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Study Resources :: Timelines :: Chronology of Acts and the Epistles

Chronology of Acts and the Epistles

Event Reference Year (AD)
Descent of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-13 30
Setting Up of the Church Acts 2:40-47 30
First Persecutions (Illustration)
Philip at Samaria Acts 8:4-13 35
Conversion of Saul (Illustration)
Acts 9:1-9 36
First Gentile Converted Acts 10:1-48 40
Founding of Church at Antioch Acts 11:19-30 43
Writing of Matthew's Gospel Matthew 43
James Writes his Epistle1 James 45
Paul's Call Acts 13:1-3 47
His First Missionary Journey Begun (Map)
Acts 13:4-14:28 48
Council at Jerusalem Acts 15:6-35 50
Second Missionary Journey Begun (Map)
Acts 15:39-18:22 51
Writing of I Thessalonians I Thessalonians 52
Writing of II Thessalonians II Thessalonians 53
Third Missionary Journey Begun (Map)
Acts 18:23-21:17 54
Writing of I Corinthians I Corinthians 57
Writing of Galatians Galatians 57
Writing of II Corinthians II Corinthians 58
Writing of Romans Romans 58
Writing of Luke's Gospel Luke 59
Paul's Arrest at Jerusalem Acts 21:26-22:29 58
Paul at Caesarea Acts 23:23-26:32 59
Paul Starts for Rome Acts 27:1-2 60
Paul Reaches Rome Acts 28:11-16a 61
Paul's Imprisonment at Rome Acts 28:16-31 62
Paul Writes Ephesians Ephesians 62
Paul Writes Philippians Philippians 62
Paul Writes Colossians Colossians 62
Paul Writes Philemon Philemon 62
James Killed by Herod1 Acts 12:1-25 62
I Peter Written I Peter 63
Acts Written Acts 63
Paul is Acquitted - 63
Paul Visits Various Places - 63
Paul Writes Hebrews Hebrews 63
Paul Writes I Timothy I Timothy 63
Paul Writes Titus Titus 63
Writing of Mark's Gospel Mark 64
II Peter Written II Peter 65
Paul's Second Imprisonment at Rome - 65
II Timothy Written II Timothy 66
Martyrdom of Paul - 66
Destruction of Jerusalem - 71
Jude's Epistle Written Jude 75
Writing of John's Gospel John 85
Writing of John's Three Epistles I John; II John; III John 90
John's Visions at Patmos Revelation 1:9 96
Revelation Written Revelation 97
Death of John - 100

1. Edited by BLB [An error was made in the original document incorrectly swapping the time of James death with the writing of the book of James.]

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