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Dictionaries :: Gad

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Easton's Bible Dictionary


fortune; luck. (1.) Jacob's seventh son, by Zilpah, Leah's handmaid, and the brother of Asher (Gen 30:11-13; 46:16,18). In the Authorized Version of Gen 30:11 the words, "A troop cometh: and she called," etc., should rather be rendered, "In fortune [R.V., 'Fortunate']: and she called," etc., or "Fortune cometh," etc.

The tribe of Gad during the march through the wilderness had their place with Simeon and Reuben on the south side of the tabernacle (Num 2:14). The tribes of Reuben and Gad continued all through their history to follow the pastoral pursuits of the patriarchs (Num 32:1-5).

The portion allotted to the tribe of Gad was on the east of Jordan, and comprehended the half of Gilead, a region of great beauty and fertility (Deu 3:12), bounded on the east by the Arabian desert, on the west by the Jordan (Jos 13:27), and on the north by the river Jabbok. It thus included the whole of the Jordan valley as far north as to the Sea of Galilee, where it narrowed almost to a point.

This tribe was fierce and warlike; they were "strong men of might, men of war for the battle, that could handle shield and buckler, their faces the faces of lions, and like roes upon the mountains for swiftness" (1Ch 12:8; 5:19-22). Barzillai (2Sa 17:27) and Elijah (1Ki 17:1) were of this tribe. It was carried into captivity at the same time as the other tribes of the northern kingdom by Tiglath-pileser (1Ch 5:26), and in the time of Jeremiah (Jer 49:1) their cities were inhabited by the Ammonites.

(2.) A prophet who joined David in the "hold," and at whose advice he quitted it for the forest of Hareth (1Ch 29:29; 2Ch 29:25; 1Sa 22:5). Many years after we find mention made of him in connection with the punishment inflicted for numbering the people (2Sa 24:11-19; 1Ch 21:9-19). He wrote a book called the "Acts of David" (1Ch 29:29), and assisted in the arrangements for the musical services of the "house of God" (2Ch 29:25). He bore the title of "the king's seer" (2Sa 24:11,13; 1Ch 21:9).

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary


a band; a troop

Smith's Bible Dictionary


(a troop).

(1.) Jacob's seventh son, the first‐born of Zilpah, Leah's maid, and whole‐brother to Asher (Genesis 30:11-13; 46:16; 46:18). (B.C. 1753‐1740)

(2.) "The seer," or "the king's seer," i.e. David's (1 Chronicles 29:29; 2 Chronicles 29:25) was a "prophet" who appears to have joined David when in the old (1 Samuel 22:5). (B.C. 1061) He reappears in connection with the punishment inflicted for the numbering of the people (2 Samuel 24:11-19; 1 Chronicles 21:9-19). He wrote a book of the Acts of David (1 Chronicles 29:29) and also assisted in the arrangements for the musical service of the "house of God." (2 Chronicles 29:25).


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