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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous

Dictionaries :: Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Noun Strong's Number: g5479 Greek: chara

Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous:

"joy, delight" (akin to chairo, "to rejoice"), is found frequently in Matthew and Luke, and especially in John, once in Mark (Mar 4:16, RV, "joy," AV, "gladness"); it is absent from 1 Cor. (though the verb is used three times), but is frequent in 2 Cor., where the noun is used five times (for 2Cr 7:4, RV, see Note below), and the verb eight times, suggestive of the Apostle's relief in comparison with the circumstances of the 1st Epistle; in Col 1:11, AV, "joyfulness," RV, "joy." The word is sometimes used, by metonymy, of the occasion or cause of "joy," Luk 2:10 (lit., "I announce to you a great joy"); in 2Cr 1:15, in some mss., for charis, "benefit;" Phl 4:1, where the readers are called the Apostle's "joy;" so 1Th 2:19, 20; Hbr 12:2, of the object of Christ's "joy;" Jam 1:2, where it is connected with falling into trials; perhaps also in Mat 25:21, 23, where some regard it as signifying, concretely, the circumstances attending cooperation in the authority of the Lord. See also the Note following No. 3.

Note: In Hbr 12:11, "joyous" represents the phrase meta, "with," followed by chara, lit., "with joy." So in Hbr 10:34, "joyfully;" in 2Cr 7:4 the noun is used with the Middle Voice of huperperisseuo, "to abound more exceedingly," and translated "(I overflow) with joy," RV (AV, "I am exceeding joyful").

A-2 Noun Strong's Number: g20 Greek: agalliasis

Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous:

"exultation, exuberant joy." Cp. B, No. 3, below.

A-3 Noun Strong's Number: g2167 Greek: euphrosune

Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous:

is rendered "joy" in the AV of Act 2:28, RV, "gladness," as in Act 14:17.

Note: "Joy" is associated with life, e.g., 1Th 3:8, 9. Experiences of sorrow prepare for, and enlarge, the capacity for "joy," e.g., Jhn 16:20; Rom 5:3, 4; 2Cr 7:4; 8:2; Hbr 10:34; Jam 1:2. Persecution for Christ's sake enhances "joy," e.g., Mat 5:11, 12; Act 5:41. Other sources of "joy" are faith, Rom 15:13; Phl 1:25; hope, Rom 5:2 (kauchaomai, see B, No. 2); 12:12 (chairo, see B, No. 1); the "joy" of others, Rom 12:15, which is distinctive of Christian sympathy. Cp. 1Th 3:9. In the OT and the NT God Himself is the ground and object of the believer's "joy," e.g., Psa 35:9; 43:4; Isa 61:10; Luk 1:47; Rom 5:11; Phl 3:1; 4:4.

B-1 Verb Strong's Number: g5463 Greek: chairo

Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous:

"to rejoice, be glad," is translated "joyfully" in Luk 19:6, lit., "rejoicing;" "we joyed," 2Cr 7:13; "I joy," Phl 2:17; "do ye joy," Phl 2:18; "joying," Col 2:5; "we joy," 1Th 3:9. It is contrasted with weeping and sorrow, e.g., in Jhn 16:20, 22; Rom 12:15; 1Cr 7:30 (cp. Psa 30:5).

B-2 Verb Strong's Number: g2744 Greek: kauchaomai

Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous:

"to boast, glory, exult," is rendered "we joy," in Rom 5:11, AV (RV, "we rejoice"). It would have been an advantage to translate this word distinctively by the verbs "to glory" or "to exult."

B-3 Verb Strong's Number: g21 Greek: agalliao

Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous:

"to exult, rejoice greatly," is translated "with exceeding joy" in 1Pe 4:13 (Middle Voice), lit., "(ye rejoice, chairo) exulting." Cp. A, No. 2.

B-4 Verb Strong's Number: g3685 Greek: oninemi

Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous:

"to benefit, profit," in the Middle Voice, "to have profit, derive benefit," is translated "let me have joy" in Phm 1:20 (RV marg., "help"); the Apostle is doubtless continuing his credit and debit metaphors and using the verb in the sense of "profit."


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