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Lexicon :: Strong's G4460 - rhaab

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rhaab (Key)
Part of Speech
proper feminine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Of Hebrew origin רָחָב (H7343)
2x in 1 unique form(s)
2x in 1 unique form(s)
11x in 1 unique form(s)
Strong’s Definitions

Ῥαάβ Rhaáb, hrah-ab'; of Hebrew origin (H7343); Raab (i.e. Rachab), a Canaanitess:—Rahab. See also H4477.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 2x

The KJV translates Strong's G4460 in the following manner: Rahab (2x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 2x
The KJV translates Strong's G4460 in the following manner: Rahab (2x).
  1. Rahab = "wide"

    1. a harlot of Jericho

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
Ῥαάβ Rhaáb, hrah-ab'; of Hebrew origin (H7343); Raab (i.e. Rachab), a Canaanitess:—Rahab. See also H4477.
STRONGS NT 4460: Ρααβ
Ρααβ (and Ῥαχάβ, Matthew 1:5; Ρ᾽αχαβη, Ρ᾽αχαβης, in Josephus (Antiquities 5, 1, 2 etc.)), (רָחָב 'broad', 'ample'), Rahab, a harlot of Jericho: Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25. (Cf. B. D. under the word; Lightfoot Clement of Rome, Appendix (London, 1877), p. 413.)
THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Strong's Number G4460 matches the Greek Ῥαάβ (rhaab),
which occurs 11 times in 11 verses in the LXX Greek.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 13:21 - καὶ ἀναβάντες κατεσκέψαντο τὴν γῆν ἀπὸ τῆς ἐρήμου Σιν ἕως Ρααβ G4460 εἰσπορευομένων Εφααθ
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 2:1 - καὶ ἀπέστειλεν Ἰησοῦς υἱὸς Ναυη ἐκ Σαττιν δύο νεανίσκους κατασκοπεῦσαι λέγων ἀνάβητε καὶ ἴδετε τὴν γῆν καὶ τὴν Ιεριχω καὶ πορευθέντες εἰσήλθοσαν οἱ δύο νεανίσκοι εἰς Ιεριχω καὶ εἰσήλθοσαν εἰς οἰκίαν γυναικὸς πόρνης ὄνομα Ρααβ G4460 καὶ κατέλυσαν ἐκεῗ
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 2:3 - καὶ ἀπέστειλεν βασιλεὺς Ιεριχω καὶ εἶπεν πρὸς Ρααβ G4460 λέγων ἐξάγαγε τοὺς ἄνδρας τοὺς εἰσπεπορευμένους εἰς τὴν οἰκίαν σου τὴν νύκτα κατασκοπεῦσαι γὰρ τὴν γῆν ἥκασιν
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 6:17 - καὶ ἔσται πόλις ἀνάθεμα αὐτὴ καὶ πάντα ὅσα ἐστὶν ἐν αὐτῇ κυρίῳ σαβαωθ πλὴν Ρααβ G4460 τὴν πόρνην περιποιήσασθε αὐτὴν καὶ ὅσα ἐστὶν ἐν τῷ οἴκῳ αὐτῆς
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 6:23 - καὶ εἰσῆλθον οἱ δύο νεανίσκοι οἱ κατασκοπεύσαντες τὴν πόλιν εἰς τὴν οἰκίαν τῆς γυναικὸς καὶ ἐξηγάγοσαν Ρααβ G4460 τὴν πόρνην καὶ τὸν πατέρα αὐτῆς καὶ τὴν μητέρα αὐτῆς καὶ τοὺς ἀδελφοὺς αὐτῆς καὶ πάντα ὅσα ἦν αὐτῇ καὶ πᾶσαν τὴν συγγένειαν αὐτῆς καὶ κατέστησαν αὐτὴν ἔξω τῆς παρεμβολῆς Ισραηλ
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 6:25 - καὶ Ρααβ G4460 τὴν πόρνην καὶ πάντα τὸν οἶκον τὸν πατρικὸν αὐτῆς ἐζώγρησεν Ἰησοῦς καὶ κατῴκησεν ἐν τῷ Ισραηλ ἕως τῆς σήμερον ἡμέρας διότι ἔκρυψεν τοὺς κατασκοπεύσαντας οὓς ἀπέστειλεν Ἰησοῦς κατασκοπεῦσαι τὴν Ιεριχω
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 19:28 - καὶ Ελβων καὶ Ρααβ G4460 καὶ Εμεμαων καὶ Κανθαν ἕως Σιδῶνος τῆς μεγάλης
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 21:31 - καὶ Χελκατ καὶ τὰ ἀφωρισμένα αὐτῇ καὶ Ρααβ G4460 καὶ τὰ ἀφωρισμένα αὐτῇ πόλεις τέσσαρες
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 8:3 - καὶ ἐπάταξεν Δαυιδ τὸν Αδρααζαρ υἱὸν Ρααβ G4460 βασιλέα Σουβα πορευομένου αὐτοῦ ἐπιστῆσαι τὴν χεῗρα αὐτοῦ ἐπὶ τὸν ποταμὸν Εὐφράτην
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 8:12 - ἐκ τῆς Ιδουμαίας καὶ ἐκ τῆς γῆς Μωαβ καὶ ἐκ τῶν υἱῶν Αμμων καὶ ἐκ τῶν ἀλλοφύλων καὶ ἐξ Αμαληκ καὶ ἐκ τῶν σκύλων Αδρααζαρ υἱοῦ Ρααβ G4460 βασιλέως Σουβα
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 87:4 - (LXX 86:4)μνησθήσομαι Ρααβ G4460 καὶ Βαβυλῶνος τοῗς γινώσκουσίν με καὶ ἰδοὺ ἀλλόφυλοι καὶ Τύρος καὶ λαὸς Αἰθιόπων οὗτοι ἐγενήθησαν ἐκεῗ

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