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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness

Dictionaries :: Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Adjective Strong's Number: g878 Greek: aphron

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

signifies "without reason" (a, negative, phren, "the mind"), "want of mental sanity and sobriety, a reckless and inconsiderate habit of mind" (Hort), or "the lack of commonsense perception of the reality of things natural and spiritual... or the imprudent ordering of one's life in regard to salvation" (G. Vos, in Hastings' Bible Dic.); it is mostly translated "foolish" or "foolish ones" in the RV; Luk 11:40; 12:20; Rom 2:20; 1Cr 15:36; 2Cr 11:16 (twice), 19 (contrasted with phronimos, "prudent"); 12:6, 11; Eph 5:17; 1Pe 2:15.

A-2 Adjective Strong's Number: g453 Greek: anoetos

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

signifies "not understanding" (a, negative, noeo, "to perceive, understand"), not applying nous, "the mind," Luk 24:25; in Rom 1:14; Gal 3:1, 3 it signifies "senseless," an unworthy lack of understanding; sometimes it carries a moral reproach (in contrast with sophron, "sober-minded, self-controlled") and describes one who does not govern his lusts, Tts 3:3; in 1Ti 6:9 it is associated with evil desires, lusts.

A-3 Adjective Strong's Number: g3474 Greek: moros

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

primarily denotes "dull, sluggish" (from a root muh--, "to be silly"); hence, "stupid, foolish;" it is used

(a) of persons, Mat 5:22, "Thou fool;" here the word means morally worthless, a scoundrel, a more serious reproach than "Raca;" the latter scorns a man's mind and calls him stupid; moros scorns his heart and character; hence the Lord's more severe condemnation; in Mat 7:26, "a foolish man;" Mat 23:17, 19, "fools;" Mat 25:2, 3, 8, "foolish;" in 1Cr 3:18, "a fool;" the Apostle Paul uses it of himself and his fellow-workers, in 1Cr 4:10, "fools" (i.e., in the eyes of opponents);

(b) of things, 2Ti 2:23, "foolish and ignorant questionings;" so Tts 3:9; in 1Cr 1:25, "the foolishness of God," not moria, "foolishness" as a personal quality (see C, No. 1), but adjectivally, that which is considered by the ignorant as a "foolish" policy or mode of dealing, lit., "the foolish (thing);" so in ver. 27, "the foolish (things) of the world."

A-4 Adjective Strong's Number: g801 Greek: asunetos

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

denotes "without discernment," or "understanding" (a, negative, suniemi, "to understand"); hence "senseless," as in the RV of Rom 1:21 (AV, "foolish"), of the heart; in Rom 10:19, AV, "foolish," RV, "void of understanding."

Note: For "fools," Eph 5:15, see UNWISE, No. 3.

B-1 Verb Strong's Number: g3471 Greek: moraino

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

is used

(a) in the casual sense, "to make foolish," 1Cr 1:20;

(b) in the Passive sense, "to become foolish," Rom 1:22; in Mat 5:13; Luk 14:34 it is said of salt that has lost its flavor, becoming tasteless.

B-2 Verb Strong's Number: g3912 Greek: paraphroneo

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

"to be beside oneself" (from para, "contrary to," and phren, "the mind"), "to be deranged," 2Cr 11:23, RV, "as one beside himself," for AV, "as a fool."

C-1 Noun Strong's Number: g3472 Greek: moria

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

denotes "foolishness" (akin to A, No. 3 and B, No. 1), and is used in 1Cr 1:18, 21, 23; 2:14; 3:19.

C-2 Noun Strong's Number: g877 Greek: aphrosune

Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness:

"senselessness," is translated "foolishness" in Mar 7:22; 2Cr 11:1, 17, 21, "foolishness" RV (AV, "folly" and "foolishly").

Note: Morologia denotes "foolish talking," Eph 5:4.

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