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The Blue Letter Bible

Dictionaries :: Baptism

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Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Baptism: As Administered by John

Mat 3:5-12; Jhn 3:23; Act 13:24; 19:4

Baptism: Sanctioned by Christ's Submission to It

Mat 3:13-15; Luk 3:21

Baptism: Adopted by Christ

Jhn 3:22; 4:1,2

Baptism: Appointed an Ordinance of the Christian Church

Mat 28:19,20; Mar 16:15,16

Baptism: To be administered in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy

Mat 28:19

Baptism: Water, the Outward and Visible Sign In

Act 8:36; 10:47

Baptism: Regeneration, the Inward and Spiritual Grace Of

Jhn 3:3,5,6; Rom 6:3,4,11

Baptism: Remission of Sins, Signified By

Act 2:38; 22:16

Baptism: Unity of the Church Effected By

1Cr 12:13; Gal 3:27,28

Baptism: Confession of Sin Necessary To

Mat 3:6

Baptism: Repentance Necessary To

Act 2:38

Baptism: Faith Necessary To

Act 8:37; 18:8

Baptism: There Is but One

Eph 4:5

Baptism: Administered To


Act 8:38; 9:18


Act 16:15; 1Cr 1:16

Only to professing believers

Act 2:38; Mat 3:6; Mar 16:16; Act 8:12,37; 10:47,48

Scriptures supporting infant baptism

Pro 30:6

Baptism: Administered by immersing the whole body of the person in

Mat 3:16; Act 8:38,39

Baptism: Emblematic of the Influences of the Holy Spirit

Mat 3:11; Tts 3:5

Baptism: Typified

1Cr 10:2; 1Pe 3:20,21

Smith's Bible Dictionary


It is well known that ablution or bathing was common in most ancient nations as a preparation for prayers and sacrifice or as expiatory of sin. In warm countries this connection is probably even closer than in colder climates; and hence the frequency of ablution in the religious rites throughout the East. Baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is the rite or ordinance by which persons are admitted into the Church of Christ. It is the public profession of faith and discipleship. Baptism signifies-

(1.) A confession of faith in Christ;

(2.) A cleansing or washing of the soul from sin;

(3.) A death to sin and a new life in righteousness.

The mode and subjects of baptism being much‐controverted subjects, each one can best study them in the works devoted to those questions. The command to baptize was co‐extensive with the command to preach the gospel. All nations were to be evangelized; and they were to be made disciples, admitted into the fellowship of Christ's religion, by baptism (Matthew 28:19). It appears to have been a kind of transition from the Jewish baptism to the Christian. The distinction between John's baptism and Christian baptism appears in the case of Apollos (Acts 18:26-27) and of the disciples at Ephesus mentioned (Acts 19:1-6). We cannot but draw from this history the inference that in Christian baptism there was a deeper spiritual significance.

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