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Spelling Errors in the KJV

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Does the BLB have spelling errors?

(AKA Why can't I find the words that I am searching for?)

When doing a word search using the KJV, you may experience a problem looking for your specific word. We use the 1769 Edition of the King James Version. Because of this, there are some minor spelling variations from more recent editions of the King James Version.

The following table compares various spellings from contemporary versions of the KJV with the 1769 edition (the one used on the BLB) and the 1611 edition (the first edition):

Modern 1769 1611 Reference
always alway alway Job 7:16
astonished astonied astonied Job 17:8
braided broided broided 1Ti 2:9
cliffs clifts clifts Job 30:6
drove drave draue Act 18:16
graft/grafted graff/graffed graffe/graffed Rom 11:23
heretic heretick heretike Tts 3:10
hungered hungred hungred Mat 25:35
idle idol idoll Zec 11:17
Phoenicia Phenicia Phenicea Act 21:2
public publick publique Mat 1:19
reward rereward rereward Isa 52:12
rye rie rye Isa 28:25
sergeants serjeants sergeants Act 16:38
show shew shew Jhn 14:8
spew spue spew Rev 3:16
subtle subtil subtill Gen 3:1
steadfast stedfast stedfast 1Cr 15:58
Stoics Stoicks Stoikes Act 17:18
thoroughly throughly throughly 2Ti 3:17
today to day to day Hbr 4:7
vats fats fats Joe 2:24
veil vail vaile 2Cr 3:16

You may also notice alternate spellings of the same name. This is especially the case when a name appears in both Old and New Testaments; because one spelling is based upon Hebrew and another is based upon Greek, there can be subtle differences. Some examples of these differences include the following names:

  • Elijah/Elias
  • Gideon/Gedeon
  • Isaiah/Esaias
  • Jephthah/Jephthae
  • Melchizedek/Melchisedec
  • Noah/Noe
  • Sarah/Sara
  • Zion/Sion
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