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The Glorious Feast of the Gospel


Richard Sibbes

Richard Sibbes
(1577 - 1635)

Born in England during the Elizabethan Era, Richard Sibbes eventually became one of the most prominent theological writers of that time. A Puritan and a graduate of St. John’s College in 1595, he served as lecturer, preacher, and teacher over his lifetime. His excellent aptitude for exegeting and expositing the Word of God was acknowledged by Charles Spurgeon’s commendation: “Sibbes never wastes the student’s time; he scatters pearls and diamonds with both hands.”

The Glorious Feast of the Gospel

By Richard Sibbes (1577—1635)

Digital Edition by Blue Letter Bible

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About “The Glorious Feast of the Gospel”

Blue Letter Bible is excited to present a digital edition of The Glorious Feast of the Gospel, a series of sermons on Isaiah 25:6-9, by Richard Sibbes. Originally published in 1650, this collection reads comfortably for both devotional and study purposes. The writer petitions all believers, in their need of encouragement, to a renewed communion with God. Sibbes herein awakens the senses of the reader to the rich truths and promises presented in Jesus Christ.

Excerpted from the final sermon, he writes: “We see in nature in the winter, which is a dull time to the spring and harvest…there is a great promotion of harvest in winter, it is not a mere distance of time. So, between the promise and heaven itself, it is not a mere waiting time and there is an end. But it is a time which is taken up by the Spirit of God in preparing the heart, in subduing all base lusts, and in taking us off from ourselves and whatsoever is contrary to heaven. The time is filled up with a great deal of that which fits us for glory in heaven.”

Written centuries ago but pertinent for today, this book will ignite a passionate love for Christ our gracious Savior, who prepares us for and provides us with The Glorious Feast.

BLB Digital Formatting

We highly value the spiritual content of writings from the saints who have gone before us, and it is a privilege to be able to offer enhanced digital versions to our users. Converting an original book into digital format requires extensive work, including scanning the original book, editing the scanned pages, and capturing characters. We then thoroughly proofread and carefully edit the document to improve the readability of ancient publications. Our digital books may receive the following features:

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  • Insert the author’s marginal notes into the text as subheadings
  • Convert Roman numerals to modern numerals in Scripture references
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