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The Blue Letter Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee :: Outline for Mark

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The Credentials of Christ

I. John INTRODUCES the Servant, Chapter 1:1-8

(Death of John, Mar 6:14-29)

II. God the Father IDENTIFIES the Servant, Chapter 1:9-11

(Transfiguration, Mar 9:1-8)

III. The temptation INITIATES the Servant, Chapter 1:12, 13

IV. Work and words ILLUSTRATE (illumine) the Servant, Chapters 1:1413:37

A. Miracles

1. Healing (physical)

a. Peter’s wife’s mother (fever) and others, Mar 1:29-34

b. Leper, Mar 1:40-45

c. Palsied man let down through roof, Mar 2:1-12

d. Man with withered hand, Mar 3:1-5

e. Many healed beside Sea of Galilee, Mar 3:6-10

f. Woman with issue of blood, Mar 5:21-34

g. Sick at Nazareth, Mar 6:5

h. Disciples heal, Mar 6:13

i. Sick in land of Gennesaret, Mar 6:53-56

j. Deaf and dumb of Decapolis, Mar 7:31-37

k. Blind man of Bethsaida, Mar 8:22-26

l. Blind Bartimaeus, Mar 10:46-52

2. Nature (natural)

a. Stills the storm, Mar 4:35-41

b. Five thousand fed, Mar 6:32-44

c. Walks on sea, Mar 6:45-52

d. Four thousand fed, Mar 8:1-9

e. Fig tree cursed, Mar 11:12-14

3. Demons (spiritual)

a. Man in synagogue, Mar 1:21-27

b. Many demons in Capernaum, Mar 1:32-34

c. Demons in Galilee, Mar 1:39

d. Unclean spirits by Sea of Galilee, Mar 3:11, 12

e. Scribes charge that He casts out demons by Beelzebub, Mar 3:22-30

f. Demoniac of Gadara, Mar 5:1-20

g. Syrophoenician’s demon-possessed daughter, Mar 7:24-30

h. Demon-possessed boy, Mar 9:14-27

4. Raised from dead (supernatural); daughter of Jairus, Mar 5:35-43

B. Parables and teachings

1. Parables

a. Fasting with the Bridegroom present, Mar 2:19, 20

b. New cloth on old garment, Mar 2:21

c. New wine in old bottles, Mar 2:22

d. Sower, Mar 4:1-20

e. Candle and bushel, Mar 4:21-25

f. Seed growing, Mar 4:26-29

g. Mustard seed, Mar 4:30-34

h. Man demanding fruit from vineyard, Mar 12:1-12

i. Fig tree, Mar 13:28-33

j. Man on trip, Mar 13:34-37

2. Miscellaneous teachings

a. Preaching the gospel of the kingdom, Mar 1:14, 15

b. Preaching in Galilee, Mar 1:28, 35-39

c. Sabbath, Mar 2:23-28

d. New relationship, Mar 3:31-35

e. Synagogue in Nazareth, Mar 6:1-6

f. The twelve sent out, Mar 6:7-13

g. The twelve return, Mar 6:30-31

h. Pharisees denounced, Mar 7:1-23

i. Leaven explained, Mar 8:10-21

j. Death of Christ, Mar 8:27-38; 9:30-32; 10:32-34

k. Mark of greatness, Mar 9:33-37

l. Rebuke of sectarianism, Mar 9:38-41

m. Hell, Mar 9:42-50

n. Marriage, Mar 10:1-16

o. Riches, Mar 10:23-31

p. Prayer, Mar 11:22-26

q. Authority of Jesus, Mar 11:27-33

r. Taxes, Mar 12:13-17

s. Resurrection, Mar 12:18-27

t. The great commandment, Mar 12:28-34

u. Messiah, Mar 12:35-40

v. Olivet Discourse, Mar 13:1-27

3. Incidents

a. Call of disciples, Mar 1:16-20; 2:13-18; 3:13-21

b. Death of John the Baptist, Mar 6:14-29

c. Transfiguration, Mar 9:1-13

d. Rich young ruler, Mar 10:17-22

e. Ambition of James and John, Mar 10:35-45

f. Triumphal entry, Mar 11:1-11

g. Jesus cleanses temple, Mar 11:15-18

h. Fig tree withered, Mar 11:19-21

i. Widow’s mite, Mar 12:41-44

V. Death, burial, and resurrection INSURE the Servant, Chapters 14:116:20

A. Plot to put Jesus to death, Mar 14:1, 2

B. Jesus at supper in Bethany, Mar 14:3-9

C. Judas bargains to betray Jesus, Mar 14:10, 11

D. The Passover, Mar 14:12-26

E. The Garden of Gethsemane, Mar 14:27-42

F. The arrest of Jesus, Mar 14:43-52

G.The trial of Jesus, Mar 14:53 — 15:15

H.The crucifixion of Jesus, Mar 15:16-41

I. The burial, Mar 15:42-47

J. The resurrection, Mar 16:1-20

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