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Don Stewart :: Does It Matter If Dinosaurs Lived at the Same Time as Humans?

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Don Stewart
We may ask what significance if these, or other findings, prove that humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs? On the evolutionary scale man is a relative newcomer appearing only during the last ten million years. Dinosaurs supposedly lived from 70-120 million years ago. If they both lived at the same time then human is older than previously thought. A. E. Wilder-Smith comments:

If, according to Darwinian theory, man developed via the amphibians, the reptiles, and the mammals, then this development must have required a great deal of time. However if man lived at the same time as the dinosaurs, he must himself either be as young or as old as they are. If he is as old as they are alleged to be, his evolutionary family tree will have automatically been reduced by some 70-120 million years. Precisely this time span reduction of the evolutionary tree cannot, however be reconciled with Darwin's theory of evolution. His entire ladder from primeval cell to man required at the very least 600-700 million years in order to allow development of the primeval cell up to man by chance and selection. If man, however, lived at the same time as the dinosaurs, then approximately 20% of the required evolutionary time span has been lost. But just this reduction by 20% is fatal according to mathematical probability theories on an evolution based on chance and selected mutations. If man and the dinosaurs are considered to be geologically equally young, other grave problems arise for the evolutionary tree (A. E. Wilder-Smith, The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution, San Diego: Master Books, 1981, p. 97).

The significance is important. The theory of evolution needs millions of years for the different developments it claims to have taken place. If it can be demonstrated than humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time, it would render a telling blow to the theory of evolution.


If dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans this would upset the entire evolutionary time frame. Dinosaurs must have died out millions of years before humanity came on the scene to make the evolutionary scenario work.

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