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Lexicon :: Strong's G1427 - dōdeka

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dōdeka (Key)
Part of Speech
indeclinable noun
Root Word (Etymology)
75x in 1 unique form(s)
72x in 3 unique form(s)
80x in 2 unique form(s)
Dictionary Aids

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TDNT Reference: 2:321,192

Strong’s Definitions

δώδεκα dṓdeka, do'-dek-ah; from G1417 and G1176; two and ten, i.e. a dozen:—twelve.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 72x

The KJV translates Strong's G1427 in the following manner: twelve (72x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 72x
The KJV translates Strong's G1427 in the following manner: twelve (72x).
  1. twelve

    1. the twelve apostles of Jesus, so called by way of eminence

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
δώδεκα dṓdeka, do'-dek-ah; from G1417 and G1176; two and ten, i.e. a dozen:—twelve.
δώδεκα, οἱ, αἱ, τά, [from Homer down], twelve: Matthew 9:20; Matthew 10:1; [L T Tr WH in Acts 19:7; Acts 24:11 for δεκαδύο]; Revelation 7:5 [R G ι Βʹ]; Revelation 21:21, etc.; οἱ δώδεκα, the twelve apostles of Jesus, so called by way of eminence: Mark 9:35; Mark 10:32; Mark 11:11; Matthew 26:14, 20; Luke 22:3, etc.
THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

BLB Scripture Index of Thayer's

9:20; 10:1; 26:14; 26:20
9:35; 10:32; 11:11
19:7; 24:11
7:5; 21:21

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Strong's Number G1427 matches the Greek δώδεκα (dōdeka),
which occurs 72 times in 59 verses in the TR Greek.

Page 1 / 2 (Mat 9:20–Rev 7:5)

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 9:20 -

And behold, a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for twelve G1427 years, came up behind Him and touched the [fn]fringe of His [fn]garment;

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 10:1 -

And summoning His twelve G1427 disciples, Jesus gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 10:2 -

Now the names of the twelve G1427 apostles are these: The first, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother; and James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother;

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 10:5 -

These twelve G1427 Jesus sent out after instructing them, saying, “Do not [fn]go [fn]in the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter any city of the Samaritans;

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 11:1 -

[fn]Now it happened that when Jesus had finished [fn]giving instructions to His twelve G1427 disciples, He departed from there to teach and [fn]preach in their cities.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 14:20 - and they all ate and were satisfied. They picked up what was left over of the broken pieces, twelve G1427 full baskets.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 19:28 - And Jesus said to them, “Truly I say to you, that you who have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of Man will sit on [fn]His glorious throne, you also shall sit upon twelve G1427 thrones, judging the twelve G1427 tribes of Israel.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 20:17 -

And as Jesus was about to go up to Jerusalem, He took the twelve G1427 disciples aside by themselves, and on the way He said to them,

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 26:14 -

Then one of the twelve G1427, named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 26:20 -

Now when evening came, Jesus was reclining at the table with the twelve G1427 disciples.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 26:47 -

And while He was still speaking, behold, Judas, one of the twelve G1427, came up, and with him was a large crowd with swords and clubs, who came from the chief priests and elders of the people.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 26:53 - “Or do you think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve G1427 [fn]legions of angels?
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 3:14 - And He appointed twelve G1427 [fn](whom He also named apostles) to be with Him and to send them out to preach,
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 4:10 -

And when He was alone, [fn]His followers, along with the twelve G1427, began asking Him about the parables.

Unchecked Copy BoxMar 5:25 -

And a woman—who had a hemorrhage for twelve G1427 years

Unchecked Copy BoxMar 5:42 - And immediately the little girl stood up and began to walk, for she was twelve G1427 years old. And immediately they were completely astounded.
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 6:7 -

And He *summoned the twelve G1427 and began to send them out in pairs, and was giving them authority over the unclean spirits;

Unchecked Copy BoxMar 6:43 - and they picked up twelve G1427 full baskets of the broken pieces, and also of the fish.
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 8:19 - when I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of broken pieces you picked up?” They *said to Him, “Twelve G1427.”
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 9:35 - And sitting down, He called the twelve G1427 and *said to them, “If anyone wants to be first, [fn]he shall be last of all and servant of all.”
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 10:32 -

And they were on the road going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was walking on ahead of them; and they were amazed, and those who followed were fearful. And again He took the twelve G1427 aside and began to tell them what was going to happen to Him:

Unchecked Copy BoxMar 11:11 -

And Jesus entered Jerusalem and came into the temple; and after looking around at everything, He left for Bethany with the twelve G1427, since it was already late.

Unchecked Copy BoxMar 14:10 -

Then Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve G1427, went away to the chief priests in order to [fn]betray Him to them.

Unchecked Copy BoxMar 14:17 -

And when it was evening He *came with the twelve G1427.

Unchecked Copy BoxMar 14:20 - And He said to them, It is one of the twelve G1427, the one who dips with Me in the bowl.
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 14:43 -

And immediately while He was still speaking, Judas, one of the twelve G1427, *came up, and with him was a crowd with swords and clubs, who were from the chief priests and the scribes and the elders.

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 2:42 - And when He became twelve G1427 years old, they went up there according to the custom of the Feast;
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 6:13 - And when day came, He called His disciples to Him and chose twelve G1427 of them, whom He also named as apostles:
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 8:1 -

And it happened that soon afterward He was going around from one city and village to another, preaching and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The twelve G1427 were with Him,

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 8:42 - for he had an [fn]only daughter, about twelve G1427 years old, and she was dying. But as He went, the crowds were pressing against Him.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 8:43 -

And a woman who had a hemorrhage for twelve G1427 years, and could not be healed by anyone,

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 9:1 -

And calling the twelve G1427 together, He gave them power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases.

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 9:12 -

Now the day [fn]was ending, and the twelve G1427 came and said to Him, “Send the crowd away, that they may go into the surrounding villages and countryside and obtain lodging and find provisions, for here we are in a desolate place.”

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 9:17 - And they all ate and were satisfied; and [fn]the broken pieces which they had left over were picked up, twelve G1427 baskets full.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 18:31 -

But when He took the twelve G1427 aside, He said to them, “Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem, and all things which are written through the prophets about the Son of Man will be [fn]completed.

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 22:3 -

And Satan entered into Judas who was called Iscariot, who [fn]belonged to the number of the twelve G1427.

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 22:14 -

And when the hour had come, He reclined at the table, and the apostles with Him.

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 22:30 - that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve G1427 tribes of Israel.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 22:47 -

While He was still speaking, behold, a crowd came, and the one called Judas, one of the twelve G1427, was coming ahead of them, and he approached Jesus to kiss Him.

Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 6:13 - So they gathered them up, and filled twelve G1427 baskets with pieces of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 6:67 - So Jesus said to the twelve G1427, “Do you also want to go?”
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 6:70 - Jesus answered them, “Did I Myself not choose you, the twelve G1427, and yet one of you is a devil?”
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 6:71 - Now He was speaking of Judas the son of Simon Iscariot, for he, one of the twelve G1427, [fn]was going to betray Him.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 11:9 - Jesus answered, “Are there not twelve G1427 hours in the day? If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 20:24 -

But Thomas, one of the twelve G1427, called [fn]Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came.

Unchecked Copy BoxAct 6:2 - So the twelve G1427 summoned the [fn]congregation of the disciples and said, “It is not pleasing to God for us to neglect the word of God in order to serve tables.
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 7:8 - “And He gave him [fn]the covenant of circumcision; and so Abraham was the father of Isaac, and circumcised him on the eighth day; and Isaac was the father of Jacob, and Jacob of the twelve G1427 patriarchs.
Unchecked Copy Box1Co 15:5 - and that He appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve G1427.
Unchecked Copy BoxJas 1:1 -

[fn]James, a slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,

To the twelve G1427 tribes who are in the Dispersion: Greetings.

Unchecked Copy BoxRev 7:5 -

from the tribe of Judah, 12,000 G1427 having been sealed,

from the tribe of Reuben 12,000 G1427,

from the tribe of Gad 12,000 G1427,

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