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Lexicon :: Strong's H2617 - ḥeseḏ

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Part of Speech
masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 698a,699a

Strong’s Definitions

חֶסֶד cheçed, kheh'-sed; from H2616; kindness; by implication (towards God) piety; rarely (by opposition) reproof, or (subjectively) beauty:—favour, good deed(-liness, -ness), kindly, (loving-) kindness, merciful (kindness), mercy, pity, reproach, wicked thing.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 248x

The KJV translates Strong's H2617 in the following manner: mercy (149x), kindness (40x), lovingkindness (30x), goodness (12x), kindly (5x), merciful (4x), favour (3x), good (1x), goodliness (1x), pity (1x), reproach (1x), wicked thing (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 248x
The KJV translates Strong's H2617 in the following manner: mercy (149x), kindness (40x), lovingkindness (30x), goodness (12x), kindly (5x), merciful (4x), favour (3x), good (1x), goodliness (1x), pity (1x), reproach (1x), wicked thing (1x).
  1. goodness, kindness, faithfulness

  2. a reproach, shame

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
חֶסֶד cheçed, kheh'-sed; from H2616; kindness; by implication (towards God) piety; rarely (by opposition) reproof, or (subjectively) beauty:—favour, good deed(-liness, -ness), kindly, (loving-) kindness, merciful (kindness), mercy, pity, reproach, wicked thing.
STRONGS H2617: Abbreviations
חֶ֫סֶד 247 noun masculine 2 Samuel 16:17 goodness, kindness; — absolute ח׳ Genesis 24:12 + 85 times; חָ֑סֶד Genesis 39:21 + 12 times; construct חֶסֶד 1 Samuel 20:14 + 8 times; suffix חַסְדִּי Psalm 59:18 [Psalm 59:17] + 120 times suffixes; plural חֲסָדִים Genesis 32:11; construct חַסֵדֵי Isaiah 55:3 + 5 times (BaerJes p. 79 Ges§ 93, R, 1. F.); suffix חֲסָדַי Nehemiah 13:14 + 10 times suffixes; (not in H or P).
I. of man:
1. kindness of men towards men, in doing favours and benefits 1 Samuel 20:15; 2 Samuel 16:17; Psalm 141:5; Proverbs 19:22; Proverbs 20:6; יהוה ח׳ 1 Samuel 20:14 the kindness of י׳ (such as he shews, Thes MV; that sworn to by oath to Yahweh Mich Dathe; shewn out of reverence to Yahweh Th Ke); compare אלהים ח׳ 2 Samuel 9:3; תּוֺרַתאח׳ Proverbs 31:26 instruction in kindness, kindly instruction עָשָׂה חֶסֶד עִמָּדִי do or shew kindness (in dealing) with me Genesis 20:13; Genesis 40:14 (E), 1 Samuel 20:14; 2 Samuel 10:2 (עִמִּי in || 1 Chronicles 19:2); with עִם Genesis 21:23 (E), Genesis 24:12, 14; Joshua 2:12 (twice in verse); Judges 1:24 (J), Judges 8:35; 1 Samuel 15:6; 2 Samuel 2:5; 2 Samuel 3:8; 2 Samuel 9:1; 2 Samuel 9:3; 2 Samuel 9:7, 2 Samuel 10:2a1 Chronicles 19:2a, 1 Chronicles 19:2b 2 Chronicles 24:22; with עַל 1 Samuel 20:8 with לְ 1 Kings 2:7; לפני נשׂא ח׳ obtain kindness before Esther 2:9, 17; היטיב ח׳ Ruth 3:10.
2. kindness (especially as extended to the lowly, needy and miserable), mercy Proverbs 20:28; Job 6:14; אישׁ חסד merciful man Proverbs 11:17 (opposed to אַכְזָרִי); מַלְכֵּי ח׳ merciful kings 1 Kings 20:31; עשׂה ח׳ Psalm 109:16; in this sense usually with other attributes (see also below II. 2); || אמת Hosea 4:1; Isaiah 16:5; ואמת ח׳ Proverbs 3:3; Proverbs 14:22; Proverbs 16:6; Proverbs 20:28; ואמת עשׂה ח׳ Genesis 24:49; Genesis 47:29; Joshua 2:14 (J; RV gives thse under 1); || צדקה Hosea 10:12; צדקה וח׳ Proverbs 21:21; || משׁפט Micah 6:8; ומשׁפט ח׳ Hosea 12:7; || חוֺנֵן Psalm 109:12; ורחמים ח׳ Zechariah 7:9; Daniel 1:9. — (On Hosea 6:4, 6 see 3 below).
3. (rarely) affection of Israel to י׳ love to God, piety: נְעוּרַיִךְ ח׳ Jeremiah 2:2 priety of thy youth (|| love of thine espousals to Yahweh); possibly also חַסְדְּכֶם כַּעֲנַןבֹּֿקֶר Hosea 6:4 your piety is like a morning cloud (fleeting), and כִּי חֶסֶד חָפַצְתִּי וְלאֹזָֿ֑בַח Hosea 6:6 for piety I delight in and not in peace-offering (|| דעת אלהים, compare 1 Samuel 15:22); — so Wü Now Hi (1 Samuel 15:4) Che; Ke Hi (1 Samuel 15:6) others below 2 (or 1); — נַנְשֵׁי חֶסֶד men of piety Isaiah 57:1 (|| צַדִּיק); plural pious acts 2 Chronicles 32:32; 35:26; Nehemiah 13:14.
4. lovely appearance: כָּלחַֿסְדּוֺ כְּצִיץ הַשָֹּׁדֶה Isaiah 40:6 all its loveliness as the flower of the field (so Thes Hi De Che Di and others; but δόξα Greek Version of the LXX 1 Peter 1:24 & gloria Vulgate favour an original reading הוֺדוֺ Lo or כְּבֹדוֺ Ew, see BrMP 375; Du הֲדָרוֺ).
II. of God: kindness, lovingkindness in condescending to the needs of his creatures. He is חַסְדָּם their goodness favour Jonah 2:9; חַסְדִּי Psalm 144:2; אֱלֹהֵי חַסְדִּי God of my kindness Psalm 59:18; in Psalm 59:11 read אֱלֹהַי חַסְדּוֺ my God with his kindness Greek Version of the LXX Vulgate Ew Hup De Pe Che Bae; his is the kindness Psalm 62:13 [Psalm 62:12]; it is with him Psalm 130:7; he delights in it Micah 7:18.
1. specifically lovingkindness:
b. in preservation of life from death Psalm 6:5; Psalm 86:13; Job 10:12.
d. in redemption from sin Psalm 25:7; Psalm 51:3.
e. in keeping the covenants, with Abraham Micah 7:20; with Moses and Israel שׁמר הַבְּרִית וְ(הַ)חֶסֶד keepeth the covenant and the lovingkindness Deuteronomy 7:9, 12; 1 Kings 8:23 2 Chronicles 6:14; Nehemiah 1:5; Nehemiah 9:32; Daniel 9:4; with David and his dynasty 2 Samuel 7:151 Chronicles 17:13; 2 Samuel 22:51=Psalm 18:51, 1 Kings 3:6 (twice in verse)=2 Chronicles 1:8; Psalm 89:29; Psalm 89:34; with the wife Zion Isaiah 54:10.
2. חֶסֶד is grouped with other divine attributes: חסד ואמת kindness (lovingkindness) and fidelity Genesis 24:27 (J), Psalm 25:10; Psalm 41:11; Psalm 40:12; Psalm 57:4; Psalm 61:8; Psalm 85:11; Psalm 89:15; Psalm 115:1; Psalm 138:2; ואמת עם עשׂה ח׳ 2 Samuel 2:6; 2 Samuel 15:20 (Greek Version of the LXX, see Dr); with אֶתֿ Genesis 24:49; ואמת רַב ח׳ Exodus 34:6 (JE), Psalm 86:15; also || אמת Micah 7:20; Psalm 26:3; Psalm 117:2; || אֱמוּנָה Psalm 88:12; Psalm 89:3; Psalm 92:3; אמונה וח׳ Psalm 89:25; ואמונה ח׳ Psalm 98:3; || רחמים Psalm 77:9; ורחמים ח׳ Jeremiah 16:5; Hosea 2:21; Psalm 103:4; ומשׁפט ח׳ Jeremiah 9:23; Psalm 101:1; || צדקה Psalm 36:11; טוב וח׳ Psalm 23:6.
3. the kindness of God is
a. abundant: רַבחֶֿסֶד abundant, plenteous in kindness (goodness) Numbers 14:18 (J), Nehemiah 9:17 (Qr), Joel 2:13; Jonah 4:2; Psalm 86:5; Psalm 103:8 (compare Exodus 34:6 J E; Psalm 86:15); רֹב חַסְדְּךָ Nehemiah 13:22; Psalm 5:8; Psalm 69:14; Psalm 106:7 (Greek Version of the LXX Vulgate Aq Targan, to be preferred to MT חֲסָדֶיךָ); רֹב חֲסָדָו֯ Lamentations 3:32; Psalm 106:45 (Kt Greek Version of the LXX in both to be preferred).
b. great in extent: נֹּדֶל חִ׳ greatness of thy mercy Numbers 14:19 (J); נְּדָו֯וֺלחֿ׳ Psalm 145:8; it is kept for thousands Exodus 34:7 (JE), Jeremiah 32:18, especially of those connected with lovers of י׳, Exodus 20:6Deuteronomy 5:10; for 1000 generations Deuteronomy 7:9; it is great as the heavens Psalm 57:11; Psalm 103:11, compare Psalm 36:6; Psalm 108:5; the earth is full of it Psalm 33:5; Psalm 119:64.
c. everlasting: לעולם חסדוֺ Jeremiah 33:11; 1 Chronicles 16:34, 41; 2 Chronicles 5:13; 7:3, 6; 20:21; Ezra 3:11; Psalm 100:5; Psalm 106:1; Psalm 107:1; Psalm 118:1; Psalm 118:2; Psalm 118:3; Psalm 118:4; Psalm 118:29; Psalm 136:1 (26 times); חסדךָ לעולם Psalm 138:8; מעולם ח׳ ועד עולם Psalm 103:17; עולם ח׳ Isaiah 54:8; אל כּל ח׳ היום Psalm 52:3.
d. good: כִּיטֿוֺב חַסְדְּךָ Psalm 69:17; Psalm 109:21; כי טוב חסדךָ מחיים Psalm 63:4.
4. plural mercies, deeds of kindness, the historic displays of lovingkindness to Israel: shewn to Jacob Genesis 32:11 (R); but mostly late Isaiah 63:7; Psalm 25:6; Psalm 89:2; כְּרֹב חסִדיו Isaiah 63:7, see 3a; promised in the Davidic covenant Psalm Isa 89:50; חַסְדֵי דָוִיד mercies to David Isaiah 55:3; 2 Chronicles 6:42; mercies in general Lamentations 3:22; Psalm 17:7; Psalm 107:43f. — חֶסֶד in proper name, masculine בןחֿ׳ see below בֵּן. On Leviticus 20:17; Proverbs 14:34 see חֶסֶד below II. חסד.

† II. חֶ֫סֶד noun masculine shame, reproach, only absolute: — הוּא ח׳ Leviticus 20:17 (H) it is a shame (shameful thing); לְאֻמִּים חַטָּאת ח׳ Proverbs 14:34 sin is a reproach to peoples.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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1 Peter


Word / Phrase / Strong's Search

Strong's Number H2617 matches the Hebrew חֶסֶד (ḥeseḏ),
which occurs 251 times in 241 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Page 1 / 5 (Gen 19:19–1Ch 17:13)

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 19:19 - “Now behold, your servant has found favor in your sight, and you have magnified your lovingkindness H2617, which you have shown me by preserving my life; but I cannot escape to the [fn]mountains, lest calamity overtake me and I die;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 20:13 - and it happened when God caused me to wander from my father’s house, that I said to her, ‘This is [fn]the lovingkindness H2617 which you will show to me: [fn]everywhere we go, say of me, “He is my brother.”’”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 21:23 - so now, swear to me here by God that you will not deal falsely with me or with my offspring or with my posterity, but according to the lovingkindness H2617 that I have shown you, you shall show me and the land in which you have sojourned.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 24:12 - And he said, “O Yahweh, the God of my master Abraham, please cause this to happen before me today, and show lovingkindness H2617 to my master Abraham.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 24:14 - now may it be that the young woman to whom I say, ‘Please let down your jar so that I may drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I will give water to your camels to drink also’—may she be the one whom You have decided for Your servant Isaac; and by this I will know that You have shown lovingkindness H2617 to my master.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 24:27 - And he said, “Blessed be Yahweh, the God of my master Abraham, who has not forsaken His lovingkindness H2617 and His truth toward my master; as for me, Yahweh has guided me in the way to the house of my master’s brothers.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 24:49 - “So now if you are going to show lovingkindness H2617 and truth with my master, tell me; and if not, tell me, that I may turn to the right or to the left.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 32:10 - [fn]I am unworthy of all the lovingkindness H2617 and of all the truth which You have shown to Your slave; for with my staff only I crossed this Jordan, and now I have become two camps.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 39:21 - But Yahweh was with Joseph and [fn]extended lovingkindness H2617 to him and gave him favor in the sight of the chief jailer.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 40:14 - “Only remember me when it goes well with you, and please show me lovingkindness H2617 by remembering me to Pharaoh and getting me out of this house.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 47:29 -

Then the days for Israel to die drew near, and he called his son Joseph and said to him, “Please, if I have found favor in your sight, place now your hand under my thigh and deal with me in lovingkindness H2617 and truth. Please do not bury me in Egypt.

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 15:13 -

“In Your lovingkindness H2617 You have guided the people whom You have redeemed;

In Your strength You have led them to Your holy habitation.

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 20:6 -

but showing lovingkindness H2617 to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 34:6 - Then Yahweh passed by in front of him and called out, “Yahweh, Yahweh God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness H2617 and [fn]truth;
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 34:7 - who keeps lovingkindness H2617 for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression, and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations.”
Unchecked Copy BoxLev 20:17 -

‘If there is a man who takes his sister, his father’s daughter, or his mother’s daughter, so that he sees her nakedness and she sees his nakedness, it is a disgrace H2617; and they shall be cut off in the sight of the sons of their people. He has uncovered his sister’s nakedness; he bears his guilt.

Unchecked Copy BoxNum 14:18 - ‘Yahweh is slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness H2617, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children [fn]to the third and the fourth generations.’
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 14:19 - “Pardon, I pray, the iniquity of this people according to the greatness of Your lovingkindness H2617, just as You also have forgiven this people, from Egypt even until now.”
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 5:10 -

but showing lovingkindness H2617 to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 7:9 - “You shall know therefore that Yahweh your God, He is God, the faithful God, who keeps [fn]His covenant and [fn]His lovingkindness H2617 to a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments;
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 7:12 -

“Then it will be, because you listen to these judgments and keep and do them, that Yahweh your God will keep with you [fn]His covenant and [fn]His lovingkindness H2617 which He swore to your fathers.

Unchecked Copy BoxJos 2:12 - “So now, please swear to me by Yahweh, since I have shown lovingkindness H2617 to you, that you also will show lovingkindness H2617 to my father’s household and give me a pledge of [fn]truth,
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 2:14 - So the men said to her, “Our [fn]life [fn]for yours if you do not tell this business of ours; and it will be when Yahweh gives us the land that we will show lovingkindness H2617 and truth to you.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 1:24 - Then the [fn]spies saw a man coming out of the city, and they said to him, “Please show us the entrance to the city, and we will treat you with lovingkindness H2617.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 8:35 - nor did they show lovingkindness H2617 to the household of Jerubbaal (that is, Gideon) in accord with all the good that he had done to Israel.
Unchecked Copy BoxRth 1:8 - And Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Go, return each of you to her mother’s house. May Yahweh [fn]show lovingkindness H2617 with you as you have [fn]shown with the dead and with me.
Unchecked Copy BoxRth 2:20 - Naomi said to her daughter-in-law, “May he be blessed of Yahweh who has not forsaken his lovingkindness H2617 to the living and to the dead.” Then Naomi said to her, “The man is [fn]our relative; he is one of our kinsman redeemers.”
Unchecked Copy BoxRth 3:10 - Then he said, “May you be blessed of Yahweh, my daughter. You have shown your last lovingkindness H2617 to be better than the first by not going after young men, whether poor or rich.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 15:6 - And Saul said to the Kenites, “Go, depart; go down from among the Amalekites, lest I destroy you with them; you showed lovingkindness H2617 to all the sons of Israel when they came up from Egypt.” So the Kenites departed from among the Amalekites.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 20:8 - “Therefore show lovingkindness H2617 to your servant, for you have brought your servant into a covenant of Yahweh with you. But if there is iniquity in me, put me to death yourself; for why then should you bring me to your father?”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 20:14 - “And if I am still alive, will you not show me the lovingkindness H2617 of Yahweh, that I may not die?
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 20:15 - “You shall not cut off your lovingkindness H2617 from my house forever, not even when Yahweh cuts off every one of the enemies of David from the face of the earth.”
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 2:5 - And David sent messengers to the men of Jabesh-gilead, and said to them, “May you be blessed of Yahweh because you have [fn]shown this lovingkindness H2617 with your lord, with Saul, and have buried him.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 2:6 - “So now, may Yahweh [fn]show lovingkindness H2617 and truth to you; and I also will [fn]show this goodness to you, because you have done this thing.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 3:8 - Then Abner was very angry over the words of Ish-bosheth and said, “Am I a dog’s head that belongs to Judah? Today I show lovingkindness H2617 to the house of Saul your father, to his brothers and to his friends, and have not delivered you into the hands of David; and yet today you charge me with a guilt concerning the woman.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 7:15 - but My lovingkindness H2617 shall not be removed from him, as I removed it from Saul, whom I removed from before you.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 9:1 -

Then David said, “Is there yet [fn]anyone left of the house of Saul, that I may show him lovingkindness H2617 for Jonathan’s sake?”

Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 9:3 - And the king said, “Is there not yet anyone of the house of Saul to whom I may show the lovingkindness H2617 of God?” And Ziba said to the king, “There is still a son of Jonathan who is crippled in both feet.”
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 9:7 - And David said to him, “Do not fear, for I will surely show lovingkindness H2617 to you for the sake of your father Jonathan, and will restore to you all the [fn]land of your [fn]grandfather Saul; and you shall [fn]eat at my table continually.”
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 10:2 - So David said, “I will show lovingkindness H2617 to Hanun the son of Nahash, just as his father showed lovingkindness H2617 to me.” So David sent to comfort him concerning his father by the hand of his servants. And David’s servants came to the land of the sons of Ammon.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 15:20 - “You came only yesterday, and shall I today make you wander with us, going about, while I go where I go? Return and cause your brothers to return; lovingkindness H2617 and [fn]truth be with you.”
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 16:17 - And Absalom said to Hushai, “Is this your lovingkindness H2617 to your friend? Why did you not go with your friend?”
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 22:51 -

He [fn]gives great salvation to His king,

And shows lovingkindness H2617 to His anointed,

To David and his seed forever.”

Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 2:7 - “But show lovingkindness H2617 to the sons of Barzillai the Gileadite, and let them be among those who eat at your table; for they [fn]assisted me when I fled from Absalom your brother.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 3:6 - Then Solomon said, “You have shown great lovingkindness H2617 to Your slave David my father, according to how he walked before You in [fn]truth and righteousness and uprightness of heart toward You; and You have kept for him this great lovingkindness H2617, that You have given him a son to sit on his throne, as it is this day.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 8:23 - And he said, “O Yahweh, the God of Israel, there is no god like You in heaven above or upon earth beneath, keeping covenant and lovingkindness H2617 to Your slaves who walk before You with all their heart,
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 20:31 -

Then his servants said to him, “Behold now, we have heard that the kings of the house of Israel are kings of lovingkindness H2617, please let us put sackcloth on our loins and ropes on our heads, and go out to the king of Israel; perhaps he will preserve your [fn]life.”

Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 16:34 -

Oh give thanks to Yahweh, for He is good,

For His lovingkindness H2617 endures forever.

Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 16:41 - And with them were Heman and Jeduthun, and the rest who were chosen, who were designated by name, to give thanks to Yahweh, because His lovingkindness H2617 endures forever.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ch 17:13 - “I will be a father to him and he will be a son to Me; and I will not remove My lovingkindness H2617 from him, as I removed it from him who was before you.

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