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Hymns / Music :: Isaac Watts

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Hymns Supplied Through the Gracious Generosity
of the
Cyber Hymnal Website

Information about Cyber Hymnal Website

Born: July 17, 1674, Southampton, England.

Died: November 25, 1748, Stoke Newington, England.

Buried: Bunhill Fields Cemetery, London, England. John Bunyan, Joseph Hart & John Rippon lie nearby.

Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Watts’ father was Nonconformist imprisoned twice for his religious views. Isaac learned Greek, Latin, and Hebrew under Mr. Pinhorn, rector of All Saints, and headmaster of the Grammar School in Southampton. Isaac’s taste for verse showed itself in early childhood, and his promise caused a local doctor and other friends to offer him a university education, assuming he would be ordained in the Church of England. However, Isaac declined and instead entered a Nonconformist Academy at Stoke Newington in 1690, under the care of Thomas Rowe, pastor of the Independent congregation at Girdlers’ Hall; Isaac joined this congregation in 1693.

Watts left the Academy at age 20 and spent two years at home; it was during this period that he wrote the bulk of his Hymns and Spiritual Songs. They were sung from manuscripts in the Southampton Chapel, and published 1707-1709.

The next six years of his life were again spent at Stoke Newington, working as tutor to the son of eminent Puritan John Hartopp. The intense study of these years is reflected in the theological and philosophical material he subsequently published.

Watts preached his first sermon at age 24. In the next three years, he preached frequently, and in 1702 was ordained as pastor of the Independent congregation in Mark Lane. At that time he moved into the house of a Mr. Hollis in the Minories. His health began to fail the next year, and Samuel Price was appointed as his assistant in the ministry. In 1712, a fever shattered his constitution, and Price became co-pastor of the congregation, which had moved to a new chapel in Bury Street. It was at this time that Isaac became the guest of Sir Thomas Abney. He lived with Abney (and later Abney’s widow) the rest of his life, mainly at Theobalds in Herts, then for 13 years at Stoke Newington.

In 1728, the University of Edinburgh awarded Watts a Doctor of Divinity degree. Watts’ works include:

  • Speculations on the Human Nature of the Logos
  • Horæ Lyricae, 1706-1709
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707-1709
  • The Divine and Moral Songs for the Use of Children, 1715
  • The Psalms of David Imitated in the Language of the New Testament (London: J. Clark, 1719)
  • Sermons, 1724-1724
  • Reliquiae Juveniles: Miscellaneous Thoughts in Prose and Verse, on Natural, Moral, and Divine Subjects (London: 1734)
  • Remnants of Time (London: 1736)
  • The Improvement of the Mind, 1741
  • Logic
  • The World to Come, 1745
  • Catechisms, Scripture History, 1732


  1. Absent from Flesh! O Blissful Thought!
  2. Adam, Our Father and Our Head
  3. Adore and Tremble, for Our God
  4. Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed?
  5. All Mortal Vanities, Begone
  6. All Ye That Love the Lord, Rejoice
  7. Almighty Ruler of the Skies
  8. Am I a Soldier of the Cross?
  9. Amidst Thy Wrath Remember Love
  10. Among th’Assemblies of the Great
  11. Among the Princes, Earthly Gods
  12. And Is This Life Prolonged to Me?
  13. And Will the God of Grace
  14. Are All the Foes of Zion Fools
  15. Are Sinners Now So Senseless Grown
  16. Arise, My Gracious God
  17. As When the Hebrew Prophet Raised
  18. Awake, My Heart; Arise, My Tongue
  19. Awake, My Zeal; Awake, My Love
  20. Awake, Our Souls; Away, Our Fears
  21. Awake Ye Saints; to Praise Your King
  22. Backward with Humble Shame We Look
  23. Before Jehovah’s Awful Throne
  24. Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme
  25. Behold the Amazing Gift of Love
  26. Behold the Glories of the Lamb
  27. Behold, the Grace Appears!
  28. Behold, the Lofty Sky
  29. Behold the Love, the Generous Love
  30. Behold, the Morning Sun
  31. Behold the Rose of Sharon Here
  32. Behold the Sure Foundation Stone
  33. Behold Thy Waiting Servant, Lord
  34. Behold What Wondrous Grace
  35. Bless, O My Soul! the Living God
  36. Blessed Redeemer, How Divine
  37. Blest Are the Sons of Peace
  38. Blest Are the Souls That Hear and Know
  39. Blest Are the Undefiled in Heart
  40. Blest Be the Everlasting God
  41. Blest Is the Man, Forever Blest
  42. Blest Is the Man Who Shuns the Place
  43. Blest Is the Man Whose Bowels Move
  44. Blest Is the Nation Where the Lord
  45. Children, in Years and Knowledge Young
  46. Come, Children, Learn to Fear the Lord
  47. Come, Dearest Lord
  48. Come, Gracious Lord, Descend and Dwell
  49. Christ Hath a Garden
  50. Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove
  51. Come, Let Our Voices Join to Raise
  52. Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs
  53. Come, Sound His Praise Abroad
  54. Consider All My Sorrows, Lord
  55. David Rejoiced in God His Strength
  56. Death May Dissolve My Body Now
  57. Deep in Our Hearts Let Us Record
  58. Do I Believe What Jesus Saith
  59. Early, My God, Without Delay
  60. Earth Forever is the Lord’s, The
  61. Ere the Blue Heav’ns Were Stretched Abroad
  62. Eternal Power, Whose High Abode
  63. Exalt the Lord Our God
  64. Far as Thy Name Is Known
  65. Father, How Wide Thy Glory Shines
  66. Father, I Bless Thy Gentle Hand
  67. Father, I Sing Thy Wondrous Grace
  68. Firm and Unmoved Are They
  69. Firm Was My Health, My Day Was Bright
  70. Fools in Their Heart Believe and Say
  71. Forever Blessèd Be the Lord
  72. Forever Shall My Song Record
  73. From Age to Age Exalt His Name
  74. From All That Dwell Below the Skies
  75. From Deep Distress and Troubled Thoughts
  76. Give Me the Wings of Faith
  77. Give Thanks to God, He Reigns Above
  78. Give Thanks to God, Invoke His Name
  79. Give Thanks to God Most High
  80. Give Thanks to God the Sovereign Lord
  81. Give to Our God Immortal Praise
  82. Give to the Lord, Ye Sons of Fame
  83. Go, Preach My Gospel
  84. God in His Earthly Temple Lays
  85. God Is the Name My Soul Adores
  86. God Is the Refuge of His Saints
  87. God Jehovah Reigns, The
  88. God, My Supporter and My Hope
  89. God of Eternal Love
  90. God of Glory Sends His Summons Forth, The
  91. God of My Childhood and My Youth
  92. God of My Life, Look Gently Down
  93. God of My Mercy and My Praise
  94. God of Our Salvation Hears, The
  95. God of the Morning, at Whose Voice
  96. God, Who in Various Methods Old
  97. Good Is the Lord, the Heav’nly King
  98. Great God! Attend while Zion Sings
  99. Great God, How Infinite Art Thou!
  100. Great God, How Oft Did Israel Prove
  101. Great God, Indulge My Humble Claim
  102. Great God, the Heav’ns’ Well Ordered Frame
  103. Great God, Whose Universal Sway
  104. Great Is the Lord, Exalted High
  105. Great Is the Lord; His Works of Might
  106. Great Is the Lord Our God
  107. Great God, I Own Thy Sentence Just
  108. Great Shepherd of Thine Israel
  109. Had Not the Lord, May Israel Say
  110. Happy Is He That Fears the Lord
  111. Happy the City Where Their Sons
  112. Happy the Man to Whom His God
  113. Happy the Man Whose Cautious Feet
  114. Hark! The Redeemer from on High
  115. Have You Not Known, Have You Not Heard
  116. He Dies! The Friend of Sinners Dies
  117. He Reigns! The Lord, the Savior, Reigns
  118. He That Hath Made His Refuge God
  119. Hear Me, O God, Nor Hide Thy Face
  120. Hear What the Lord in Vision Said
  121. Hear What the Voice from Heav’n Proclaims
  122. Heavens Declare Thy Glory, The
  123. Help, Lord, for Men of Virtue Fail
  124. High in the Heavens, Eternal God
  125. Hosannah to the Royal Son
  126. How Awful Is Thy Chastening Rod
  127. How Beauteous Are Their Feet
  128. How Did My Heart Rejoice to Hear
  129. How Fast Their Guilt and Sorrows Rise
  130. How Honorable Is the Place
  131. How is Our Nature Spoiled by Sin!
  132. How Long, O Lord, Shall I Complain
  133. How Long Wilt Thou Conceal Thy Face?
  134. How Pleasant, How Divinely Fair
  135. How Pleasant ’Tis to See
  136. How Pleased and Blest Was I
  137. How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts
  138. How Strong Thine Arm Is, Mighty God!
  139. How Sweet and Awesome Is This Place
  140. How Vast the Treasure We Possess!
  141. Hush, My Dear
  142. I Lift My Banner, Saith the Lord
  143. I Lift My Soul to God
  144. I Love the Lord; He Heard My Cries
  145. I Set the Lord Before My Face
  146. I Sing the Mighty Power of God
  147. I Waited Patient for the Lord
  148. I Will Extol Thee, Lord, on High
  149. If God Succeed Not, All the Cost
  150. If God to Build the House Deny
  151. I’ll Bless the Lord from Day to Day
  152. I’ll Praise My Maker
  153. I’ll Speak the Honors of My King
  154. I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord
  155. In All My Vast Concerns with Thee
  156. In Anger, Lord, Rebuke Me Not
  157. In Gabriel’s Hand a Mighty Stone
  158. In God’s Own House Pronounce His Praise
  159. In Judah God of Old Was Known
  160. In Thine Own Ways, O God of Love
  161. In Vain the Wealthy Mortals Toil
  162. In Vain We Lavish Out Our Lives
  163. Is There Ambition in My Heart?
  164. It Is the Lord Our Savior’s Hand
  165. Jehovah Reigns; He Dwells in Light
  166. Jesus, Our Lord, Ascend Thy Throne
  167. Jesus, Our Savior and Our God
  168. Jesus Shall Reign
  169. Jesus, the Man of Constant Grief
  170. Jesus, Thou Everlasting King
  171. Jesus, Thy Blessings Are Not Few
  172. Jesus, We Bless Thy Father’s Name
  173. Join All the Glorious Names
  174. Joy to the World
  175. Judge Me, O Lord, and Prove My Ways
  176. Judges, Who Rule the World by Laws
  177. Just Are Thy Ways, and True Thy Word
  178. King, O Lord, with Songs of Praise, The
  179. King of Saints, How Fair His Face, The
  180. Laden with Guilt, and Full of Fears
  181. Lands That Long in Darkness Lay, The
  182. Law Commands and Makes Us Know, The
  183. Let All the Earth Their Voices Raise
  184. Let All the Heathen Writers Join
  185. Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds
  186. Let Every Creature Join
  187. Let Every Mortal Ear Attend
  188. Let Every Tongue Thy Goodness Speak
  189. Let God Arise in All His Might
  190. Let Him Embrace My Soul, and Prove
  191. Let Me but Hear My Savior Say
  192. Let Mortal Tongues Attempt to Sing
  193. Let Sinners Take Their Course
  194. Let the Seventh Angel Sound on High
  195. Let Those Who Bear the Christian Name
  196. Let Zion and Her Sons Rejoice
  197. Let Zion in Her King Rejoice
  198. Lo! What a Glorious Cornerstone
  199. Lo! What a Glorious Sight Appears
  200. Lo! What an Entertaining Sight
  201. Long as I Live I’ll Bless Thy Name
  202. Lord Appears My Helper Now, The
  203. Lord, at Thy Temple We Appear
  204. Lord, Hast Thou Cast the Nation Off?
  205. Lord, How Wondrous Are His Ways, The
  206. Lord, I Am Thine; But Thou Wilt Prove
  207. Lord, I Am Vile, Conceived in Sin
  208. Lord, I Can Suffer Thy Rebukes
  209. Lord, I Esteem Thy Judgments Right
  210. Lord, I Have Made Thy Word My Choice
  211. Lord, I Will Bless Thee All My Days
  212. Lord, I Would Spread My Sore Distress
  213. Lord, if Thine Eye Surveys Our Faults
  214. Lord, if Thou Dost Not Soon Appear
  215. Lord, in the Morning Thou Shalt Hear
  216. Lord Is Come, The
  217. Lord Jehovah Reigns, The
  218. Lord My Shepherd Is, The
  219. Lord of Glory Is My Light, The
  220. Lord of Glory Reigns, The
  221. Lord of the Worlds Above
  222. Lord, the Sovereign King, The
  223. Lord, What a Feeble Piece
  224. Lord, What Is Man, Poor Feeble Man
  225. Lord, What Was Man, When Made at First
  226. Lord, the Judge, Before His Throne, The
  227. Lord, the Judge, His Churches Warns, The
  228. Lord, the Sovereign, Sends His Summons Forth, The
  229. Lord, Thou Hast Called Thy Grace to Mind
  230. Lord, Thou Hast Heard Thy Servant Cry
  231. Lord, Thou Hast Searched and Seen Me Through
  232. Lord, Thou Hast Seen My Soul Sincere
  233. Lord, Thou Wilt Hear Me When I Pray
  234. Lord, ’Tis a Pleasant Thing to Stand
  235. Lord, We Have Heard Thy Works of Old
  236. Lord, What a Thoughtless Wretch Was I
  237. Lord, When I Count Thy Mercies O’er
  238. Lord, When Thou Didst Ascend on High
  239. Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord
  240. Maker and Sovereign Lord
  241. Man Is Blest Who Stands in Awe, The
  242. Man Is Ever Blessed, The
  243. Marching to Zion
  244. Mercy and Judgment Are My Song
  245. Mighty Frame of Glorious Grace, The
  246. Mine Eyes and My Desire
  247. Must All the Charms of Nature, Then
  248. Must Friends and Kindred Droop and Die
  249. My Dear Redeemer and My Lord
  250. My God, Accept My Early Vows
  251. My God, Consider My Distress
  252. My God, How Endless Is Thy Love
  253. My God, How Many Are My Fears!
  254. My God, in Whom Are All the Springs
  255. My God, My Everlasting Hope
  256. My God, My King, Thy Various Praise
  257. My God! Permit My Tongue
  258. My God, the Spring of All My Joys
  259. My God, the Steps of Pious Men
  260. My God, What Inward Grief I Feel
  261. My Heart Rejoices in Thy Name
  262. My Never Ceasing Songs Shall Show
  263. My Refuge Is the God of Love
  264. My Righteous Judge, My Gracious God
  265. My Savior and My King
  266. My Savior, My Almighty Friend
  267. My Shepherd Is the Living Lord
  268. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
  269. My Soul, How Lovely Is the Place
  270. My Soul Lies Cleaving to the Dust
  271. My Soul, Repeat His Praise
  272. My Soul, Thy Great Creator Praise
  273. My Spirit Looks to God Alone
  274. My Spirit Sinks Within Me, Lord
  275. My Trust Is in My Heavenly Friend
  276. Naked as from the Earth We Came
  277. Nature with Open Volume Stands
  278. No Sleep Nor Slumber to His Eyes
  279. Not All the Blood of Beasts
  280. Not by the Laws of Innocence
  281. Not to Our Names, Thou Only Just and True
  282. Not to Ourselves, Who Are But Dust
  283. Now Be My Heart Inspired to Sing
  284. Now Be the God of Israel Blessed
  285. Now from the Roaring Lion’s Rage
  286. Now I’m Convinced the Lord Is Kind
  287. Now Let Our Lips with Holy Fear
  288. Now Let Our Mournful Songs Record
  289. Now May the God of Power and Grace
  290. Now Plead My Cause, Almighty God
  291. Now Shall My Inward Joys Arise
  292. Now Shall My Solemn Vows Be Paid
  293. Now to the Lord a Noble Song
  294. Now to the Lord, Who Makes Us Know
  295. O All Ye Nations, Praise the Lord
  296. O Bless the Lord, My Soul
  297. O Blessed Souls Are They
  298. O Britain, Praise Thy Mighty God
  299. O for a Shout of Sacred Joy
  300. O for an Overcoming Faith
  301. O God, My Refuge, Hear My Cries
  302. O God of Grace and Righteousness
  303. O God of Mercy, Hear My Call
  304. O God, to Whom Revenge Belongs
  305. O Happy Man, Whose Soul Is Filled
  306. O Happy Nation, Where the Lord
  307. O Happy Soul That Lives on High
  308. O How I Love Thy Holy Law!
  309. O Lord, How Many Are My Foes
  310. O Lord, Our Heavenly King
  311. O Lord, Our Lord, How Wondrous Great
  312. O That the Lord Would Guide My Ways
  313. O That Thy Statues Every Hour
  314. O Thou That Hearest When Sinners Cry
  315. O Thou Whose Grace and Justice Reign
  316. O Thou Whose Justice Reigns on High
  317. O ’Tis a Lovely Thing to See
  318. O What a Stiff Rebellious House
  319. Of Justice and of Grace I Sing
  320. Often I Seek My Lord by Night
  321. Our God, Our Help in Ages Past
  322. Our Souls Shall Magnify the Lord
  323. Out of the Deeps of Long Distress
  324. Praise of Zion Waits for Thee, The
  325. Praise Waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee
  326. Praise Ye the Lord, Exalt His Name
  327. Praise Ye the Lord, My Heart Shall Join
  328. Praise Ye the Lord, ’Tis Good to Raise
  329. Preserve Me, Lord, in Time of Need
  330. Questions and Doubts Be Heard No More
  331. Rejoice, Ye Righteous, in the Lord
  332. Remember, Lord, Our Mortal State
  333. Return, O God of Love, Return
  334. Salvation Is Forever Nigh
  335. Save Me, O God, the Swelling Floods
  336. Save Me, O Lord, from Every Foe
  337. See What a Living Stone
  338. See Where the Great Incarnate God
  339. Shall Atheists Dare Insult the Cross
  340. Shepherds, Rejoice! Lift Up Your Eyes
  341. Shine, Mighty God, on Britain Shine
  342. Show Pity, Lord, O Lord, Forgive
  343. Sing, All Ye Nations, to the Lord
  344. Sing to the Lord Aloud
  345. Sing to the Lord Jehovah’s Name
  346. Sing to the Lord with Joyful Voice
  347. Sing to the Lord, Ye Distant Lands
  348. So Let Our Lips and Lives Express
  349. Songs of Immortal Praise Belong
  350. Soon as I Heard My Father Say
  351. Sure There’s a Righteous God
  352. Sweet Is the Memory of Thy Grace
  353. Sweet Is the Work, My God, My King
  354. Teach Me the Measure of My Days
  355. Th’Almighty Reigns Exalted High
  356. That Awful Day Will Surely Come
  357. Thee Will I Love, O Lord, My Strength
  358. There Is a Land of Pure Delight
  359. There Was an Hour When Christ Rejoiced
  360. These Glorious Minds, How Bright They Shine
  361. Think, Mighty God, on Feeble Man
  362. This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
  363. This Spacious earth is all the Lord’s
  364. Thou Art My Portion, O My God
  365. Thou God of Love, Thou Ever Blest
  366. Thou Whom My Soul Admires Above
  367. Thrice Happy Man Who Fears the Lord
  368. Through Every Age, Eternal God
  369. Thus Far the Lord Hath Led Me On
  370. Thus I Resolved Before the Lord
  371. Thus Saith the Lord, “The Spacious Fields”
  372. Thus Saith the Lord, “Your Work Is Vain”
  373. Thus the Eternal Father Spake
  374. Thus the Great Lord of Earth and Sea
  375. Thy Mercies Fill the Earth, O Lord
  376. Thy Name, Almighty Lord
  377. Thy Works of Glory, Mighty Lord
  378. ’Tis by Thy Strength the Mountains Stand
  379. To God I Cried with Mournful Voice
  380. To God I Made My Sorrows Known
  381. To God the Great, the Ever Blest
  382. To God the Only Wise
  383. To Heav’n I Lift My Waiting Eyes
  384. To Our Almighty Maker, God
  385. To Thee, Before the Dawning Light
  386. To Thee, Most Holy and Most high
  387. To Thine Almighty Arm We Owe
  388. ’Twas from Thy Hand, My God, I Came
  389. ’Twas in the Watches of the Night
  390. ’Twas for Thy Sake, Eternal God
  391. ’Twas the Commission of Our Lord
  392. Unshaken as the Sacred Hill
  393. Unto Thine Hand, O God of Truth
  394. Up from My Youth, May Israel Say
  395. Up to the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
  396. Upward I Lift Mine Eyes
  397. Vain Man, on Foolish Pleasures Bent
  398. Voice of My Beloved Sounds, The
  399. We Bless the Lord, the Just, the Good
  400. We Love Thee, Lord, and We Adore
  401. We Sing the Glories of Thy Love
  402. Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest
  403. What Equal Honors Shall We Bring
  404. What Happy Men, or Angels, These
  405. What Mighty Man, or Mighty God
  406. What Shall I Render to My God
  407. What Shall the Dying Sinner Do
  408. What Vain Desires and Passions Vain
  409. When Christ to Judgment Shall Descend
  410. When God Is Nigh, My Faith Is Strong
  411. When God, Provoked with Daring Crimes
  412. When God Restored Our Captive State
  413. When God Revealed His Gracious Name
  414. When I Can Read My Title Clear
  415. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
  416. When I with Pleasing Wonder Stand
  417. When Israel, Freed from Pharaoh’s Hand
  418. When Israel’s Sins, the Lord Reproves
  419. When Man Grows Bold in Sin
  420. When, Overwhelmed with Grief
  421. When Pain and Anguish Seize Me Lord,
  422. When the Eternal Bows the Skies
  423. When the Great Judge, Supreme and Just
  424. When We Are Raised from Deep Distress
  425. Whence Do Our Mournful Thoughts Arise
  426. Where Shall the Man Be Found
  427. Where Shall We Go to Seek and Find
  428. While I Keep Silence, and Conceal
  429. While Men Grow Bold in Wicked Ways
  430. Who Shall Ascend Thy Heavenly Place
  431. Who Shall Inhabit in Thy Hill
  432. Who Shall the Lord’s Elect Condemn?
  433. Who Will Arise and Plead My Right
  434. Why Did the Jews Proclaim Their Rage?
  435. Why Did the Nations Join to Slay
  436. Why Do the Proud Insult the Poor
  437. Why Do the Wealthy Wicked Boast
  438. Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends?
  439. Why Doth the Lord Stand Off So Far?
  440. Why Doth the Man of Riches Grow
  441. Why Has My God My Soul Forsook
  442. Why Should I Vex My Soul, and Fret
  443. Will God Forever Cast Us Off?
  444. With All My Powers of Heart and Tongue
  445. With Earnest Longings of the Mind
  446. With My Whole Heart I’ll Raise My Song
  447. With My Whole Heart I’ve Sought Thy Face
  448. With Reverence Let the Saints Appear
  449. With Songs and Honors Sounding Loud
  450. Wonders, Lord, Thy Love Has Wrought, The
  451. Would You Behold the Works of God
  452. Ye Holy Souls, in God Rejoice
  453. Ye Islands of the Northern Sea
  454. Ye Nations Round the Earth, Rejoice
  455. Ye Servants of th’Almighty King
  456. Ye Sons of Men, a Feeble Race
  457. Ye Sons of Pride, That Hate the Just
  458. Ye That Delight to Serve the Lord
  459. Ye That Obey th’Immortal King
  460. Ye Tribes of Adam, Join
  461. “Yet,” Saith the Lord

The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.


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