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The Blue Letter Bible

Dictionaries :: Clouds

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Clouds: Formed from the Sea

1Ki 18:44; Amo 9:6

Clouds: Are Garment of the Sea

Job 38:9

Clouds: God


Pro 8:28

Balanced in the air

Job 37:16

Disposed in order

Job 37:15

Brings over the earth

Gen 9:14

Binds up

Job 26:8

Spreads out

Job 26:9


Job 37:11

Clouds: Power and Wisdom of God Exhibited in Forming

Psa 135:6,7; 147:5,8; Jer 10:13; 51:16

Clouds: Power and Wisdom of God Exhibited in Condensing

Job 36:27,28; 37:10,11; Pro 3:20

Clouds: Made for the Glory of God

Psa 148:4

Clouds: Called The

Clouds of heaven

Dan 7:13; Mat 24:30

Windows of heaven

Gen 7:11; Isa 24:18

Bottles of heaven

Job 38:37

Chambers of God

Psa 104:3,13

Waters above the firmament

Gen 1:7

Dust of God's feet

Nah 1:3

Clouds: Different Kinds Of, Mentioned


Rev 14:14


Job 37:11; Zec 10:1


Job 22:14; 37:11


1Ki 18:45


Isa 19:1


Eze 1:4


1Ki 18:44

Clouds: Often Cover the Heavens

Psa 147:8

Clouds: Often Obscure the Sun, &c

Job 36:32; Eze 32:7

Clouds: Often Dispersed by the Wind

Hsa 13:3

Clouds: Uses Of

To give rain

Jdg 5:4; Psa 104:13,14

To supply dew

Pro 3:20; Isa 18:4

To moderate heat

Isa 25:5

Clouds: From the West, Bring Rain

Luk 12:54

Clouds: Though Small, Often Bring Much Rain

1Ki 18:44,45

Clouds: Thunder and Lightning Come From

Psa 77:17,18

Clouds: The Rainbow Appears In

Gen 9:13,14

Clouds: Frequently the Instrument of God's Judgments

Gen 7:11,12; Job 37:13; Psa 77:17

Clouds: Man

Ignorant of the spreading of

Job 36:29

Ignorant of the disposing of

Job 37:15

Ignorant of the balancing of

Job 37:16

Cannot number

Job 38:37

Cannot cause to rain

Job 38:34

Cannot stay

Job 38:37

Clouds: Illustrative

Of multitudes of persons

Isa 60:8; Hbr 12:1

Of hostile armies

Jer 4:13; Eze 38:9,16

Of sins of men

Isa 44:22

Of judgments of God

Lam 2:1; Eze 30:3; 34:12; Joe 2:2

Of unsearchableness of God

2Sa 22:12; Psa 97:2; Eze 1:4

(Riding upon,) of the power and greatness of God

Psa 104:3; Isa 19:1

(Passing away,) of the goodness and prosperity of hypocrites

Hsa 6:4; 13:3

(Without water,) of false teachers

Jud 1:12

(Carried away by a tempest,) of false teachers

2Pe 2:17

(Without rain,) of the fraudulent

Pro 25:14

(A morning without,) of wise rulers

2Sa 23:3,4

(When seasonable,) of the favour of good rulers

Pro 16:15

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