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Lexicon :: Strong's G3748 - ostis

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ostis (Key)
Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
Strong’s Definitions

ὅστις hóstis, hos'-tis; from G3739 and G5100; which some, i.e. any that; also (definite) which same:—X and (they), (such) as, (they) that, in that they, what(-soever), whereas ye, (they) which, who(-soever). Compare G3754.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 154x

The KJV translates Strong's G3748 in the following manner: which (82x), who (30x), whosoever (12x), that (8x), whatsoever (with G302) (4x), whosoever (with G302) (3x), whatsoever (with G3956) (with G302) (2x), miscellaneous (13x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 154x
The KJV translates Strong's G3748 in the following manner: which (82x), who (30x), whosoever (12x), that (8x), whatsoever (with G302) (4x), whosoever (with G302) (3x), whatsoever (with G3956) (with G302) (2x), miscellaneous (13x).
  1. whoever, whatever, who

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
ὅστις hóstis, hos'-tis; from G3739 and G5100; which some, i.e. any that; also (definite) which same:—X and (they), (such) as, (they) that, in that they, what(-soever), whereas ye, (they) which, who(-soever). Compare G3754.
ὅστις, ἥτις, , τί (separated by a hypodiastole (comma), to distinguish it from ὅτι; but L T Tr write τί, without a hypodiastole (cf. Tdf. Prolog., p. 111), leaving a little space between and τί; (WH ὅτι); cf. Winers Grammar, 46 (45f); (Lipsius, Gramm. Untersuch., p. 118f; WH. Introductory § 411)), genitive ὁυτινος (but of the oblique cases only the accusative neuter , τί and the genitive ὅτου, in the phrase ἕως ὅτου, are found in the N. T.) (from Homer down), compound of ὅς and τίς, hence, properly, anyone who; i. e.:
1. whoever, everyone who: ὅστις simply, in the singular chiefly at the beginning of a sentence in general propositions, especially in Matt.; with an indicative present, Matthew 13:12 (twice); Mark 8:34 (where L Tr WH εἰ τίς); Luke 14:27; neuter Matthew 18:28 Rec.; with a future, Matthew 5:39 (R G Tr marginal reading), Matthew 5:41; Matthew 23:12, etc.; James 2:10 R G; plural οἵτινες, whosoever (all those who): with indicative present, Mark 4:20; Luke 8:15; Galatians 5:4; with indicative aorist, Revelation 1:7; Revelation 2:24; Revelation 20:4; πᾶς ὅστις, with indicative present Matthew 7:24; with future Matthew 10:32; ὅστις with subjunctive (where ἄν is lacking very rarely (cf. Winers Grammar, § 42, 3 (especially at the end); Buttmann, § 139, 31)) aorist (having the force of the future perfect in Latin), Matthew 18:4 Rec.; James 2:10 L T Tr WH. ὅστις ἄν with subjunctive aorist (Latin future perfect), Matthew 10:33 (R G T); Matthew 12:50; with subjunctive present Galatians 5:10 (ἐάν T Tr WH); neuter with subjunctive aorist, Luke 10:35; John 14:13 (Tr marginal reading WH marginal reading present subjunctive); John 15:16 (Tr marginal reading WH marginal reading present subjunctive); with subjunctive present, John 2:5; 1 Corinthians 16:2 (Tr WH ἐάν; WH marginal reading aorist subjunctive); ἐάν τί for , τί ἄν with subjunctive aorist Ephesians 6:8 (R G); πᾶν , τί ἄν or ἐάν with subjunctive present, Colossians 3:17, 23 (Rec.; cf. Buttmann, § 139, 19; Winer's Grammar, § 42, 3).
2. it refers to a single person or thing, but so that regard is had to a general notion or class to which this individual person or thing belongs, and thus it indicates quality: one who, such a one as, of such a nature that (cf. Kühner, § 554 Anm. 1, ii., p. 905; (Jelf, § 816, 5); Lücke on 1 John 1:2, p. 210f): ἡγούμενος, ὅστις ποιμανεῖ, Matthew 2:6; add, Matthew 7:26; Matthew 13:52; Matthew 16:28; Matthew 20:1; Matthew 25:1; Mark 15:7; Luke 2:10; Luke 7:37; Luke 8:3; John 8:25; John 21:25 (Tdf. omits the verse); Acts 11:28; Acts 16:12; Acts 24:1; Romans 11:4; 1 Corinthians 5:1; 1 Corinthians 7:13 (Tdf. εἰ τίς); Galatians 4:24, 26; Galatians 5:19; Philippians 2:20; Colossians 2:23; 2 Timothy 1:5; Hebrews 2:3; Hebrews 8:5; Hebrews 10:11; Hebrews 12:5; James 4:14; 1 John 1:2; Revelation 1:12; Revelation 9:4; Revelation 17:12; ναός τοῦ Θεοῦ ἅγιος ἐστιν, οἵτινες ἐστε ὑμεῖς (where οἵτινες makes reference to ἅγιος) and such are ye, 1 Corinthians 3:17 (some refer it to ναός).
3. Akin to the last usage is thai whereby it serves to give a reason, such as equivalent to seeing that he, inasmuch as he: Romans 16:12 (here Lachmann brackets the clause); Ephesians 3:13; (Colossians 3:5); Hebrews 8:6; plural, Matthew 7:15; Acts 10:47; Acts 17:11; Romans 1:25, 32; Romans 2:15; Romans 6:2; Romans 9:4; Romans 16:7; 2 Corinthians 8:10; (Philippians 4:3 (where see Lightfoot)); 1 Timothy 1:4; Titus 1:11; 1 Peter 2:11.
4. According to a later Greek usage it is put for the interrogative τίς in direct questions (cf. Lob. ad Phryn., p. 57; Lachmann, larger edition, vol. i., p. xliii; Buttmann, 253 (218); cf. Winer's Grammar, 167 (158)); thus in the N. T. the neuter , τί stands for τί equivalent to διά τί in Mark 2:16 T Tr WH (cf. 7 WH marginal reading); Mark 9:11, 28 (Jeremiah 2:36; 1 Chronicles 17:6 — for which in the parallel, 2 Samuel 7:7, ἵνα τί appears; Epistle of Barnabas 7, 9 [ET] ((where see Müller); cf. Tdf. Proleg., p. 125; Evang. Nicod. pars i. A. 14:3 p. 245 and note; cf. also Sophocles' Lexicon, under the word, 4)); many interpreters bring in John 8:25 here; but respecting it see ἀρχή, 1 b.
5. It differs scarcely at all from the simple relative ὅς (cf. Matthiae, p. 1073; Buttmann, § 127, 18; (Krüger, § 51, 8; Ellicott on Galatians 4:24; cf. Jebb in Vincent and Dickson's Handbook. to Modern Greek, Appendix, § 24); but cf. C. F. A. Fritzsche in Fritzschiorum opuscc., p. 182f, who stoutly denies it): Luke 2:4; Luke 9:30; Acts 17:10; Acts 23:14; Acts 28:18; Ephesians 1:23.
6. ἕως ὅτου, on which see ἕως, II. 1 b. β., p. 268b middle
THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON, Electronic Database.
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All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Strong's Number G3748 matches the Greek ὅστις (ostis),
which occurs 143 times in 137 verses in the TR Greek.

Page 1 / 3 (Mat 2:6–Act 7:53)

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 2:6 - ‘AND YOU, BETHLEHEM, LAND OF JUDAH,
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 5:39 - “But I say to you, do not show opposition against an evil person; but whoever G3748 slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other toward him also.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 5:41 - “Whoever G3748 [fn]forces you to go one mile, go with him two.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 7:15 - “Beware of the false prophets, who G3748 come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 7:24 - “Therefore, everyone who G3748 hears these words of Mine, and [fn]acts on them, will be like a wise man who G3748 built his house on the rock.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 7:26 - “And everyone who hears these words of Mine, and does not [fn]act on them, will be like a foolish man who G3748 built his house on the sand.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 10:32 - “Therefore, everyone who G3748 [fn]confesses Me before people, I will also confess [fn]him before My Father who is in heaven.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 10:33 - “But whoever G3748 denies Me before people, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 12:50 - “For whoever G3748 does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother, and sister, and mother.”
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 13:12 - “For whoever G3748 has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever G3748 does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 13:52 - And [fn]Jesus said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who G3748 brings out of his treasure new things and old.”
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 16:28 - “Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who G3748 will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.”
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 18:4 - “So whoever G3748 will humble himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 19:12 - “For there are eunuchs who G3748 were born that way from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who G3748 were made eunuchs by people; and there are also eunuchs who G3748 made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who is able to accept this, let him accept it.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 20:1 - “For the kingdom of heaven is like [fn]a landowner who G3748 went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 21:33 - “Listen to another parable. There was a [fn]landowner who G3748 PLANTED A VINEYARD AND PUT A [fn]FENCE AROUND IT, AND DUG A WINE PRESS IN IT, AND BUILT A TOWER, and he leased it to [fn]vine-growers and went on a journey.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 21:41 - They *said to Him, “He will bring those wretches to a wretched end and lease the vineyard to other vine-growers, who G3748 will pay him the fruit in the proper seasons.”
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 22:2 - “The kingdom of heaven [fn]is like [fn]a king who G3748 [fn]held a wedding feast for his son.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 23:12 - “Whoever G3748 exalts himself shall be humbled, and whoever G3748 humbles himself shall be exalted.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 23:27 - “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which G3748 on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 25:1 - “Then the kingdom of heaven will be comparable to ten virgins, who G3748 took their lamps and went out to meet the groom.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 25:3 - “For when the foolish took their lamps, they did not take extra oil with them;
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 27:55 - And many women were there watching from a distance, who G3748 had followed Jesus from Galilee while caring for Him.
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 27:62 - Now on the next day, that is, the day which G3748 is after the preparation, the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered together with Pilate,
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 4:20 - “And those are the ones sown with seed on the good soil; and they hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirty, sixty, and a hundred times as much.
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 8:34 - And He summoned the crowd together with His disciples, and said to them, “If anyone wants to come after Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me.
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 9:1 - And Jesus was saying to them, “Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who G3748 will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God when it has come with power.”
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 12:18 - Some Sadducees (who G3748 say that there is no resurrection) *came to [fn]Jesus, and began questioning Him, saying,
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 15:7 - And the one named Barabbas had been imprisoned with the rebels who G3748 had committed murder in the revolt.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 1:20 - “And behold, you will be silent and unable to speak until the day when these things take place, because you did not believe my words, which G3748 will be fulfilled at their proper time.”
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 2:4 - Now Joseph also went up from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, to Judea, to the city of David which G3748 is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and family of David,
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 2:10 - And so the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which G3748 will be for all the people;
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 7:37 - And there was a woman in the city who G3748 was a [fn]sinner; and when she learned that He was reclining at the table in the Pharisee’s house, she brought an alabaster vial of perfume,
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 7:39 - Now when the Pharisee who had invited Him saw this, he said to himself, “If this Man were a prophet He would know who and what sort of person this woman is who G3748 is touching Him, that she is a [fn]sinner!”
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 8:3 - and Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others who G3748 were contributing to their support out of their private means.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 8:15 - “But the seed in the good soil, these are the ones who G3748 have heard the word [fn]with a good and virtuous heart, and hold it firmly, and produce fruit with [fn]perseverance.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 8:26 - Then they sailed to the country of the Gerasenes, which G3748 is opposite Galilee.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 8:43 - And a woman who had suffered a chronic flow of blood for twelve years, and could not be healed by anyone,
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 9:30 - And behold, two men were talking with Him; and they were Moses and Elijah,
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 10:42 - but only one thing is necessary; for Mary has chosen the good part, which G3748 shall not be taken away from her.”
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 12:1 - Under these circumstances, after [fn]so many thousands of [fn]people had gathered together that they were stepping on one another, He began saying to His disciples first of all, “Beware of the [fn]leaven of the Pharisees, which G3748 is hypocrisy.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 14:27 - “Whoever G3748 does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 15:7 - “I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who G3748 have no need of repentance.
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 23:19 - (He was one G3748 who G3748 had been thrown into prison for a revolt that took place in the city, and for murder.)
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 23:55 - Now the women who G3748 had come with Him from Galilee followed, and they saw the tomb and how His body was laid.
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 8:53 - “You are not greater than our father Abraham, who G3748 died, are You? The prophets died too. Whom do You make Yourself out to be?
Unchecked Copy BoxJhn 21:25 - But there are also many other things which Jesus did, which G3748, if they were written in detail, I expect that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 3:23 - ‘And it shall be that every soul that does not listen to that prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people.’
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 5:16 - The [fn]people from the cities in the vicinity of Jerusalem were coming together as well, bringing people who were sick [fn]or tormented with unclean spirits, and they were all being healed.
Unchecked Copy BoxAct 7:53 - you who G3748 received the Law as ordained by angels, and yet did not keep it.”

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