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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Hands, The

Dictionaries :: Hands, The

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Hands, The: Necessary Members of the Body

1Cr 12:21

Hands, The: Parts Of, Mentioned

The palm

Isa 49:16; Mat 26:67

The thumb

Exd 29:20; Lev 14:14,17

The fingers

2Sa 21:20; Dan 5:5

Hands, The: God Strengthens

Gen 49:24

Hands, The: God Makes Impotent

Job 5:12

Hands, The: Operations Of, Mentioned


Psa 115:7; 1Jo 1:1


Gen 3:22; Exd 4:4


Jdg 7:20; Rev 10:2


Pro 31:19; 1Th 4:11


Isa 44:5; Gal 6:11

Making signs

Isa 13:2; Act 12:17


Mar 14:65; Jhn 19:3

Hands, The: Distinguished As

The right

Act 3:7

The left

Gen 14:15; Act 21:3

Hands, The: Many Alike Expert with Both

1Ch 12:2

Hands, The: Many Had More Command of the Left

Jdg 3:15,21; 20:16

Hands, The: The Right Hand

Place of honour

1Ki 2:19; Psa 45:9

Place of power

Psa 110:1; Mar 14:62

Signet worn on

Jer 22:24

Given in token of friendship

Gal 2:9

Used in embracing

2Sa 20:9; Sgs 2:6; 8:3

Sworn by

Isa 62:8

The accuser stood at, of the accused

Psa 109:6; Zec 3:1

Of priests touched with blood of consecration-ram

Exd 29:20; Lev 8:23,24

Of healed leper touched with blood of his sacrifice

Lev 14:14,17,25

Of healed leper touched with oil

Lev 14:28

Hands, The: The Jews Carried a Staff In, When Walking

Exd 12:11; 2Ki 4:29

Hands, The: The Jews Eat With

Mat 26:23

Hands, The: Were Washed

Before eating

Mat 15:2; Mar 7:3

After touching an unclean person

Lev 15:11

In token of innocency

Deu 21:6,7; Mat 27:24

Hands, The: Custom of domestics pouring water upon, alluded to

2Ki 3:11

Hands, The: Servants Directed by Movements Of

Psa 123:2

Hands, The: Kissed in Idolatrous Worship

Job 31:27

Hands, The: Treaties Made by Joining

2Ki 10:15; Pro 11:21

Hands, The: Suretiship Entered into by Striking

Job 17:3; Pro 6:1; 17:18; 22:26

Hands, The: Were Lifted Up

In prayer

Psa 141:2; Lam 3:41

In praise

Psa 134:2

In taking an oath

Gen 14:22; Rev 10:5

In blessing

Lev 9:22

Hands, The: Often Spread Out in Prayer

Psa 68:31; Isa 1:15

Hands, The: Placed under the thigh of a person to whom an oath was made

Gen 24:2,3; 47:29,31

Hands, The: Clapped Together in Joy

2Ki 11:12; Psa 47:1

Hands, The: Smitten Together in Extreme Anger

Num 24:10; Eze 21:14,17

Hands, The: Stretched Out in Derision

Hsa 7:5; Zep 2:15

Hands, The: Imposition Of, Used In

Transferring guilt of sacrifices

Lev 1:4; 3:2; 16:21,22

Setting apart the Levites

Num 8:10

Conferring civil power

Num 27:18; Deu 34:9


Gen 48:14; Mar 10:16

Ordaining ministers

Act 6:6; 1Ti 4:14

Imparting the gifts of the Holy Spirit

Act 8:17; 19:6

Hands, The: Imposition of, a first principle of the doctrine of Christ

Hbr 6:1,2

Hands, The: Should Be Employed


Eph 4:28; 1Th 4:11

In God's service

Neh 2:18; Zec 8:9,13

In acts of benevolence

Pro 3:27; 31:20

Hands, The: Of the Wicked, Described As


Isa 1:15; 59:3


Psa 58:2; Isa 59:6


Psa 26:10; Mic 7:3


Pro 6:10; 21:25

Ensnaring to themselves

Psa 9:16

Hands, The: The Wicked Recompensed for the Work Of

Psa 28:4; Pro 12:14; Isa 3:11

Hands, The: Saints Blessed in the Work Of

Deu 2:7; 30:9; Job 1:10; Psa 90:17

Hands, The: Criminals Often

Bound by

Mat 22:13

Deprived of

Deu 25:12; 2Sa 4:12

Mutilated in

Jdg 1:6,7

Hung by

Lam 5:12

Hands, The: Illustrative

Of power

1Ki 18:46; 2Ki 13:5

(Lifted up against another,) of rebellion

2Sa 20:21

(Opened,) of liberality

Deu 15:8; Psa 104:28

(Shut,) of illiberality

Deu 15:7

Hands, The: Right Hand, Illustrative

Of strength and power

Exd 15:6; Psa 17:7

(Holding by,) of support

Psa 73:23; Isa 41:13

(Standing at,) of protection

Psa 16:8; 109:31; 110:5

(Full of bribes,) of corruption

Psa 26:10

(Full of falsehood,) of deceitfulness

Psa 144:8,11; Isa 44:20

(Withdrawn,) of support withheld

Psa 74:11

Hands, The: (Cutting Off,) of Extreme Self-Denial

Mat 5:30


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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