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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Blame, Blameless

Dictionaries :: Blame, Blameless

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Verb Strong's Number: g3469 Greek: momaomai

Blame, Blameless:

"to find fault with, to blame, or calumniate," is used in 2Cr 6:3, of the ministry of the Gospel; in 8:20, of the ministration of financial help.


(1) Cp. the synonymous verb, memphomai, "to find fault," Mar 7:2; Rom 9:19; Hbr 8:8.

(2) In Gal 2:11, kataginosko is rightly rendered "stood condemned," RV, for AV, "was to be blamed."

B-1 Adjective Strong's Number: g299 Greek: amomos

Blame, Blameless:


B-2 Adjective Strong's Number: g298 Greek: amometos

Blame, Blameless:

translated in Phl 2:15 "without blemish" (AV, "without rebuke"), is rendered "blameless" in 2Pe 3:14 (AV and RV).

B-3 Adjective Strong's Number: g273 Greek: amemptos

Blame, Blameless:

related to memphomai (A, Note), is translated "unblameable" in 1Th 3:13; "blameless," in Luk 1:6; Phl 2:15; 3:6; "faultless" in Hbr 8:7.

"If amomos is the 'unblemished,' amemptos is the 'unblamed.'... Christ was amomos in that there was in Him no spot or blemish, and He could say, 'Which of you convinceth (convicteth) Me of sin?' but in strictness of speech He was not amemptos (unblamed), nor is this epithet ever given to Him in the NT, seeing that He endured the contradition of sinners against Himself, who slandered His footsteps and laid to His charge 'things that He knew not' (i.e., of which He was guiltless)." Trench. Syn. 103.

B-4 Adjective Strong's Number: g338 Greek: anaitios

Blame, Blameless:

"guiltless" (a, negative, n, euphonic, and aitia, "a charge"), is translated, "blameless" in the AV of Mat 12:5, "guiltless" in Mat 12:7. The RV has "guiltless" in both places. In the Sept., in Deu 19:10, 13; 21:8-9.

B-5 Adjective Strong's Number: g423 Greek: anepileptos

Blame, Blameless:

lit., "that cannot be laid hold of," hence, "not open to censure, irreproachable" (from a, negative, n, euphonic, and epilambano, "to lay hold of"), is used in 1Ti 3:2; 5:7; 6:14 (in all three places the RV has "without reproach;" in the first two AV, "blameless," in the last, "unrebukeable;" an alternative rendering would be "irreprehensible").

B-6 Adjective Strong's Number: g410 Greek: anenkletos

Blame, Blameless:

signifies "that which cannot be called to account" (from a, negative, n, euphonic, and enkaleo, "to call in"), i.e., with nothing laid to one's charge (as the result of public investigation), in 1Cr 1:8, RV, "unreproveable," AV, "blameless;" in Col 1:22, AV and RV, "unreproveable;" in 1Ti 3:10; Tts 1:6, 7, AV and RV, "blameless." It implies not merely acquittal, but the absence of even a charge or accusation against a person. This is to be the case with elders.

C-1 Adverb Strong's Number: g273 Greek: amemptos

Blame, Blameless:

in 1Th 2:10, "unblameably;" in 1Th 5:23, "without blame," AV, "blameless," is said of believers at the Judgment-Seat of Christ in His Parousia (His presence after His coming), as the outcome of present witness and steadfastness. See B, No. 3, above.


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