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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place)

Dictionaries :: Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place)

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Verb Strong's Number: g3611 Greek: oikeo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to dwell" (from oikos, "a house"), "to inhabit as one's abode," is derived from the Sanskrit, vic, "a dwelling place" (the Eng. termination "--wick" is connected). It is used

(a) of God as "dwelling" in light, 1Ti 6:16;

(b) of the "indwelling" of the Spirit of God in the believer, Rom 8:9, 11, or in a church, 1Cr 3:16;

(c) of the "indwelling" of sin, Rom 7:20;

(d) of the absence of any good thing in the flesh of the believer, Rom 7:18;

(e) of the "dwelling" together of those who are married, 1Cr 7:12, 13.

A-2 Verb Strong's Number: g2730 Greek: katoikeo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

kata, "down," and No. 1, the most frequent verb with this meaning, properly signifies "to settle down in a dwelling, to dwell fixedly in a place." Besides its literal sense, it is used of

(a) the "indwelling" of the totality of the attributes and powers of the Godhead in Christ, Col 1:19; 2:9;

(b) the "indwelling" of Christ in the hearts of believers ("may make a home in your hearts"), Eph 3:17;

(c) the "dwelling" of Satan in a locality, Rev 2:13;

(d) the future "indwelling" of righteousness in the new heavens and earth, 2Pe 3:13. It is translated "dwellers" in Act 1:19; 2:9; "inhabitants" in Rev 17:2, AV (RV, "they that dwell"), "inhabiters" in Rev 8:13; 12:12, AV (RV, "them that dwell").

Cp. the nouns katoikesis (below), katoikia, "habitation," Act 17:26; katoiketerion, "a habitation," Eph 2:22; Rev 18:2. Contrast paroikeo, "to sojourn," the latter being temporary, the former permanent.

A-3 Verb Strong's Number: g2730 Greek: katoikizo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to cause to dwell," is said of the act of God concerning the Holy Spirit in Jam 4:5, RV (some mss. have No. 2).

A-4 Verb Strong's Number: g1774 Greek: enoikeo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

lit., "to dwell in" (en, "in," and No. 1), is used, with a spiritual significance only, of

(a) the "indwelling" of God in believers, 2Cr 6:16;

(b) the "indwelling" of the Holy Spirit, Rom 8:11; 2Ti 1:14;

(c) the "indwelling" of the Word of Christ, Col 3:16;

(d) the "indwelling" of faith, 2Ti 1:5;

(e) the "indwelling" of sin in the believer, Rom 7:17.

A-5 Verb Strong's Number: g4039 Greek: perioikeo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

peri, "around," and No. 1, "to dwell around, be a neighbor," is used in Luk 1:65. Cp. perioikos, "a neighbor," Luk 1:58.

A-6 Verb Strong's Number: g4924 Greek: sunoikeo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

sun, "with," and No. 1, "to dwell with," is used in 1Pe 3:7.

A-7 Verb Strong's Number: g1460 Greek: enkatoikeo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

en, "in," and No. 2, "to dwell among," is used in 2Pe 2:8.

A-8 Verb Strong's Number: g3306 Greek: meno

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to abide, remain," is translated "to dwell," in the AV of Jhn 1:38, 39; 6:56; 14:10, 17; Act 28:16. The RV adheres throughout to the verb "to abide."

A-9 Verb Strong's Number: g4637 Greek: skenoo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to pitch a tent" (skene), "to tabernacle," is translated "dwelt," in Jhn 1:14, AV, RV marg., "tabernacled;" in Rev 7:15, AV, "shall dwell," RV, "shall spread (His) tabernacle;" in Rev 12:12; 13:6; 21:3, "dwell."

A-10 Verb Strong's Number: g2681 Greek: kataskenoo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to pitch one's tent" (kata, "down," skene, "a tent"), is translated "lodge" in Mat 13:32; Mar 4:32; Luk 13:19; in Act 2:26, RV, "dwell," AV, "rest."

A-11 Verb Strong's Number: g1687 Greek: embateuo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

primarily, "to step in, or on" (from embaino, "to enter"), hence

(a) "to frequent, dwell in," is used metaphorically in Col 2:18, RV, "dwelling in" (marg., "taking his stand upon");

(b) with reference to the same passage, alternatively, "to invade, to enter on;" perhaps used in this passage as a technical term of the mystery religions, denoting the entrance of the initiated into the new life (AV, "intruding into"). A suggested alternative reading involves the rendering "treading on air," i.e., indulging in vain speculations, but evidences in the papyri writings make the emendation unnecessary.

A-12 Verb Strong's Number: g2521 Greek: kathemai

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to sit down," is translated "dwell," in Luk 21:35.

A-13 Verb Strong's Number: g2523 Greek: kathizo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to sit down," denotes "to dwell," in Act 18:11 (RV, "dwelt," for AV, "continued").

A-14 Verb Strong's Number: g790 Greek: astateo

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

"to wander about" (a, negative, histemi, "to stand"), "to have no fixed dwelling-place," is used in 1Cr 4:11. Cp. akatastatos, "unstable," Jam 1:8; 3:8; akatastasia, "revolution, confusion," e.g., 1Cr 14:33.

B-1 Noun Strong's Number: g3940 Greek: paroikia

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

denotes "a sojourning," Act 13:17, lit., "in the sojourning," translated "when they sojourned," RV (AV, "dwelt as strangers"); in 1Pe 1:17, "sojourning."

B-2 Noun Strong's Number: g2731 Greek: katoikesis

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

akin to A, No. 2, "a dwelling, a habitation," is used in Mar 5:3.

Note: Cp. oikia, and oikos, "a house," oikema, "a prison," katoikia, "a habitation" (see A, No. 2).

B-3 Noun Strong's Number: g3410 Greek: misthoma

Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (Place):

primarily, "a price, a hire" (akin to misthos, "wages, hire," and misthoo, "to let out for hire"), is used in Act 28:30 to denote "a hired dwelling."


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.


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