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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Abide, Abode

Dictionaries :: Abide, Abode

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Verb Strong's Number: g3306 Greek: meno

Abide, Abode:


(a) of place, e.g., Mat 10:11, metaphorically 1Jo 2:19, is said of God, 1Jo 4:15; Christ, Jhn 6:56; 15:4, etc.; the Holy Spirit, Jhn 1:32,33; 14:17; believers, Jhn 6:56; 15:4; 1Jo 4:15, etc.; the Word of God, 1Jo 2:14; the truth, 2Jo 1:2, etc.;

(b) of time; it is said of believers, Jhn 21:22, 23; Phl 1:25; 1Jo 2:17; Christ, Jhn 12:34; Hbr 7:24; the Word of God, 1Pe 1:23; sin, Jhn 9:41; cities, Mat 11:23; Hbr 13:14; bonds and afflictions, Act 20:23;

(c) of qualities; faith, hope, love, 1Cr 13:13; Christ's love, Jhn 15:10; afflictions, Act 20:23; brotherly love, Hbr 13:1; the love of God, 1Jo 3:17; the truth, 2Jo 1:2.

The RV usually translates it by "abide," but "continue" in 1Ti 2:15; in the following, the RV substitutes "to abide" for the AV, "to continue," Jhn 2:12; 8:31; 15:9; 2Ti 3:14; Hbr 7:24; 13:14; 1Jo 2:24. Cp. the noun mone, below.

A-2 Verb Strong's Number: g1961 Greek: epimeno

Abide, Abode:

"to abide in, continue in, tarry," is a strengthened form of meno (epi, "intensive"), sometimes indicating perseverance in continuing, whether in evil, Rom 6:1; 11:23, or good, Rom 11:22; 1Ti 4:16.

A-3 Verb Strong's Number: g2650 Greek: katameno

Abide, Abode:

kata, "down" (intensive), and No. 1, is used in Act 1:13. The word may signify "constant residence," but more probably indicates "frequent resort." In 1Cr 16:6, it denotes "to wait."

A-4 Verb Strong's Number: g3887 Greek: parameno

Abide, Abode:

"to remain beside" (para, "beside"), "to continue near," came to signify simply "to continue," e.g., negatively, of the Levitical priests, Hbr 7:23. In Phl 1:25, the Apostle uses both the simple verb meno and the compound parameno (some mss. have sumparameno), to express his confidence that he will "abide," and "continue to abide," with the saints. In 1Cr 16:6 some mss. have this word. In Jam 1:25, of steadfast continuance in the law of liberty.

A-5 Verb Strong's Number: g5278 Greek: hupomeno

Abide, Abode:

lit., "to abide under" (hupo, "under"), signifies "to remain in a place instead of leaving it, to stay behind," e.g., Luk 2:43; Act 17:14; or "to persevere," Mat 10:22; 24:13; Mar 13:13; in each of which latter it is used with the phrase "unto the end;" or "to endure bravely and trustfully," e.g., Hbr 12:2, 3, 7, suggesting endurance under what would be burdensome. See also Jam 1:12; 5:11; 1Pe 2:20. Cp. makrothumeo, "to be longsuffering."

A-6 Verb Strong's Number: g4357 Greek: prosmeno

Abide, Abode:

"to abide still longer, continue with" (pros, "with") is used

(a) of place, Mat 15:32; Mar 8:2; Act 18:18; 1Ti 1:3;

(b) metaphorically, "of cleaving unto a person," Act 11:23, indicating persistent loyalty; of continuing in a thing, Act 13:43; 1Ti 5:5.

In the Sept. Jdg 3:25.

A-7 Verb Strong's Number: g1304 Greek: diatribo

Abide, Abode:

lit., "to wear through by rubbing, to wear away" (dia, "through," tribo, "to rub"), when used of time, "to spend or pass time, to stay," is found twice in John's Gospel, Jhn 3:22 and Jhn 11:54, RV "tarried," instead of "continued;" elsewhere only in the Acts, eight times, Act 12:19; 14:3, 28; 15:35; 16:12; 20:6; 25:6, 14.

A-8 Verb Strong's Number: g390 Greek: anastrepho

Abide, Abode:

used once in the sense of "abiding," Mat 17:22, frequently denotes "to behave oneself, to live a certain manner of life;" here the most reliable mss. have sustrephomai, "to travel about."

A-9 Verb Strong's Number: g835 Greek: aulizomai

Abide, Abode:

"to lodge," originally "to lodge in the aule, or courtyard," is said of shepherds and flocks; hence, to pass the night in the open air, as did the Lord, Luk 21:37; "to lodge in a house," as of His visit to Bethany, Mat 21:17.

A-10 Verb Strong's Number: g63 Greek: agrauleo

Abide, Abode:

"to lodge in a fold in a field" (agros, "a field," aule, "a fold"), is used in Luk 2:8.

A-11 Verb Strong's Number: g2476 Greek: histemi

Abide, Abode:

"to stand, to make to stand," is rendered "abode" in Jhn 8:44, AV; "continue," in Act 26:22. In these places the RV corrects to "stood" and "stand." This word is suggestive of fidelity and stability. It is rendered
"lay... to the charge" in Act 7:60.

A-12 Verb Strong's Number: g4160 Greek: poieo

Abide, Abode:

"to do, make," is used of spending a time or tarrying, in a place, Act 15:33; 20:3; in 2Cr 11:25 it is rendered "I have been (a night and a day);" a preferable translation is "I have spent," as in Jam 4:13, "spend a year" (RV). So in Mat 20:12. Cp., the English idiom "did one hour;" in Rev 13:5 "continue" is perhaps the best rendering.
See DO.

B-1 Noun Strong's Number: g3438 Greek: mone

Abide, Abode:

"an abode" (akin to No. 1), is found in Jhn 14:2, "mansions" (RV marg., "abiding places"), and Jhn 14:23, "abode."


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