible fake resurrection while Christ actually did rise from the dead.

And I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast (Revelation 13:3).

7. Receives Unbelievers Worship, Receives God's Worship

Antichrist will receive the worship of unbelievers, Christ received the worship of believers.

And there was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast might even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed. And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead (Revelation 13:15,16).

Destroyed At Christ's Coming

The man of sin will be destroyed at Christ's coming.

And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will destroy with the breath of His mouth, annihilating him by the manifestation of His coming (2 Thessalonians 2:8).

And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who had performed in its presence the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur (Revelation 19:20).


Satan has always wanted worship. He began his career by wishing to change places with God. That did not work. He will finally get his chance as he energizes the "man of sin" or the Antichrist. This man will counterfeit Christ in a number of ways, but will eventually be destroyed when Christ comes again.
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