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The Blue Letter Bible

Jeremiah 36 :: Hebrew Names Version (HNV)

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Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:1 - It happened in the fourth year of Yehoiakim the son of Yoshiyahu, king of Yehudah, that this word came to Yirmeyahu from the LORD, saying,
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:2 - Take a scroll of a book, and write therein all the words that I have spoken to you against Yisra'el, and against Yehudah, and against all the nations, from the day I spoke to you, from the days of Yoshiyahu, even to this day.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:3 - It may be that the house of Yehudah will hear all the evil which I purpose to do to them; that they may return every man from his evil way; that I may forgive their iniquity and their sin.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:4 - Then Yirmeyahu called Barukh the son of Neriyah; and Barukh wrote from the mouth of Yirmeyahu all the words of the LORD, which he had spoken to him, on a scroll of a book.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:5 - Yirmeyahu commanded Barukh, saying, I am shut up; I can't go into the house of the LORD:
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:6 - therefore go you, and read in the scroll, which you have written from my mouth, the words of the LORD in the ears of the people in the LORD's house on the fast-day; and also you shall read them in the ears of all Yehudah who come out of their cities.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:7 - It may be they will present their supplication before the LORD, and will return everyone from his evil way; for great is the anger and the wrath that the LORD has pronounced against this people.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:8 - Barukh the son of Neriyah did according to all that Yirmeyahu the prophet commanded him, reading in the book the words of the LORD in the LORD's house.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:9 - Now it happened in the fifth year of Yehoiakim the son of Yoshiyahu, king of Yehudah, in the ninth month, that all the people in Yerushalayim, and all the people who came from the cities of Yehudah to Yerushalayim, proclaimed a fast before the LORD.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:10 - Then read Barukh in the book the words of Yirmeyahu in the house of the LORD, in the chamber of Gemaryah the son of Shafan, the Sofer, in the upper court, at the entry of the new gate of the LORD's house, in the ears of all the people.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:11 - When Mikhayahu the son of Gemaryah, the son of Shafan, had heard out of the book all the words of the LORD,
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:12 - he went down into the king's house, into the Sofer's chamber: and, behold, all the princes were sitting there, to wit, Elishama the Sofer, and Delayah the son of Shemayah, and Elnatan the son of `Akhbor, and Gemaryah the son of Shafan, and Tzidkiyahu the son of Hananyah, and all the princes.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:13 - Then Mikhayahu declared to them all the words that he had heard, when Barukh read the book in the ears of the people.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:14 - Therefore all the princes sent Yehudi the son of Netanyah, the son of Shelemyahu, the son of Kushi, to Barukh, saying, Take in your hand the scroll in which you have read in the ears of the people, and come. So Barukh the son of Neriyah took the scroll in his hand, and came to them.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:15 - They said to him, Sit down now, and read it in our ears. So Barukh read it in their ears.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:16 - Now it happened, when they had heard all the words, they turned in fear one toward another, and said to Barukh, We will surely tell the king of all these words.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:17 - They asked Barukh, saying, Tell us now, How did you write all these words at his mouth?
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:18 - Then Barukh answered them, He pronounced all these words to me with his mouth, and I wrote them with ink in the book.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:19 - Then said the princes to Barukh, Go, hide you, you and Yirmeyahu; and let no man know where you are.

The Scroll Is Burned

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:20 - They went in to the king into the court; but they had laid up the scroll in the chamber of Elishama the Sofer; and they told all the words in the ears of the king.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:21 - So the king sent Yehudi to get the scroll; and he took it out of the chamber of Elishama the Sofer. Yehudi read it in the ears of the king, and in the ears of all the princes who stood beside the king.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:22 - Now the king was sitting in the winter-house in the ninth month: and there was a fire in the brazier burning before him.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:23 - It happened, when Yehudi had read three or four leaves, that the king cut it with the penknife, and cast it into the fire that was in the brazier, until all the scroll was consumed in the fire that was in the brazier.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:24 - They were not afraid, nor tore their garments, neither the king, nor any of his servants who heard all these words.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:25 - Moreover Elnatan and Delayah and Gemaryah had made intercession to the king that he would not burn the scroll; but he would not hear them.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:26 - The king commanded Yerachme'el the king's son, and Serayah the son of `Azri'el, and Shelemyahu the son of `Avde'el, to take Barukh the Sofer and Yirmeyahu the prophet; but the LORD hid them.

The Scroll Is Replaced

Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:27 - Then the word of the LORD came to Yirmeyahu, after that the king had burned the scroll, and the words which Barukh wrote at the mouth of Yirmeyahu, saying,
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:28 - Take again another scroll, and write in it all the former words that were in the first scroll, which Yehoiakim the king of Yehudah has burned.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:29 - Concerning Yehoiakim king of Yehudah you shall say, Thus says the LORD: You have burned this scroll, saying, Why have you written therein, saying, The king of Bavel shall certainly come and destroy this land, and shall cause to cease from there man and animal?
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:30 - Therefore thus says the LORD concerning Yehoiakim king of Yehudah: He shall have none to sit on the throne of David; and his dead body shall be cast out in the day to the heat, and in the night to the frost.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:31 - I will punish him and his seed and his servants for their iniquity; and I will bring on them, and on the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, and on the men of Yehudah, all the evil that I have pronounced against them, but they didn't listen.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 36:32 - Then took Yirmeyahu another scroll, and gave it to Barukh the Sofer, the son of Neriyah, who wrote therein from the mouth of Yirmeyahu all the words of the book which Yehoiakim king of Yehudah had burned in the fire; and there were added besides to them many like words.

The Hebrew Names Version is based off the World English Bible, an update of the American Standard Version of 1901. This version of the Bible is in the public domain.


Pericope taken from the NASB95 and has been graciously provided by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, Calif. All rights reserved.

New American Standard Bible
Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995
by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, Calif.
All rights reserved.

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