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Dictionaries :: Houses

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Houses: Antiquity Of

Gen 12:1; 19:3

Houses: Deep and Solid Foundations Required For

Mat 7:24; Luk 6:48

Houses: Sometimes Built without Foundation

Mat 7:26; Luk 6:49

Houses: Built Of


Job 4:19


Exd 1:11-14; Isa 9:10

Stone and wood

Lev 14:40,42; Hab 2:11

Hewn or cut stone

Isa 9:10; Amo 5:11

Houses: In Cities, Built in Streets

Gen 19:2; Jos 2:19

Houses: Often Built on City Walls

Jos 2:15; 2Cr 11:33

Houses: The Flat Roofs Of

Surrounded with battlements

Deu 22:8

Had often booths on them

2Sa 16:22; Neh 8:16; Pro 2:19

Had often idolatrous altars on them

2Ki 23:12; Jer 19:13; Zep 1:5

Used for drying flax

Jos 2:6

Used for exercise

2Sa 11:2; Dan 4:29

Used for devotion

Act 10:9

Used for making proclamations

Luk 12:3

Used for secret conference

1Sa 9:25,26

Resorted to in grief

Isa 15:3; Jer 48:38

Often covered with week grass

Psa 129:6,7

Houses: Accessible from the Outside

Mat 24:17

Houses: The Courts Of, Large and Used as Apartments

Est 1:5; Luk 5:19

Houses: Entered by a Gate or Door

Gen 43:19; Exd 12:22; Luk 16:20; Act 10:17

Houses: Doors Of, Low and Small for Safety

Pro 17:19

Houses: Doors Of, How Fastened

2Sa 13:18; Sgs 5:5; Luk 11:7

Houses: Admission To, Gained by Knocking at the Door

Act 12:13; Rev 3:20

Houses: Walls Of, Plastered

Lev 14:42,43

Houses: Serpents Often Lodged in Walls Of

Amo 5:19

Houses: Custom of fastening nails, &c, in walls of, alluded to

Ecc 12:11; Isa 22:23

Houses: Had Often Several Stories

Eze 41:16; Act 20:9

Houses: Divided into Apartments

Gen 43:30; Isa 26:20

Houses: Apartments Of, Were Often

Large and airy

Jer 22:14

Ceiled and painted

Jer 22:14; Hag 1:4

Inlaid with ivory

1Ki 22:39; Amo 3:15

Hung with rich tapestries

Est 1:6

Warmed with fires

Jer 36:22; Jhn 18:18

Houses: Upper apartments of, the best, and used for entertainments

Mar 14:15

Houses: Had Often Detached Apartments for Secrecy and For

Jdg 3:20-23; 2Ki 4:10,11; 9:2,3

Houses: Lighted by Windows

1Ki 7:4

Houses: Street Windows Of, High and Dangerous

2Ki 1:2; 9:30,33; Act 20:9

Houses: Of the Rich


Isa 5:9; Amo 6:11; 2Ti 2:20


Deu 8:12


Eze 26:12; Mic 2:9

Houses: Of Brick or Clay


Eze 13:10,11

Easily broken through

Job 24:16; Eze 12:5

Often swept away by torrents

Eze 13:13,14

Houses: When Finished Were Usually Dedicated

Deu 20:5; Psa 30:1

Houses: For Summer Residence

Amo 3:15

Houses: Liable to Leprosy

Lev 14:34-53

Houses: Not to Be Coveted

Exd 20:17; Mic 2:2

Houses: Were Hired

Act 28:30

Houses: Were Mortgaged

Neh 5:3

Houses: Were Sold

Act 4:34

Houses: Law Respecting the Sale Of

Lev 25:29-33

Houses: Of Criminals, Desolated

Dan 2:5; 3:29

Houses: Desolation Of, Threatened as a Punishment

Isa 5:9; 13:16,21,22; Eze 16:41; 26:12

Houses: Often broken down to repair city walls before sieges

Isa 22:10

Houses: Illustrative

Of the body

Job 4:19; 2Cr 5:1

Of the grave

Job 30:23

Of the church

Hbr 3:6; 1Pe 2:5

Of saints' inheritance

Jhn 14:2; 2Cr 5:1

(On sand,) of the delusive hope of hypocrites

Mat 7:24,25

(On a rock,) of the hope of saints

Mat 7:24,25

(Insecurity of,) of earthly trust

Mat 6:19,20

(Building of,) of great prosperity

Isa 65:21; Eze 28:26

(Built and not inhabited,) of calamity

Deu 28:30; Amo 5:11; Zep 1:13

(To inhabit those, built by others,) of abundant feelings

Deu 6:10,11


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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