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The Blue Letter Bible
Study Resources :: Charts and Outlines :: Remarkable Mountains and Hills

Remarkable Mountains and Hills

Mention: Num 33:48
Scripture Name: Abarim
Remarks: On this range of mountains Balak tempted Balaam to curse Israel.
Abarim Mountains
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Mention: Gen 8:4
Scripture Name: Ararat
Remarks: Here the ark rested at the deluge.
Mount Ararat
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Hills of Bashan
Mention: Psa 68:15
Scripture Name: Bashan
Remarks: Remarkable for its height.
Hills of Bashan
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Mention: Luk 23:33
Scripture Name: Calvary, or Golgotha
Remarks: A common place of execution, where Christ was crucified.
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Mention: 1Ki 18:19
Scripture Name: Carmel
Remarks: On this mount Elijah had his trial against the priests of Baal.
Mount Carmel
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Mention: Jos 8:30
Scripture Name: Ebal
Remarks: Here Moses pronounced twelve curses against the disobedient.
Mount Ebal
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Mention: 1Sa 1:1
Scripture Name: Ephraim
Remarks: This mount was the birthplace of Samuel.
Mount Ephraim
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Mention: Jos 8:33
Scripture Name: Gerizim
Remarks: Here Moses pronounced twelve blessing. Here Joshua wrote the law on Stone. Here Jotham delivered his parable.
Mount Gerizim
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Mention: 1Sa 31:1
Scripture Name: Gilboa
Remarks: Here Saul and his sons fell in battle with the Philistines.
Mount Gilboa
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Mention: Gen 31:21
Scripture Name: Gilead
Remarks: On this mount Laban overtook Jacob, and searched for his images.
Mount Gilead
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Hill of Hachilah
Mention: 1Sa 23:19
Scripture Name: Hachilah
Remarks: On this hill David hid a while from Saul.
Hill of Hachilah
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Mention: Psa 133:3
Scripture Name: Hermon
Remarks: Celebrated for its dews.
Mount Hermon
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Mention: Deu 32:49
Scripture Name: Nebo
Remarks: From this mount Moses viewed the promised land.
Mount Nebo
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Mount of Olives
Mention: Mat 24:3; Jhn 8:1; 2Sa 15:30
Scripture Name: Olives, or Olivet, the ancient name
Remarks: Here Christ preached his sermon. By this mount David escaped from the conspiracy of Absalom.
Mount of Olives
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Mention: Num 23:28
Scripture Name: Peor
Remarks: Here Balaam blessed instead of cursing Israel.
Mount Peor
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Mention: Deu 34:1
Scripture Name: Pisgah
Remarks: The highest point of Mount Nebo, where Moses stood to view the good land.
Mount Pisgah
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Mention: 1Ki 16:24
Scripture Name: Samaria
Remarks: On this hill Omri built the city. Ahab was buried here.
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