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Study Resources :: Music Resources :: Music beginning with 'A' :: Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby

Hymns / Music :: Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby

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“I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not…I will make darkness light before them.” Isaiah 1:16

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Fanny Crosby, 1872 Born: March 24, 1820, Putnam County, New York.

Died: February 12, 1915, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Buried: Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby (1820-1915)

Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby (1820-1915) Fanny Crosby was probably the most prolific hymnist in history. Though blinded by an incompetent doctor at six weeks of age, she wrote over 8,000 hymns. About her blindness, she said:

It seemed intended by the blessed providence of God that I should be blind all my life, and I thank him for the dispensation. If perfect earthly sight were offered me tomorrow I would not ac­­cept it. I might not have sung hymns to the praise of God if I had been distracted by the beautiful and interesting things about me.

In her lifetime, Fanny Crosby was one of the best known women in the United States. To this day, the vast majority of American hymnals contain her work.

When she died, her tombstone carried the words, “Aunt Fanny” and “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine.” Eliza Hewitt memorialized Fanny’s passing in a poem:

Away to the country of sunshine and song,
Our songbird has taken her flight,
And she who has sung in the darkness so long
Now sings in the beautiful light.

Fanny Crosby & Ira Sankey
Fanny Crosby & Hubert Main

For more of Fanny Crosby’s incredible story, click here.


  • Adrienne, Cora
  • Alstyne, Fannie Jane
  • Andrews, A. E.
  • Apple, James
  • Armstrong, Alice
  • Atherton, Rose
  • Bell, Carrie
  • Bethune, Catherine
  • Black, James
  • Black, James L.
  • Black, James M.
  • Blair, Henrietta
  • Booth, Florence
  • Bruce, Charles
  • Bruce, Robert
  • Burns, Charles
  • Carlston, Mary
  • Carlton, Leah
  • Church, Fannie
  • Craddock, Eleanor
  • Culyer, Lyman G.
  • Dale, Ella
  • Dayton, Flora
  • D. D.
  • D. D. R.
  • Dykes, Ryan A.
  • Eliot, James
  • Edmonds, Lizzie
  • Edwards, Lizzie
  • F. A. N.
  • F. J. C.
  • F. J. V. A.
  • Fannie
  • Fanny
  • Forrest, Mrs. Edna
  • Frances, Carrie
  • Frances, Grace J.
  • Frances, Lillian G.
  • Frances, S. Trevor
  • Frances, Victoria
  • Garnet, Jenny
  • Glen, Jenie
  • Gould, Frank
  • Grinley, Mrs. Kate
  • G. W. W.
  • Harmon, Ruth
  • Hawthorn, Carrie
  • Hope, Frances
  • Hops, Frances
  • James, Annie
  • James, Mary
  • James, Sarah
  • J. F. O.
  • J. W. W.
  • Judson, Myra
  • Lankton, Martha
  • Lincoln, H. N.
  • Lindsay, W. Robert
  • L. L. A.
  • Lowry, Minnie B.
  • Marion, Maude
  • Martin, S
  • Martin, Sallie
  • Martin, Sam
  • Miller, Laura
  • Montieth, A
  • Montieth, Alice
  • Park, Edna L.
  • Prentice, Mrs. L.C.
  • Smiling, Mrs. Kate
  • Smith, Sallie A.
  • Smith, Sallie E.
  • Smith, Sally
  • Smith, Sam
  • Sterling, J. L.
  • Sterling, Julia
  • Sterling, Ryan
  • Sterling, Victoria
  • Stewart, Victoria
  • Taylor, Ida Scott
  • The Children’s Friend
  • Tilden, Louise W.
  • Tilden, Mary
  • V., Jenny
  • Van A., Mrs.
  • Van Alstyne, Fannie
  • Van Alstyne, Fannie Jane
  • Van Alstyne, Mrs.
  • Van Alstyne, Mrs. Alexander
  • Viola
  • Wallace, Zemira
  • Wilson, Carrie
  • Wilson, Mrs. C. M.
  • ## [yes, she sometimes used these marks instead of a name!]
  • ###
  • ‘*’
  • ***


  1. All the Way My Savior Leads Me
  2. Army of Endeavor
  3. As the Bird Flies Home
  4. At the Cross There’s Room
  5. Awake! Awake!
  6. Awake! Awake! O Heart of Mine!
  7. Awake! For the Trumpet Is Sounding!
  8. Away! Away!
  9. Beautiful Vale of Rest
  10. Behold Me Standing at the Door
  11. Behold the Wondrous Love
  12. Bless This Hour of Prayer
  13. Blessed Are They That Believe
  14. Blessed Assurance
  15. Blessed Bible
  16. Blessed Cross of Jesus
  17. Blessed Feast, The
  18. Blessed Homeland
  19. Blessed Redeemer
  20. Blest, Blest Forever
  21. Blind Bartimeus
  22. Blood Washed Throng, The
  23. Break Forth, O Joyful Heart
  24. Bright Forever, The
  25. By and By
  26. By the Grace of God We’ll Meet
  27. Calling for You
  28. Children Sing
  29. Choose Ye Today
  30. Christ Is Risen!
  31. Christ the Lord Is King
  32. Christian Brother, o’er the Main
  33. Christian Flag, The
  34. Cleansing Fountain, The
  35. Close to Thee
  36. Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace
  37. Come, Come Away!
  38. Come, Great Deliverer, Come!
  39. Come, Oh Come, with Thy Broken Heart
  40. Come to the Fountain!
  41. Come unto Me, Ye Weary
  42. Come with Rejoicing
  43. Coming Today!
  44. Conquering Now and Still to Conquer
  45. Dark Is the Night
  46. Dear Jesus, Canst Thou Help Me?
  47. Draw Me Nearer
  48. Faith in Jesus
  49. Few More Marchings Weary, A
  50. Gathering Out of Tears
  51. Glad Tidings
  52. Gladly We Will Go
  53. Glory Ever Be to Jesus!
  54. Glory to God, Hallelujah
  55. Go Work in the Vineyard
  56. God Leadeth
  57. God So Loved the World
  58. God’s Holy Church Shall Triumph
  59. Good-night Till We Met in the Morning
  60. Great Jehovah, Mighty Lord
  61. Guiding Hand, The
  62. Hand in Hand
  63. Handful of Leaves, A
  64. Hark! There Comes a Whisper!
  65. He Feedeth His Flock
  66. He Hideth My Soul
  67. He Is All in All to Me
  68. He Is Coming
  69. Healing at the Fountain
  70. Hear and Answer Prayer
  71. Hear Us, O Savior!
  72. Heavenly Father, We Beseech Thee
  73. Here from the World We Turn
  74. Hide Me
  75. Hide Thou Me
  76. Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord
  77. How Oft in Holy Converse
  78. How Sweet the Hour
  79. I Am So Glad That Jesus Came
  80. I Am Thine, O Lord
  81. I Have Entered Beulah Land
  82. I Must Have the Savior with Me
  83. I Will Not Be Long!
  84. I’ll Bear It, Lord, for Thee
  85. In the Twinkling of an Eye
  86. Is It There?
  87. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling You Home
  88. Jesus, My All
  89. Jesus, My Only Hope
  90. Joyfully Sing
  91. Just a Word for Jesus
  92. Keep Thou My Way
  93. King Is Coming, The
  94. Laurels, Fresh Laurels
  95. Lay It Down
  96. Let Me Lean on Thee
  97. Let the Light Stream In
  98. Lights of Home, The
  99. Like a Wayward Child I’ve Wandered
  100. Lion of Judah, The
  101. Look Up! Ye Weary Ones
  102. Lord, Abide with Me
  103. Lord, Here I Am
  104. Lord in Zion Reigneth, The
  105. Master’s Call, The
  106. Meet Me There
  107. Message Sweet Is Borne to Me, A
  108. More Like Jesus Would I Be
  109. Morning Draweth Nigh, The
  110. My Savior First of All
  111. My Song Shall Be of Jesus
  112. Near the Cross
  113. Nearer the Cross
  114. Never Give Up
  115. Never Shone a Light So Fair!
  116. No King but Christ
  117. No Sorrow There
  118. O Be Saved
  119. O Blessed Bible
  120. O Brother, Life’s Journey Beginning!
  121. O Child of God
  122. O Church of God, Arise!
  123. O Eden, Dear Eden
  124. O Fly to Him
  125. O My Savior, Hear Me
  126. Oh, How Sweet When We Mingle
  127. Oh, Precious Words!
  128. Oh, to Be Nearer
  129. Oh, What Are You Going to Do?
  130. Oh, Wonderful Word!
  131. On Let Us Go
  132. On the Banks Beyond the River
  133. Only a Beam of Sunshine
  134. Only a Little Way
  135. Only a Step
  136. Only Thy Garment’s Hem
  137. Onward, Ye Pilgrims
  138. Open the Gates of the Temple
  139. Opening Hymn
  140. Our Festive Song
  141. Out of Bondage
  142. Out on the Desert
  143. Palace of the King, The
  144. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior
  145. Pilgrim’s Journey, The
  146. Praise Him, Praise Him
  147. Praise, Praise His Name
  148. Praise the Rock of Our Salvation
  149. Praise Ye the Lord
  150. Press On!
  151. Pure Within
  152. Rainbow Round the Throne, The
  153. Redeemed
  154. Rescue the Perishing
  155. Rest at Home
  156. Rest over Jordan
  157. Revive Thy Work, O Lord!
  158. Room for the Penitent
  159. Sacred Fountain
  160. Safe in the Arms of Jesus
  161. Save Me at the Cross
  162. Saved by Grace
  163. Savior, More Than Life
  164. Shadow of the Rock, The
  165. Shall I Be Saved Tonight?
  166. Shepherd’s Fold on High
  167. Shout in the Camp, A
  168. Sing unto God
  169. Sing with a Tuneful Spirit
  170. So Near to the Kingdom!
  171. Sound the Alarm!
  172. Speed Away
  173. Stand by the Right
  174. Sweet Story of Jesus
  175. Take the World, but Give Me Jesus
  176. Tell It Out with Gladness
  177. Tell Me the Story of Jesus
  178. Tenderly He Leads Us
  179. Tenderly Pleading
  180. There Will I Follow Thee
  181. They That Be Wise
  182. They’ll Soon Be O’er
  183. This I Know!
  184. This My Plea
  185. Though Kindred Ties Around Us
  186. Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet
  187. Through the Valley of the Shadow
  188. Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone
  189. ’Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer
  190. To the Work
  191. To God Be the Glory
  192. Too Late
  193. Trusting Jesus (2)
  194. Unsearchable Riches
  195. Watch and Pray!
  196. Waiting for the Promise
  197. Walking in the Good Old Way
  198. Water of Life, The
  199. We All Can Do Good
  200. We All Can Do Something for Jesus
  201. We Are Coming Home Tonight
  202. We Are Going. We Are Going
  203. We Praise Thee, We Bless Thee
  204. We Walk by Faith
  205. Welcome for Me
  206. We’ll Give Our Hearts to Jesus
  207. What a Gathering
  208. When Christ Arose
  209. When Each Others Face We See
  210. When the Dewy Light Was Fading
  211. Where Is Thy Refuge?
  212. Why Do the Holy Angels Sing?
  213. Whom Have I in Heaven?
  214. Will Jesus Find Us Watching?
  215. Will the Angels Come?
  216. Will You Come?
  217. Yes, There Is Pardon for You

The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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