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Study Resources :: Articles and Books :: Passover and Resurrection Celebration

Passover and Resurrection Celebration

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“And the angel answered and said unto the women, ‘Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.’” Mat 28:5-6

In honor of the Passover we have created this special page that deals with how our Lord fulfilled the Law and the prophets by his suffering, death and resurrection!

There is a special Passion Week video that will take you on a short tour of the Holy Land sites that are part of the Passion Week recount.

There are audio and written texts including the compelling essay on "The Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ" by David Terasaka, M.D.

We hope you enjoy this special commemoration.


  1. Videos
  2. Scripture Verses for the Passion Week
  3. Before and After the Crucifix
  4. The Suffering
  5. The Living Hope
  6. Repent and be Converted

The Gospel According to Luke

Israel Video of the Passion Week

Scripture Verses for the Passion Week

The Passion Week Undivided

Christ's Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection:

The Passion Week Divided into Days
Palm Sunday
Christ enters Jerusalem: Mat 21:1-11; Mar 11:1-10; Luk 19:28-44; Jhn 12:12-19
The second cleansing of the temple: Mat 21:12-17; Mar 11:15-18; Luk 19:45-48
The barren fig tree: Mat 21:18-22; Mar 11:11-14, 19-23
The questioning of the chief priests: Mat 21:23-27; Mar 11:27-33; Luk 20:1-8
Parable of the two sons: Mat 21:28-32
Parable of the wicked husbandmen: Mat 21:33-46; Mar 12:1-12; Luk 20:9-18
The tribute money: Mat 22:15-22; Mar 12:13-17; Luk 20:20-26
The Sadducees confuted: Mat 22:23-33; Mar 12:18-27; Luk 20:27-40
The great commandment: Mat 22:34-40; Mar 12:28-34
David's Son and David's Lord: Mat 22:41-46; Mar 12:35-37; Luk 20:41-44
The hypocrisy and ambition of the Pharisees: Mat 23:1-39; Mar 12:38-40; Luk 20:45-47
The widow's mite: Mar 12:41-44; Luk 21:1-4
Christ's second coming foretold: Mat 24:1-51; Mar 13:1-37; Luk 21:5-36
Parable of the ten virgins: Mat 25:1-13
The last judgment: Mat 25:31-46
Greeks visit Jesus. Voice from heaven: Jhn 12:20-36
The judgment of unbelief: Jhn 12:37-50
Last passover. Conspiracy of Jews: Mat 26:1-5; Mar 14:1, 2; Luk 22:1, 2
Judas Iscariot: Mat 26:14-16; Mar 14:10, 11; Luk 22:3-6
Maundy Thursday
Paschal supper: Mat 26:17-30; Mar 14:12-26; Luk 22:7-23; Jhn 13:1-35
Contention of the apostles: Luk 22:24-30
Peter's fall foretold: Mat 26:31-35; Mar 14:27-31; Luk 22:31-39; Jhn 13:36-38
Last discourse. The departure. The Comforter: Jhn 14:1-31
The vine and the branches. Abiding in love: Jhn 15:1-27
Work of the Comforter in the disciples: Jhn 16:1-33
The prayer of Christ for them: Jhn 17:1-26
Gethsemane: Mat 26:36-46; Mar 14:32-42; Luk 22:40-46; Jhn 18:1
Good Friday
The betrayal: Mat 26:47-56; Mar 14:43-52; Luk 22:47-53; Jhn 18:2-11
Christ before Annas and Caiaphas. Peter's denial: Mat 26:57, 58, 69-75; Mar 14:53, 54, 66-72; Luk 22:54-65; Jhn 18:12-27
Christ before the sanhedrin: Mat 26:59-68; Mar 14:55-65; Luk 22:66-71
Christ before Pilate: Mat 27:1, 2, 11-14; Mar 15:1-5; Luk 23:1-6; Jhn 18:12-28
The traitor's death: Mat 27:3-10
Christ before Herod: Luk 23:7-12
Accusation and condemnation: Mat 27:15-26; Mar 15:6-15; Luk 23:13-25; Jhn 18:29; 19:16
Treatment by the soldiers: Mat 27:27-31; Mar 15:16-20; Luk 23:36, 37; Jhn 19:1-3
The crucifixion: Mat 27:32-38; Mar 15:21-28; Luk 23:26-34; Jhn 19:17-24
The mother of Jesus at the cross: Jhn 19:25-27
Mockings and railings: Mat 27:39-44; Mar 15:29-32; Luk 23:35-39
The penitent malefactor: Luk 23:40-43
The death of Christ: Mat 27:50; Mar 15:37; Luk 23:46; 19:28-30
Darkness and other portents: Mat 27:45-53; Mar 15:33-38; Luk 23:44, 45
The bystanders: Mat 27:54-56; Mar 15:39-41; Luk 23:47-49
The side pierced: Jhn 19:31-37
The burial: Mat 27:57-61; Mar 15:42-47; Luk 23:50-56; Jhn 19:38-42
The guard of the sepulchre: Mat 27:62-66; 28:11-15
Resurrection Sunday
The resurrection: Mat 28:1-10; Mar 16:1-11; Luk 24:1-12; Jhn 20:1-18
Before and After the Crucifix

The Passion Week Image Gallery

Text Commentary

The Suffering

Text Commentaries

The Living Hope

Audio Commentaries

Text Commentaries

“Repent ye therefore, and be converted…” Act 3:19

Text Commentaries

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