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Dictionaries :: Sin

Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Sin: Is the Transgression of the Law

1Jo 3:4

Sin: Is of the Devil

1Jo 3:8; Jhn 8:44

Sin: All Unrighteousness Is

1Jo 5:17

Sin: Omission of What We Know to Be Good Is

Jam 4:17

Sin: Whatever Is Not of Faith Is

Rom 14:23

Sin: The Thought of Foolishness Is

Pro 24:9

Sin: All the Imaginations of the Unrenewed Heart Are

Gen 6:5; 8:21

Sin: Described As

Coming from the heart

Mat 15:19

The fruit of lust

Jam 1:15

The sting of death

1Cr 15:56

Rebellion against God

Deu 9:7; Jos 1:18

Works of darkness

Eph 5:11

Dead works

Hbr 6:1; 9:14

The abominable thing that God hates

Pro 15:9; Jer 44:4,11

Reproaching the Lord

Num 15:30; Psa 74:18


Pro 30:12; Isa 59:3


Hbr 3:13


Pro 14:34

Often very great

Exd 32:20; 1Sa 2:17

Often mighty

Amo 5:12

Often manifold

Amo 5:12

Often presumptuous

Psa 19:13

Sometimes open and manifest

1Ti 5:24

Sometimes secret

Psa 90:8; 1Ti 5:24


Hbr 12:1

Like scarlet and crimson

Isa 1:18

Reaching to heaven

Rev 18:5

Sin: Entered into the World by Adam

Gen 3:6,7; Rom 5:12

Sin: All Men Are Conceived and Born In

Gen 5:3; Job 15:14; 25:4; Psa 51:5

Sin: All Men Are Shapen In

Psa 51:5

Sin: Scripture Concludes All Under

Gal 3:22

Sin: No Man Is Without

1Ki 8:46; Ecc 7:20

Sin: Christ Alone Was Without

2Cr 5:21; Hbr 4:15; 7:26; 1Jo 3:5

Sin: God


Deu 25:16; Pro 6:16-19


Job 10:14


Rev 18:5

Is provoked to jealousy by

1Ki 14:22

Is provoked to anger by

1Ki 16:2

Alone can forgive

Exd 34:7; Dan 9:9; Mic 7:18; Mar 2:7


Jer 16:18; Rev 18:6


Isa 13:11; Amo 3:2

Sin: The Law

Is transgressed by every

Jam 2:10,11; 1Jo 3:4

Gives knowledge of

Rom 3:20; 7:7

Shows exceeding sinfulness of

Rom 7:13

Made to restrain

1Ti 1:9,10

By its strictness stirs up

Rom 7:5,8,11

Is the strength of

1Cr 15:56

Curses those guilty of

Gal 3:10

Sin: No Man Can Cleanse Himself From

Job 9:30,31; Pro 20:9; Jer 2:22

Sin: No Man Can Atone For

Mic 6:7

Sin: God Has Opened a Fountain For

Zec 13:1

Sin: Christ Was Manifested to Take Away

Jhn 1:29; 1Jo 3:5

Sin: Christ's Blood Redeems From

Eph 1:7

Sin: Christ's Blood Cleanses From

1Jo 1:7

Sin: Saints

Made free from

Rom 6:18

Dead to

Rom 6:2,11; 1Pe 2:24

Profess to have ceased from

1Pe 4:1

Cannot live in

1Jo 3:9; 5:18

Resolve against

Job 34:32

Ashamed of having committed

Rom 6:21

Abhor themselves on account of

Job 42:6; Eze 20:43

Have yet the remains of, in them

Rom 7:17,23; Gal 5:17

Sin: The Fear of God Restrains

Exd 20:20; Psa 4:4; Pro 16:6

Sin: The Word of God Keeps From

Psa 17:4; 119:11

Sin: The Holy Spirit Convinces Of

Jhn 16:8,9

Sin: If We Say That We Have No, We Make God a Liar

1Jo 1:10

Sin: Confusion of Face Belongs to Those Guilty Of

Dan 9:7,8

Sin: Should Be


Job 33:27; Pro 28:13

Mourned over

Psa 38:18; Jer 3:21


Psa 97:10; Pro 8:13; Amo 5:15


Rom 12:9

Put away

Job 11:14

Departed from

Psa 34:14; 2Ti 2:19

Avoided even in appearance

1Th 5:22

Guarded against

Psa 4:4; 39:1

Striven against

Hbr 12:4


Rom 8:13; Col 3:5

Wholly destroyed

Rom 6:6

Sin: Specially Strive against Besetting

Hbr 12:1

Sin: Aggravated by Neglecting Advantages

Luk 12:47; Jhn 15:22

Sin: Guilt of Concerning

Job 31:33; Pro 28:13

Sin: We Should Pray to God

To search for, in our hearts

Psa 139:23,24

To make us know our

Job 13:23

To forgive our

Exd 34:9; Luk 11:4

To keep us from

Psa 19:13

To deliver us from

Mat 6:13

To cleanse us from

Psa 51:2

Sin: Prayer Hindered By

Psa 66:18; Isa 59:2

Sin: Blessings Withheld on Account Of

Jer 5:25

Sin: The Wicked

Servants to

Jhn 8:34; Rom 6:16

Dead in

Eph 2:1

Guilty of, in everything they do

Pro 21:4; Eze 21:24

Plead necessity for

1Sa 13:11,12


Gen 3:12,13; 1Sa 15:13-15

Encourage themselves in

Psa 64:5

Defy God in committing

Isa 5:18,19

Boast of

Isa 3:9

Make a mock at

Pro 14:9

Expect impunity in

Psa 10:11; 50:21; 94:7

Cannot cease from

2Pe 2:14

Heap up

Psa 78:17; Isa 30:1

Encouraged in, by prosperity

Job 21:7-15; Pro 10:16

Led by despair to continue in

Jer 2:25; 18:12

Try to conceal, from God

Gen 3:8,10; Job 31:33

Throw the blame of, on God

Gen 3:12; Jer 7:10

Throw the blame of, on others

Gen 3:12,13; Exd 32:22-24

Tempt others to

Gen 3:6; 1Ki 16:2; 21:25; Pro 1:10-14

Delight in those who commit

Psa 10:3; Hsa 7:3; Rom 1:32

Shall bear the shame of

Eze 16:52

Sin: Shall Find Out the Wicked

Num 32:23

Sin: Ministers Should Warn the Wicked to Forsake

Eze 33:9; Dan 4:27

Sin: Leads To


Rom 6:21


Psa 38:3


Job 20:11

Sin: The Ground Was Cursed on Account Of

Gen 3:17,18

Sin: Toil and Sorrow Originated In

Gen 3:16,17,19; Job 14:1

Sin: Excludes from Heaven

1Cr 6:9,10; Gal 5:19-21; Eph 5:5; Rev 21:27

Sin: When Finished Brings Forth Death

Jam 1:15

Sin: Death, the Wages Of

Rom 6:23

Sin: Death, the Punishment Of

Gen 2:17; Eze 18:4


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.


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