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Dictionaries :: Servants

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Servants: Early Mention Of

Gen 9:25,26

Servants: Divided Into


Gen 24:34; 32:5


Gen 16:6; 32:5


Gen 43:18; Lev 25:46


Mar 1:20; Luk 15:17

Servants: Persons devoted to the service of another so called

Psa 119:49; Isa 56:6

Servants: The Subjects of a Prince or King So Called

Exd 9:20; 11:8

Servants: Persons of Low Condition So Called

Ecc 10:7

Servants: Persons Devoted to God So Called

Psa 119:49; Isa 56:6; Rom 1:1

Servants: The Term Often Used to Express Humility

Gen 18:3; 33:5; 1Sa 20:7; 1Ki 20:32

Servants: Hired

Called hireling

Job 7:1; Jhn 10:12,13

Engaged by the year

Lev 25:53; Isa 16:14

Engaged by the day

Mat 20:2

Not to be oppressed

Deu 24:14

To be paid without delay at the expiration of their service

Lev 19:13; Deu 24:15

To be esteemed worthy of their hire

Luk 10:7

To partake of the produce of the land in the sabbatical year

Lev 25:6

If foreigners not allowed to partake of the passover or holy things

Exd 12:45; Lev 22:10

Anxiety of, for the end of their daily toil, alluded to

Job 7:2

Hebrew slaves serving their brethren to be treated as

Lev 25:39,40

Hebrew slaves serving strangers to be treated as

Lev 25:47,53

Often stood in the market place waiting for employment

Mat 20:1-3

Often will fed and taken care of

Luk 15:17

Often oppressed and their wages kept back

Mal 3:5; Jam 5:4

Servants: Slaves or Bond

Called bondmen

Gen 43:18; 44:9

By birth

Gen 14:14; Psa 116:16; Jer 2:14

By purchase

Gen 17:27; 37:36

Captives taken in war often kept as

Deu 20:14; 2Ki 5:2

Strangers sojourning in Israel might be purchased as

Lev 25:45

Persons belonging to other nations might be purchased as

Lev 25:44

Persons unable to pay their debts liable to be sold as

2Ki 4:1; Neh 5:4,5; Mat 18:25

Thieves unable to make restitution were sold as

Exd 22:3

More valuable than hired servants

Deu 15:18

When Israelites not to be treated with rigour

Lev 25:39,40,46

When Israelites to have their liberty after six years service

Exd 21:2; Deu 15:12

Israelites sold as, refusing their liberty, to have their ears bored to the door

Exd 21:5,6; Deu 15:16,17

Israelites sold to strangers as, might be redeemed by their nearest of kin

Lev 25:47-55

All Israelites sold as, to be free at the jubilee

Lev 25:10,40,41,54

Could not when set free demand wives or children procured during servitude

Exd 21:3,4

To be furnished liberally, when their servitude expired

Deu 15:13,14

When foreigners to be circumcised

Gen 17:13,27; Exd 12:44

To be allowed to rest on the Sabbath

Exd 20:10

To participate in all national rejoicings

Deu 12:18; 16:11,14

Persons of distinction had many

Gen 14:14; Ecc 2:7

Engaged in the most menial offices

1Sa 25:41; Jhn 13:4,5

Maimed of injured by masters to have their freedom

Exd 21:26,27

Masters to be recompensed for injury done to

Exd 21:32

Laws respecting the killing of

Exd 21:20,21

Of others not to be coveted or enticed away

Exd 20:17; Deu 5:21

Seeking protection not to be delivered up to masters

Deu 23:15

Custom of branding, alluded to

Gal 6:17

Sometimes rose to rank and station

Ecc 10:7

Sometimes intermarried with their master's family

1Ch 2:34,35

Laws respecting marriage with female

Exd 21:7-11

Seizing and stealing of men for, condemned and punished by the law

Exd 21:16; Deu 24:7; 1Ti 1:10

Laws respecting, often violated

Jer 34:8-16

Servants: Bond, Illustrative

Of Christ

Psa 40:6; Hbr 10:5; Phl 2:7,8

Of saints

1Cr 6:20; 7:23

Of the wicked

2Pe 2:19; Rom 6:16,19

Servants: Christ Condescended to the Office Of

Mat 20:28; Luk 22:27; Jhn 13:5; Phl 2:7

Servants: Are Inferior to Their Masters

Luk 22:27

Servants: Should Follow Christ's Example

1Pe 2:21

Servants: Duties Of, to Masters

To pray for them

Gen 24:12

To honour them

Mal 1:6; 1Ti 6:1

To revere them the more, when they are believers

1Ti 6:2

To be subject to them

1Pe 2:18

To obey them

Eph 6:5; Tts 2:9

To attend to their call

Psa 123:2

To please them well in all things

Tts 2:9

To sympathise with them

2Sa 12:18

To prefer their business to their own necessary food

Gen 24:33

To bless God for mercies shown to them

Gen 24:27,48

To be faithful to them

Luk 16:10-12; 1Cr 4:2; Tts 2:10

To be profitable to them

Luk 19:15,16,18; Phm 1:11

To be anxious for their welfare

1Sa 25:14-17; 2Ki 5:2,3

To be earnest in transacting their business

Gen 24:54-56

To be prudent in the management of their affairs

Gen 24:34-49

To be industrious in labouring for them

Neh 4:16,23

To be kind and attentive to their guests

Gen 43:23,24

To be submissive even to the froward

Gen 16:6,9; 1Pe 2:18

Not to answer them rudely

Tts 2:9

Not to serve them with eye-service, as men-pleasers

Eph 6:6; Col 3:22

Not to defraud them

Tts 2:10

Servants: Should Be Contented in Their Situation

1Cr 7:20,21

Servants: Should Be Compassionate to Their Fellows

Mat 18:33

Servants: Should Serve

For conscience towards God

1Pe 2:19

In the fear of God

Eph 6:5; Col 3:22

As the servants of Christ

Eph 6:5,6

Heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men

Eph 6:7; Col 3:23

As doing the will of God from the heart

Eph 6:6

In singleness of heart

Eph 6:5; Col 3:22

With good will

Eph 6:7

Servants: When Patient under Injury Are Acceptable to God

1Pe 2:19,20

Servants: When Good

Are the servants of Christ

Col 3:24

Are brethren beloved in the Lord

Phm 1:16

Are the Lord's freemen

1Cr 7:22

Are partakers of gospel privileges

1Cr 12:13; Gal 3:28; Eph 6:8; Col 3:11

Deserve the confidence of their masters

Gen 24:2,4,10; 39:4

Often exalted

Gen 41:40; Pro 17:2

Often advanced by master

Gen 39:4,5

To be honoured

Gen 24:31; Pro 27:18

Bring God's blessing upon their masters

Gen 30:27,30; 39:3

Adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour in all things

Tts 2:10

Have God with them

Gen 31:42; 39:21; Act 7:9,10

Are prospered by God

Gen 39:3

Are protected by God

Gen 31:7

Are guided by God

Gen 24:7,27

Are blessed by God

Mat 24:46

Are mourned over after death

Gen 35:8

Shall be rewarded

Eph 6:8; Col 3:24

Servants: The Property of Masters Increased by Faithful

Gen 30:29,30

Servants: Characteristics of Wicked Servants


Eph 6:6; Col 3:22


Eph 6:6; Col 3:22


2Sa 19:26; Psa 101:6,7


Gen 13:7; 26:20


2Ki 5:20


2Ki 5:22,24


Tts 2:10


Mat 24:49

Unmerciful to their fellows

Mat 18:30

Will not submit to correction

Pro 29:19

Do not bear to be exalted

Pro 30:21,22; Isa 3:5

Shall be punished

Mat 24:50

Servants: Good-Exemplified


Gen 24:1-67


Gen 24:59; 35:8


Gen 31:36-40


Gen 39:3; Act 7:10

Servants of Boaz

Rth 2:4

Jonathan's armour bearer

1Sa 14:6,7

David's servants

2Sa 12:18

Captive maid

2Ki 5:2-4

Servants of Naaman

2Ki 5:13

Servants of Centurion

Mat 8:9

Servants of Cornelius

Act 10:7

Onesimus after his conversion

Phm 1:11

Servants: Bad-Exemplified

Servants of Abraham and Lot

Gen 13:7

Servants of Abimelech

Gen 21:25

Absalom's servants [Absalom's servants obeyed a bad master; they were bad men rather than bad servants]

2Sa 13:28,29; 14:30


2Sa 16:1-4

Servants of Shimei

1Ki 2:39


1Ki 11:26


1Ki 16:9


2Ki 5:20

Servants of Amon

2Ki 21:23

Job's servants

Job 19:16

Servants of the High Priest

Mar 14:65

Onesimus before his conversion

Phm 1:11


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.