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The Blue Letter Bible
Study Resources :: Charts and Outlines :: Physical Features of Palestine

Physical Features of Palestine

Month Progress of the Seasons Wind Weather
Jan. Country verdant with young corn, groves and meadows adorned with many flowers. Oranges begin to ripen. N.W., N., N.E Heavy rains; thunder storms; occasionally snow, and thin ice; ground never frozen.
Feb. Amond tree and peach tree in blossom; in the lower and warmer parts, orange tree laden with ripe fruit. N.W., N., N.E Heavy rains, etc.. in Jan and Feb, called by the Arabs the "fathers of rain."
Mar. All trees in full leaf, many in bloom. In the lowlands, orange and lemon trees laden with fruits. Palm tree blossoms; barley ripening. W. Rain, hurricanes, sometimes snow; rivers much swollen.
Apr. Fruits of oleaster and white mulberry ripen. Barley harvest. Wheat harvest beginning S. Occasionally rain; sometimes Sirocco from the S.E.
May Principal harvest month, especially of wheat. Apricots and apples ripen (in Jordan valley vegetation withered and burnt up). S. Rain very seldom; from this to September no rain occurs.
Jun. Amonds ripe. (Beyrouk honey of the Jordan valley collected in May, June and July.) Grapes begin to ripen. E. Frequent hot winds (Simoons); air motionless.
Jul. Various fruits: apples, pears, plums, etc. Grapes fully ripe. Pumpkins. Harvest of corn in the higher mountains. E. Greatest heat in general; sky serene.
Aug. Principal fruit month. Grapes, figs, etc.; in the plains, walnut and olive. E. Dew begins to fall; at times large and dense clouds (Nile Clouds).
Sep. Commencement of vintage. Harvest of the dourra and maize. Cotton and pomegranate begins. N.E Much lightning without thunder [Editor's Note: This is probably referring to heat lightning]; very rarely rain.
Oct. End of vintage. Gathering of cotton. Ploughing and sowing commence. Pistachio-nuts ripen. N.E Dews very heavy; autumnal rains begins.
Nov. Month of ploughing and sowing. Rice harvest. Fig tree laden with fruit. Orange and citron tree in bloom. N.W., N., N.E Rainy month. Thunder storms. Rains from the W. or S.W.
Dec. Trees lose their leaves. The brown and desolate plains and deserts become green pastures. N.W., N., N.E Rainy, etc. In Dec, Jan and Feb greatest amount of rain in the year.
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