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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Acts 1:1

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Intro: Last week we saw that the Bible teaches the Holy Spirit is a person-not a force or essence. He knows, loves, speaks, wills. He can be grieved, lied against.
Deut. 6:4 The Lord (Jehovah) our God (Elohim) is one (echad) Lord (Jehovah). Attributes of God are ascribed to Him:
A. He is eternal Heb.9:14.
B. He, only knows the things of God I Cor. 2:11.
C. Omnipresent Ps. 139:7-10.
D. Omnipotent Luke 1:35.
The works of God are ascribed to Him.
A. Creation "Let us" Ps.104:30.
B. He gives life John 6:63 11 Cor. 3:6.
C. He inspired the Bible II Pet. 1:21.
His Name is coupled with the Father and the Son.
A. In baptism Matt 28:19.
B. Apostolic benediction II Cor 13:14.
C. In the administration of the church I Cor. 12:4-6.
Words ascribed to God, and Jehovah in the Old Testament ascribed to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. Isa 6: 8-10 with Acts 28:25-27. Jeremiah 31:31-33 with Heb. 10:15-17 and Ps. 95:7-11 with Heb. 3:7-9.The Holy Spirit is called God.
A. Acts 5:3.
B. II Cor. 3:17 "Now the Lord is the Spirit." vs. 18 "The Spirit of the Lord."
A. How can I be saved?
B. How can I be filled?
II. ACTS 2:38.
A. Repent is a change of mind (God - sin - Christ).
1. Change of mind about Jesus Christ.
a. Acts 2:36, 37, 38.
2. Accept Jesus Christ as Savior.
a. Are you saved?
b. On what are you resting the grounds of your salvation?
c. Gal. 3:2 "Received ye the Spirit by the..."
3. Change of mind about sin.
a. Must renounce all sin.
4. Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for remission.
a. Outward sign - secret Christians.
B. Acts 5:32.
1. Obedience.
a. Heart of obedience is the will.
b. Surrender the whole will to God.
c. Many afraid to do this.
1. Thirst, "Blessed are they..."
a. As long as you feel you can get by without.
2. Must be for glory of God.
a. Simon the sorcerer.
D. Luke 11:13 - Ask Him.
1. Many feel given as abiding presence at Pentecost, no need to ask.
2. Jesus Christ abiding gift at Calvary.
Intro: Former treatise, of course, refers to the gospel according to Luke.
A. Key found in this word "began."
1. Luke's gospel tells of beginnings of Christ's actions and teachings.
2. Acts continues the story of the actions and teachings of Christ through anointed men.
B. The story of Christ in the gospels has been called "The Story that Changed the World."
1. The world has not been changed by the telling of the story of Christ.
2. It has been changed by the coming of Christ.
a. No man has had a greater effect upon history.
3. There is certainly no story as beautiful.
a. No mere story could affect such changes.
4. How has the world been changed?
a. Suggested in this word "began."
b. Jesus has never stopped working, He still teaches, "He is the same yesterday..."
c. The world has been changed by the living presence of the living Christ in each age.
d. We have not gathered today to talk of a Christ who was, but a Christ who is.
C. How was the ministry of Christ to continue?
1. Through men baptized with the Holy Spirit.
a. John promised He would baptize them with the Holy Spirit and fire.
b. Jesus said, "Ye shall receive power..."
c. Through the baptism of the Holy Spirit men's lives are brought into a oneness with Christ, a fire is kindled, men are changed.
A. What were His interests?
1. Always interested in people.
a. Especially interested in those with greatest needs.
b. I must assume that the one who has walked through these doors today with the greatest need is the one He is most interested in.
2. He continues His work in the same lines.
a. Someone has said our ministry should parallel Christ.
1. Parallel lines never meet.
2. Our ministry must begin with vital meeting.
b. He should always be at the center of the circle.
1. It starts with Him and emanates out.
a. Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria...
3. He always attracted crowds.
a. Everywhere He went crowds followed.
1. Not crowds of one class of people.
a. "Common people heard Him..." Much people.
b. Has Jesus lost His power to attract crowds?
1. He is as attractive today as ever.
2. The problem of an empty church in a populated area is that of a hidden Christ.
3. We have congresses on how to fill churches.
a. Let Christ be manifested in lives of people.
4. You may preach Christ as a founder of moral ethics until you have emptied your church.
4. He was always attracted by crowds.
a. Purpose of going to feasts in Jerusalem.
b. He went where people were "in midst of doctors" "of disciples" in heaven in midst of the throne, where 2 or 3. The parish priest of austerity, climbed up in a high church steeple, to be nearer to God, so that he might hand His word sown to the people. And in sermon script he daily wrote, what he thought was sent from heaven, and he dropped it down on the people's heads twice one day in seven. In his age, God said, come down and die. And he cried out from the steeple where are you Lord? And the Lord replied down here among the people.
5. He also knew the crowds.
a. Knowing them He still loved them.
B. He said, I am the light of the world. What does He say now you are the light of the world?
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