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Lexicon :: Strong's G2501 - iōsēph

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iōsēph (Key)
Part of Speech
proper masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Of Hebrew origin יוֹסֵף (H3130)
36x in 3 unique form(s)
35x in 2 unique form(s)
220x in 1 unique form(s)
Strong’s Definitions

Ἰωσήφ Iōsḗph, ee-o-safe'; of Hebrew origin (H3130); Joseph, the name of seven Israelites:—Joseph.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 35x

The KJV translates Strong's G2501 in the following manner: Joseph (husband of Mary) (16x), Joseph (son of Jacob) (9x), Joseph of Arimathaea (6x), Joseph (son of Judas) (1x), Joseph of Barsabas (1x), Joseph son of Jonan (1x), Joseph (son of Mattathias) (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 35x
The KJV translates Strong's G2501 in the following manner: Joseph (husband of Mary) (16x), Joseph (son of Jacob) (9x), Joseph of Arimathaea (6x), Joseph (son of Judas) (1x), Joseph of Barsabas (1x), Joseph son of Jonan (1x), Joseph (son of Mattathias) (1x).
  1. Joseph = "let him add"

    1. the patriarch, the eleventh son of Jacob

    2. the son of Jonan or Jonam, one of the ancestors of Christ, Lk 3:30

    3. the son of Judah [or Judas; better Joda] another ancestor of Jesus, Lk 3:26

    4. the son of Mattathias, another ancestor of Christ, Lk 3:24

    5. the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus

    6. a half-brother of Jesus Mat. 13:55

    7. Joseph of Arimathaea, a member of the Sanhedrin, who favoured Jesus. Mt. 27:57,59; Mk 15:43,45

    8. Joseph surnamed Barnabas Acts 4:36

    9. Joseph call Barsabas and surnamed Justus, Acts 1:23

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
Ἰωσήφ Iōsḗph, ee-o-safe'; of Hebrew origin (H3130); Joseph, the name of seven Israelites:—Joseph.
Ἰωσήφ, indeclinable (in Josephus (e. g. contra Apion 1, 14, 16; 32, 3; 33, 5) Ιωσηπος), (יוסֵף, from יָסַף to add, Genesis 30:23f (cf. B. D. under the word )), Joseph;
1. the patriarch, the eleventh son of Jacob: John 4:5; Acts 7:9, 13f, 18; Hebrews 11:21f; φυλή Ἰωσήφ, i. e. the tribe of Ephraim, Revelation 7:8.
2. the son of Jonan (or Jonam), one of Christ's ancestors: Luke 3:30.
3. the son of Judah (or Judas; better Joda) another ancestor of Jesus: Luke 3:26 (where L marginal reading T Tr WH Ἰωσήχ, which see).
4. the son of Mattathias, another of the same: Luke 3:24.
5. the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus: Matthew 1:16, 18-20, 24; Matthew 2:13, 19; Luke 1:27; Luke 2:4, 16, 33 R L, Luke 2:43 R G L marginal reading; Luke 3:23; 4:22; John 1:45 (John 1:46); John 6:42.
6. an own brother of our Lord: Matthew 13:55 L T Tr WH (for R G Ἰωσῆς (which see 2)).
7. Joseph of Arimathaea, a member of the Sanhedrin, who favored Jesus: Matthew 27:57, 59; Mark 15:43, 45; Luke 23:50; John 19:38.
8. Joseph, surnamed Βαρναβᾶς (which see): Acts 4:36 L T Tr WH (for R G Ἰωσῆς (which see Acts 5:4)).
9. Joseph called Barsabas (better Barsabbas; see the word), and surnamed Justus: Acts 1:23. (See Ἰωσῆς, 3)
THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

BLB Scripture Index of Thayer's

1; 1:16; 1:24; 2:13; 2:19; 13:55; 27:57; 27:59
15:43; 15:45
1:27; 2:4; 2:16; 2:33; 2:43; 3:23; 3:24; 3:26; 3:30; 4:22; 23:50
1:45; 1:46; 4:5; 6:42; 19:38
1:23; 4:36; 5:4; 7:9; 7:13; 7:18

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Strong's Number G2501 matches the Greek Ἰωσήφ (iōsēph),
which occurs 35 times in 34 verses in the TR Greek.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 1:16 -

And Jacob was the father of Joseph G2501 the husband of Mary, by whom Jesus was born, who is called [fn]Christ.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 1:18 -

Now the birth of Jesus [fn]Christ was as follows: when His mother Mary had been [fn]betrothed to Joseph G2501, before they came together she was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 1:19 - And Joseph G2501 her husband, being a righteous man and not wanting to disgrace her, planned [fn]to send her away secretly.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 1:20 - But when he had considered this, behold, an angel of the [fn]Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph G2501, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for [fn]the One who has been [fn]conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 1:24 - And Joseph G2501 got up from his sleep and did as the angel of the [fn]Lord commanded him, and took Mary as his wife,
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 2:13 -

Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the [fn]Lord *appeared to Joseph G2501 in a dream, saying, “Get up! Take the Child and His mother and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is going to search for the Child to destroy Him.”

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 2:19 -

But when Herod died, behold, an angel of the [fn]Lord *appeared in a dream to Joseph G2501 in Egypt, saying,

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 27:57 -

Now when it was evening, there came a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph G2501, who himself had also become a disciple of Jesus.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 27:59 - And Joseph G2501 took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth,
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 15:43 - Joseph G2501 of Arimathea came, a prominent [fn]Council member, who himself was waiting for the kingdom of God; and he gathered up courage and went in before Pilate, and asked for the body of Jesus.
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 15:45 - And ascertaining this from the centurion, he granted the body to Joseph G2501.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 1:27 - to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph G2501, of the [fn]house of David, and the virgin’s name was [fn]Mary.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 2:4 - And Joseph G2501 also went up from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, to Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and family of David,
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 2:16 - So they went in a hurry and found their way to Mary and Joseph G2501, and the baby lying in the [fn]manger.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 2:33 -

And His father and mother were marveling at the things which were being said about Him.

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 2:43 - and as they were returning, after finishing the days of the Feast, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem. But His parents did not know.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 3:23 -

When He began His ministry, Jesus Himself was about thirty years of age, being, [fn]as was supposed,

the son of Joseph G2501,

[fn]the son of [fn]Eli,

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 3:24 -

the son of Matthat,

the son of Levi,

the son of Melchi,

the son of Jannai,

the son of Joseph G2501,

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 3:26 -

the son of Maath,

the son of Mattathias,

the son of Semein,

the son of Josech,

the son of Joda,

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 3:30 -

the son of Simeon,

the son of [fn]Judah,

the son of Joseph G2501,

the son of Jonam,

the son of Eliakim,

Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 4:22 - And all were [fn]speaking well of Him and marveling at the [fn]gracious words which were coming forth from His lips, and they were saying, “Is this not Joseph’s G2501 son?”
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 23:50 -

And behold, a man named Joseph G2501, who was a Council member, a good and righteous man

Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 1:45 - Philip *found Nathanael and *said to him, “We have found Him of whom Moses in the Law and also the Prophets wrote—Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph G2501.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 4:5 - So He *came to a city of Samaria called Sychar, near the field that Jacob gave to his son Joseph G2501;
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 6:42 - They were saying, “Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph G2501, whose father and mother we know? How does He now say, ‘I have come down from heaven?”
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 19:38 -

Now after these things Joseph G2501 of Arimathea, being a disciple of Jesus, but secretly because of his fear of the Jews, asked Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus; and Pilate granted permission. So he came and took away His body.

Unchecked Copy BoxAct 1:23 - And they put forward two men, Joseph G2501 called Barsabbas (who was also called Justus), and Matthias.
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 7:9 -

“And the patriarchs, becoming jealous of Joseph G2501, sold him into Egypt. Yet God was with him,

Unchecked Copy BoxAct 7:13 - “And on the second visit Joseph G2501 [fn]made himself known to his brothers, and Joseph’s G2501 family was disclosed to Pharaoh.
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 7:14 - “Then Joseph G2501 sent word and invited Jacob his father and all his relatives to come to him, seventy-five [fn]persons in all.
Unchecked Copy BoxHeb 11:21 - By faith Jacob, as he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph G2501, and WORSHIPED, leaning ON THE TOP OF HIS STAFF.
Unchecked Copy BoxHeb 11:22 - By faith Joseph G2501, when he was dying, made mention of the exodus of the sons of Israel, and gave commands concerning his bones.
Unchecked Copy BoxRev 7:8 -

from the tribe of Zebulun 12,000,

from the tribe of Joseph G2501 12,000,

from the tribe of Benjamin, 12,000 having been sealed.

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