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The Blue Letter Bible

Dictionaries :: Music

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Music: Early Invention Of

Gen 4:21

Music: Divided Into


2Sa 19:35; Act 16:25


Dan 6:18

Music: Designed to Promote Joy

Ecc 2:8,10

Music: Vanity of All Unsanctified

Ecc 2:8,11

Music: Considered Efficacious in Mental Disorders

1Sa 16:14-17,23

Music: Effects Produced on the Prophets of Old By

1Sa 10:5,6; 2Ki 3:15

Music: Instruments Of


1Ch 16:5; Psa 150:5


Psa 98:6; Hsa 5:8


Dan 3:5


Dan 3:5


Psa 137:2; Eze 26:13


Gen 4:21; Job 21:12; Psa 150:4


1Ki 1:40; Isa 5:12; Jer 48:36


Psa 33:2; 71:22


Dan 3:5


1Sa 10:5; Isa 24:8


Exd 15:20; Psa 68:25


2Ki 11:14; 2Ch 29:27


Isa 14:11; Amo 5:23

Made of fir wood

2Sa 6:5

Made of almug wood

1Ki 10:12

Made of brass

1Cr 13:1

Made of silver

Num 10:2

Made of horns of animals

Jos 6:8

Many, with strings

Psa 33:2; 150:4

Early invention of

Gen 4:21

Invented by David

1Ch 23:5; 2Ch 7:6

The Jews celebrated for inventing

Amo 6:5

Often expensively ornamented

Eze 28:13

Great diversity of

Ecc 2:8

Music: Appointed to Be Used in the Temple

1Ch 16:4-6; 23:5,6; 25:1; 2Ch 29:25

Music: Custom of Sending Away Friends With

Gen 31:27

Music: The Jews Used

In sacred processions

2Sa 6:4,5,15; 1Ch 13:6-8; 15:27,28

At laying foundation of temple

Ezr 3:9,10

At consecration of temple

2Ch 5:11-13

At coronation of kings

2Ch 23:11,13

At dedication of city walls

Neh 12:27,28

To celebrate victories

Exd 15:20; 1Sa 18:6,7

In religious feasts

2Ch 30:21

In private entertainments

Isa 5:12; Amo 6:5

In dances

Mat 11:17; Luk 15:25

In funeral ceremonies

Mat 9:23

In commemorating great men

2Ch 35:25

Music: Used in Idol Worship

Dan 3:5

Music: The Movements of Armies Regulated By

Jos 6:8; 1Cr 14:8

Music: Generally Put Aside in Times of Affliction

Psa 137:2-4; Dan 6:18

Music: Illustrative

Of joy and gladness

Zep 3:17; Eph 5:19

Of heavenly felicity

Rev 5:8,9

(Ceasing of,) of calamities

Isa 24:8,9; Rev 18:22

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