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Revelation 3 :: King James Version (KJV)

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Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:1 - And G2532 unto the angel G32 of the church G1577 in G1722 Sardis G4554 write; G1125 These things G3592 saith G3004 he that hath G2192 the seven G2033 Spirits G4151 of God, G2316 and G2532 the seven G2033 stars; G792 I know G1492 thy G4675 works, G2041 that G3754 thou hast G2192 a name G3686 that G3754 thou livest, G2198 and G2532 art G1488 dead. G3498

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:2 - Be G1096 watchful, G1127 and G2532 strengthen G4741 the things which remain, G3062 that G3739 are G3195 ready to die: G599 for G1063 I have G2147  not G3756 found G2147 thy G4675 works G2041 perfect G4137 before G1799 God. G2316

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:3 - Remember G3421 therefore G3767 how G4459 thou hast received G2983 and G2532 heard, G191 and G2532 hold fast, G5083 and G2532 repent. G3340 If G3362  therefore G3767 thou shalt G1127  not G3362 watch, G1127 I will come G2240 on G1909 thee G4571 as G5613 a thief, G2812 and G2532 thou shalt G1097  not G3364 know G1097 what G4169 hour G5610 I will come G2240 upon G1909 thee. G4571

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:4 - Thou hast G2192 a few G3641 names G3686 even G2532 in G1722 Sardis G4554 which G3739 have G3435  not G3756 defiled G3435 their G846 garments; G2440 and G2532 they shall walk G4043 with G3326 me G1700 in G1722 white: G3022 for G3754 they are G1526 worthy. G514

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:5 - He that overcometh, G3528 the same G3778 shall be clothed G4016 in G1722 white G3022 raiment; G2440 and G2532 I will G1813  not G3364 blot out G1813 his G846 name G3686 out of G1537 the book G976 of life, G2222 but G2532 I will confess G1843 his G846 name G3686 before G1799 my G3450 Father, G3962 and G2532 before G1799 his G846 angels. G32

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:6 - He that hath G2192 an ear, G3775 let him hear G191 what G5101 the Spirit G4151 saith G3004 unto the churches. G1577

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:7 - And G2532 to the angel G32 of the church G1577 in G1722 Philadelphia G5359 write; G1125 These things G3592 saith G3004 he that is holy, G40 he that is true, G228 he that hath G2192 the key G2807 of David, G1138 he that openeth, G455 and G2532 no man G3762 shutteth; G2808 and G2532 shutteth, G2808 and G2532 no man G3762 openeth; G455

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:8 - I know G1492 thy G4675 works: G2041 behold, G2400 I have set G1325 before G1799 thee G4675 an open G455 door, G2374 and G2532 no man G3762 can G1410 shut G2808 it: G846 for G3754 thou hast G2192 a little G3398 strength, G1411 and G2532 hast kept G5083 my G3450 word, G3056 and G2532 hast G720  not G3756 denied G720 my G3450 name. G3686

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:9 - Behold, G2400 I will make G1325 them of G1537 the synagogue G4864 of Satan, G4567 which G3588 say G3004 they G1438 are G1511 Jews, G2453 and G2532 are G1526 not, G3756 but G235 do lie; G5574 behold, G2400 I will make G4160 them G846 to G2443 come G2240 and G2532 worship G4352 before G1799 thy G4675 feet, G4228 and G2532 to know G1097 that G3754G1473 have loved G25 thee. G4571

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:10 - Because G3754 thou hast kept G5083 the word G3056 of my G3450 patience, G5281 I also G2504 will keep G5083 thee G4571 from G1537 the hour G5610 of temptation, G3986 which G3588 shall come G3195 G2064 upon G1909 all G3650 the world, G3625 to try G3985 them that dwell G2730 upon G1909 the earth. G1093

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:11 - Behold, G2400 I come G2064 quickly: G5035 hold that fast G2902 which G3739 thou hast, G2192 that G2443 no man G3367 take G2983 thy G4675 crown. G4735

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:12 - Him G846 that overcometh G3528 will I make G4160 a pillar G4769 in G1722 the temple G3485 of my G3450 God, G2316 and G2532 he shall go G1831 no G3364 more G2089 out: G1854 and G2532 I will write G1125 upon G1909 him G846 the name G3686 of my G3450 God, G2316 and G2532 the name G3686 of the city G4172 of my G3450 God, G2316 which is G3588 new G2537 Jerusalem, G2419 which G3588 cometh down G2597 G2597 out of G1537 heaven G3772 from G575 my G3450 God: G2316 and G2532 I will write upon him my G3450 new G2537 name. G3686

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:13 - He that hath G2192 an ear, G3775 let him hear G191 what G5101 the Spirit G4151 saith G3004 unto the churches. G1577

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:14 - And G2532 unto the angel G32 of the church G1577 of the Laodiceans G2994 write; G1125 These things G3592 saith G3004 the Amen, G281 the faithful G4103 and G2532 true G228 witness, G3144 the beginning G746 of the creation G2937 of God; G2316

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:15 - I know G1492 thy G4675 works, G2041 that G3754 thou art G1488 neither G3777 cold G5593 nor G3777 hot: G2200 I would G3785 thou wert G1498 cold G5593 or G2228 hot. G2200

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:16 - So G3779 then because G3754 thou art G1488 lukewarm, G5513 and G2532 neither G3777 cold G5593 nor G3777 hot, G2200 I will G3195 spue G1692 thee G4571 out of G1537 my G3450 mouth. G4750

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:17 - Because G3754 thou sayest, G3004 G3754 I am G1510 rich, G4145 and G2532 increased with goods, G4147 and G2532 have G2192 need G5532 of nothing; G3762 and G2532 knowest G1492 not G3756 that G3754 thou G4771 art G1488 wretched, G5005 and G2532 miserable, G1652 and G2532 poor, G4434 and G2532 blind, G5185 and G2532 naked: G1131

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:18 - I counsel G4823 thee G4671 to buy G59 of G3844 me G1700 gold G5553 tried G4448 in G1537 the fire, G4442 that G2443 thou mayest be rich; G4147 and G2532 white G3022 raiment, G2440 that G2443 thou mayest be clothed, G4016 and G2532 that the shame G152 of thy G4675 nakedness G1132 do G5319  not G3361 appear; G5319 and G2532 anoint G1472 thine G4675 eyes G3788 with eyesalve, G2854 that G2443 thou mayest see. G991

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:19 - As many as G3745 G1437 I love, G5368G1473 rebuke G1651 and G2532 chasten: G3811 be zealous G2206 therefore, G3767 and G2532 repent. G3340

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:20 - Behold, G2400 I stand G2476 at G1909 the door, G2374 and G2532 knock: G2925 if G1437 any man G5100 hear G191 my G3450 voice, G5456 and G2532 open G455 the door, G2374 I will come in G1525 to G4314 him, G846 and G2532 will sup G1172 with G3326 him, G846 and G2532 he G846 with G3326 me. G1700

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:21 - To him G846 that overcometh G3528 will I grant G1325 to sit G2523 with G3326 me G1700 in G1722 my G3450 throne, G2362 even G2504  as G5613 I also G2504 overcame, G3528 and G2532 am set down G2523 with G3326 my G3450 Father G3962 in G1722 his G846 throne. G2362

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 3:22 - He that hath G2192 an ear, G3775 let him hear G191 what G5101 the Spirit G4151 saith G3004 unto the churches. G1577

The Authorized Version or King James Version (KJV), 1611, 1769.
Outside of the United Kingdom, the KJV is in the public domain. Within the United Kingdom, the rights to the KJV are vested in the Crown.

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