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The Blue Letter Bible
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Special Prayers

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Recorded Scripture Names Subjects
Gen 24 Abraham's servant Success in his mission
Gen 32 Jacob Protection against Esau
Exd 32 Moses Forgiveness for idolatrous Israel
Exd 33 Moses For the Divine presence
Num 12 Moses For Miriam, when smitten with leprosy
Deu 3 Moses To enter Canaan
Jdg 16 Samson To be avenged on his enemies
1Sa 1 Hannah For a man-child
2Sa 7 David Prayer and thanksgiving after Nathan's message Subjectis intention to build the temple
1Ki 8 Solomon Dedication of temple
2Ki 19 Hezekiah Protection against Sennacherib
2Ki 20 Hezekiah When dangerously ill
1Ch 4 Jabez For the Divine blessing
2Ch 6 Solomon (see above, 1Ki 8)
2Ch 14 Asa When going to battle with Zerah the Ethiopian
2Ch 20 Jehoshaphat For protection against the armies of the Moabites and Ammonites
2Ch 30 Hezekiah For the unprepared for keeping the passover
Ezr 9 Ezra Confession of sin in the people's alliances with the heathen
Neh 1 Nehemiah For the remnant in captivity
Neh 4 Nehemiah For protection against Sanballat and Tobiah
Neh 9 Levites Confession of God's goodness, and their nation's sins
Pro 30 Agur For moderation in his desires
Isa 37 Hezekiah (see above, 2Ki 19)
Isa 38 Hezekiah (see above, 2Ki 20)
Jer 14 Jeremiah In a great famine
Dan 9 Daniel For the restoration of Jerusalem
Hab 3 Habakkuk For revival of God's work
Mat 6 Lord's Prayer -
Mat 26 Jesus Under suffering in Gethsemane
Mat 27 Jesus Suspension of Divine consolation
Luk 11 Lord's Prayer -
Luk 18 Publican's prayer For Divine mercy
Luk 22 Jesus (see above, Mat 26)
Luk 23 Jesus For his murderers
Luk 23 Dying thief To be remembered by Jesus
Jhn 12 Jesus Imploring his Father's aid
Jhn 17 Jesus For himself, his apostles, and all believers
Act 1 Apostles On choosing an apostle
Act 4 Primitive church For support under persecution
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