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Lexicon :: Strong's H3467 - yāšaʿ

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Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
A primitive root
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 929

Strong’s Definitions

יָשַׁע yâshaʻ, yaw-shah'; a primitive root; properly, to be open, wide or free, i.e. (by implication) to be safe; causatively, to free or succor:—× at all, avenging, defend, deliver(-er), help, preserve, rescue, be safe, bring (having) salvation, save(-iour), get victory.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 205x

The KJV translates Strong's H3467 in the following manner: save (149x), saviour (15x), deliver (13x), help (12x), preserved (5x), salvation (3x), avenging (2x), at all (1x), avenged (1x), defend (1x), rescue (1x), safe (1x), victory (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 205x
The KJV translates Strong's H3467 in the following manner: save (149x), saviour (15x), deliver (13x), help (12x), preserved (5x), salvation (3x), avenging (2x), at all (1x), avenged (1x), defend (1x), rescue (1x), safe (1x), victory (1x).
  1. to save, be saved, be delivered

    1. (Niphal)

      1. to be liberated, be saved, be delivered

      2. to be saved (in battle), be victorious

    2. (Hiphil)

      1. to save, deliver

      2. to save from moral troubles

      3. to give victory to

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
יָשַׁע yâshaʻ, yaw-shah'; a primitive root; properly, to be open, wide or free, i.e. (by implication) to be safe; causatively, to free or succor:—× at all, avenging, defend, deliver(-er), help, preserve, rescue, be safe, bring (having) salvation, save(-iour), get victory.
STRONGS H3467: Abbreviations
† [יָשַׁע] verb Hiph. deliver; Niph. intransitive and pass. (Arabic bdb044602 be capacious, II. make wide, spacious, IV. make sufficient, V. VIII. be or live in abundance (see Dr1 Samuel 14:45) Phoenician proper name ישע; Sabean יתֿע (royal epithet), proper name אליתֿע, יתֿעאל, עמיתֿע, e.g. MordtZMG 1876, 87; 1893, 409. 416. 417, etc. (yet note strange equivalent, תַ = bdb044603); not in Aramaic; MI4 השעני he delivered me, l3 (ב)משע deliverance, Sm and So, (but במת ClGann Dr); proper name, masculine משע l1, also l3 [4] Sm and So, but ישע deliverance, ClGann Dr) —
Niph. Perfect 3rd person masculine נוֺשַׁע Deuteronomy 33:29; Isaiah 45:17; 2nd person plural נוֺשַׁעְתֶּם Numbers 10:9; 1st person plural נוֺשָׁ֑עְנוּ Jeremiah 8:20; Imperfect 3rd person masculine singular יִוָּשֵׁעַ Jeremiah 30:7; Proverbs 28:18 + 1 Samuel 14:47 (for MT יַרְשִׁיעַ) Greek Version of the LXX We Klo Dr Kit Bu; 3rd person feminine singular תִּוָּשַׁע Jeremiah 23:6; Jeremiah 33:16; אִוָּשֵׁ֑עָה Psalm 119:117; Jeremiah 17:14 + 8 times Imperfect; Imperative plural הִוָָּֽשְׁעוּ Isaiah 45:22; Participle נוֺשָׁע Psalm 33:16; Zechariah 9:9; —
1. be liberated, saved (properly placed in freedom; compare for the figurative הִרְחִיב, מֶרְחָב), from external evils Proverbs 28:18, by God Isaiah 30:15; Isaiah 45:22; Isaiah 64:4; Jeremiah 4:14; Jeremiah 8:20; Jeremiah 17:14; Jeremiah 23:6; Jeremiah 33:16; Psalm 80:4; Psalm 80:8; Psalm 80:20; Psalm 119:117; with מִן, Jeremiah 30:7; מֵאֹיְבִים Numbers 10:9 (P), 2 Samuel 22:4 = Psalm 18:4.
2. be saved in battle, victorious Zechariah 9:9; Psalm 33:16 + 1 Samuel 14:47 see above; עַם נוֺשַׁע ביהוה Deuteronomy 33:29 a people victorious in י׳ (poem), compare Isaiah 45:17.
Hiph. Perfect 3rd person masculine singular הוֺשִׁעַ 1 Samuel 9:16; Psalm 20:7; הוֺשִׁעַ Zechariah 12:7; suffix הוֺשִׁיעוֺ Psalm 34:7; 1st person singular הוֺשַׁעְתִּי Isaiah 43:12 + 4 times, + 14 times Perfect; Imperfect יְהוֺשִׁיעַ 1 Samuel 17:47 (see Dr) Psalm 116:6; יוֺשִׁיעַ Isaiah 45:20 + 6 times; וְישַׁע (jussive) Proverbs 20:22; וַיּוֺשַׁע Exodus 14:30 + 7 times; וַיּשַׁע 1 Samuel 23:5 + 2 times; suffix יוֺשִׁיעֲךָ Hosea 13:10; יוֺשִׁיעֶנּוּ Isaiah 46:7; ישִׁעֵנוּ 1 Samuel 10:27; ישַׁעֲכֶם Isaiah 35:4 (jussive, Dr§ 47. n. 4), etc.; Imperative הוֺשַׁע Jeremiah 31:7; Psalm 86:2; הוֺשִׁיעָה 2 Kings 6:26 + 8 times; הוֺשִׁעָה 2 Samuel 14:4 + 19 times Imperative; Infinitive absolute הוֺשֵׁעַ 1 Samuel 25:26 + 2 times; construct הוֺשִׁיעַ 1 Samuel 14:6 + 14 times + 2 Samuel 3:18 (where read אוֺשִׁיעַ Vrss. Ke We Klo Dr Bu and others), + 7 times Infinitive; Participle מוֺשִׁיעַ Deuteronomy 22:27 + 21 times; suffix מוֺשִׁיעָם Psalm 106:21 + 8 times suffix; plural מוֺשִׁיעִים Obadiah 21; Nehemiah 9:27; —
1. deliver, save (properly give width and breadth to, liberate), in peril, with accusative of person or location Exodus 2:17 (E) Judges 6:31; 1 Samuel 23:2, 5; 2 Samuel 10:19 = 1 Chronicles 19:19; 2 Kings 6:27 (twice in verse); Psalm 36:7; Psalm 72:18; Job 26:2; with לְ person Joshua 10:6 (E) Deuteronomy 22:27; Judges 10:14; 2 Samuel 10:11 = 1 Chronicles 19:12 (with accusative), Jeremiah 11:12 (twice in verse); Psalm 72:4; Psalm 116:6; absolute הוֺשִׁיעָה הַמֶּלֶךְ Help, O king 2 Samuel 14:4; 2 Kings 6:26. Specifically save, from evils and troubles :
a. of heroic men, saving the nation in war Judges 3:31; Judges 6:15; Judges 10:1; 1 Samuel 10:27; Hosea 13:10; Jeremiah 14:9; these are named מוֺשִׁיעַ saviour Judges 3:9, 15; 2 Kings 13:5; Isaiah 19:20; Obadiah 21; Nehemiah 9:27; phrase when they are lacking אֵין מוֺשִׁיעַ Judges 12:3; 1 Samuel 11:3; 2 Samuel 22:42 = Psalm 18:42; Deuteronomy 28:29, 31; Isaiah 47:15; they save מִיַּד from the hand of Judges 2:16; Judges 8:22; Judges 12:2; Judges 13:5; 1 Samuel 9:16; Nehemiah 9:27; מכף Judges 6:14; 1 Samuel 4:3; 2 Kings 16:7.
b. of God, who saves his people from external evils Deuteronomy 20:4; Joshua 22:22; Judges 3:9; Judges 6:36, 37; Judges 7:7; Judges 10:13; 1 Samuel 14:23, 39; 2 Kings 14:27; 2 Kings 19:34 = Isaiah 37:35; Isaiah 25:9; Isaiah 33:22; Isaiah 35:4; Isaiah 43:12; Isaiah 49:25; Isaiah 63:9; Jeremiah 31:7; Ezekiel 34:22; Hosea 1:7 (twice in verse); Habakkuk 1:2; Zephaniah 3:17, 19; Zechariah 8:7, 13; Zechariah 9:16; Zechariah 10:6; Zechariah 12:7; Psalm 28:9; Psalm 69:36; Psalm 106:8; Psalm 118:25; 2 Chronicles 20:9; or the pious among them Isaiah 38:20; Jeremiah 2:27; Jeremiah 17:14; Psalm 3:8; Psalm 6:5; Psalm 7:2; Psalm 31:17; Psalm 54:3; Psalm 55:17; Psalm 57:4; Psalm 69:2; Psalm 71:2; Psalm 71:3; Psalm 106:47 = 1 Chronicles 16:35; Psalm 109:26; Psalm 119:94; Psalm 119:146; Psalm 138:7; Proverbs 20:22; and especially the king Psalm 20:7; Psalm 20:10; David 2 Samuel 8:5, 14; thy servant Psalm 86:2; Psalm 86:16; חסיד Psalm 12:2; דַּכְּאֵירֿוּחַ Psalm 34:19; צדיקים Psalm 37:40; חוֺסִים Psalm 17:7; יראי י׳ Psalm 145:19; עם עני Psalm 18:28 = 2 Samuel 22:28; עַנְוֵיאֶֿרֶץ Psalm 76:10; ישׁרי לב Psalm 7:11; שַׁח עֵינַיִם Job 22:29; accordingly God is מוֺשִׁיעַ saviour Isaiah 43:11; Isaiah 45:15, 21; Isaiah 63:8; Hosea 13:4; משִׁעִי 2 Samuel 22:3; מוֺשִׁיעָם Psalm 106:21; מוֺשִׁיעוֺ Jeremiah 14:8; מוֺשִׁיעֲךָ Isaiah 43:3; Isaiah 49:26; Isaiah 60:16; Jeremiah 30:10 = Jeremiah 46:27; is with his people לְהוֺשִׁיעַ Jeremiah 15:20; Jeremiah 30:11; Jeremiah 42:11; רַב לְהוֺשִׁיעַ Isaiah 63:1; בֵּית מְצוּדוֺת לְהוֺשִׁיעֵנִי Psalm 31:3; Israel prays הוֺשִׁיעָה יְמִינְךָ O save with thy right hand Psalm 60:7 = Psalm 108:7, compare Isaiah 59:1; that from which one is saved construction with מִיַּד ׃מִן Exodus 14:30 (J) Judges 2:18; Judges 10:12; 1 Samuel 7:8; 2 Samuel 3:18; 2 Kings 19:19 = Isaiah 37:20; Psalm 106:10; 2 Chronicles 32:22; מֵחָמָס 2 Samuel 22:3; מֵחֶרֶב Job 5:15: מִכָּלצָֿרוֺת Psalm 34:7; מִכָּלרָֿעוֺת 1 Samuel 10:19; מִצָּרֵינוּ Psalm 44:8; אַרְיֵה מִפִּי Psalm 22:22; מִשֹּׁפְטֵי נַפְשׁוֺ Psalm 109:31; מֵאַנְשֵׁי דָמִים Psalm 59:3; מִמְּצוּקוֺת Psalm 107:13; Psalm 107:19.
c. there is no other salvation, the sword saves not Psalm 44:7, or a nation Lamentations 4:17, or astrologers Isaiah 47:13, or Asshur Hosea 14:4, or other gods Isaiah 45:20; Isaiah 46:7; Jeremiah 2:28.
2. save from moral troubles, only in Ezekiel. מִכֹּל מוֺשְׁבֹתֵיחֶם (read, with Co Da and others, מְשׁוּבוֺתֵיהֶם) Ezekiel 37:23; מִכֹּל טֻמְאוֺתֵיכֶם Jeremiah 36:29.
3. give victory to:
a. of man, with לְ person, give victory to, with agent subject יַד Judges 7:2; 1 Samuel 25:26, 33, יַד om. 1 Samuel 25:31; יַמִין Job 40:14; זְרוֺעַ Psalm 44:4.
b. of God, with לְ person, subject יָמִין Psalm 98:1; זְרוֺעַ Isaiah 59:16; Isaiah 63:5; Yahweh 1 Chronicles 18:6, with accusative 1 Chronicles 18:13; absolute gain victory 1 Samuel 14:6; 1 Samuel 17:47; וַיּוֺשַׁע תְּשׁוּעָה גְדוֺלָה 1 Chronicles 11:14.
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Strong's Number H3467 matches the Hebrew יָשַׁע (yāšaʿ),
which occurs 206 times in 198 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Page 1 / 4 (Exo 2:17–2Sa 10:19)

Unchecked Copy BoxExo 2:17 - And the shepherds came and drove them away: but Moses stood up and helped H3467 them, and watered their flock.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 14:30 - Thus the LORD saved H3467 Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians; and Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 10:9 - And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be remembered before the LORD your God, and ye shall be saved H3467 from your enemies.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 20:4 - For the LORD your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save H3467 you.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 22:27 - For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save H3467 her.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 28:29 - And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save H3467 thee.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 28:31 - Thine ox shall be slain before thine eyes, and thou shalt not eat thereof: thine ass shall be violently taken away from before thy face, and shall not be restored to thee: thy sheep shall be given unto thine enemies, and thou shalt have none to rescue H3467 them.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 33:29 - Happy art thou, O Israel: who is like unto thee, O people saved H3467 by the LORD, the shield of thy help, and who is the sword of thy excellency! and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 10:6 - And the men of Gibeon sent unto Joshua to the camp to Gilgal, saying, Slack not thy hand from thy servants; come up to us quickly, and save H3467 us, and help us: for all the kings of the Amorites that dwell in the mountains are gathered together against us.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 22:22 - The LORD God of gods, the LORD God of gods, he knoweth, and Israel he shall know; if it be in rebellion, or if in transgression against the LORD, (save H3467 us not this day,)
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 2:16 - Nevertheless the LORD raised up judges, which delivered H3467 them out of the hand of those that spoiled them.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 2:18 - And when the LORD raised them up judges, then the LORD was with the judge, and delivered H3467 them out of the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge: for it repented the LORD because of their groanings by reason of them that oppressed them and vexed them.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 3:9 - And when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised up a deliverer H3467 to the children of Israel, who delivered H3467 them, even Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger brother.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 3:15 - But when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised them up a deliverer, H3467 Ehud the son of Gera, a Benjamite, a man lefthanded: and by him the children of Israel sent a present unto Eglon the king of Moab.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 3:31 - And after him was Shamgar the son of Anath, which slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad: and he also delivered H3467 Israel.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 6:14 - And the LORD looked upon him, and said, Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save H3467 Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 6:15 - And he said unto him, Oh my Lord, wherewith shall I save H3467 Israel? behold, my family is poor in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father's house.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 6:31 - And Joash said unto all that stood against him, Will ye plead for Baal? will ye save H3467 him? he that will plead for him, let him be put to death whilst it is yet morning: if he be a god, let him plead for himself, because one hath cast down his altar.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 6:36 - And Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save H3467 Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said,
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 6:37 - Behold, I will put a fleece of wool in the floor; and if the dew be on the fleece only, and it be dry upon all the earth beside, then shall I know that thou wilt save H3467 Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 7:2 - And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved H3467 me.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 7:7 - And the LORD said unto Gideon, By the three hundred men that lapped will I save H3467 you, and deliver the Midianites into thine hand: and let all the other people go every man unto his place.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 8:22 - Then the men of Israel said unto Gideon, Rule thou over us, both thou, and thy son, and thy son's son also: for thou hast delivered H3467 us from the hand of Midian.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 10:1 - And after Abimelech there arose to defend H3467 Israel Tola the son of Puah, the son of Dodo, a man of Issachar; and he dwelt in Shamir in mount Ephraim.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 10:12 - The Zidonians also, and the Amalekites, and the Maonites, did oppress you; and ye cried to me, and I delivered H3467 you out of their hand.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 10:13 - Yet ye have forsaken me, and served other gods: wherefore I will deliver H3467 you no more.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 10:14 - Go and cry unto the gods which ye have chosen; let them deliver H3467 you in the time of your tribulation.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 12:2 - And Jephthah said unto them, I and my people were at great strife with the children of Ammon; and when I called you, ye delivered H3467 me not out of their hands.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 12:3 - And when I saw that ye delivered H3467 me not, I put my life in my hands, and passed over against the children of Ammon, and the LORD delivered them into my hand: wherefore then are ye come up unto me this day, to fight against me?
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 13:5 - For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver H3467 Israel out of the hand of the Philistines.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 4:3 - And when the people were come into the camp, the elders of Israel said, Wherefore hath the LORD smitten us to day before the Philistines? Let us fetch the ark of the covenant of the LORD out of Shiloh unto us, that, when it cometh among us, it may save H3467 us out of the hand of our enemies.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 7:8 - And the children of Israel said to Samuel, Cease not to cry unto the LORD our God for us, that he will save H3467 us out of the hand of the Philistines.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 9:16 - To morrow about this time I will send thee a man out of the land of Benjamin, and thou shalt anoint him to be captain over my people Israel, that he may save H3467 my people out of the hand of the Philistines: for I have looked upon my people, because their cry is come unto me.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 10:19 - And ye have this day rejected your God, who himself saved H3467 you out of all your adversities and your tribulations; and ye have said unto him, Nay, but set a king over us. Now therefore present yourselves before the LORD by your tribes, and by your thousands.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 10:27 - But the children of Belial said, How shall this man save H3467 us? And they despised him, and brought him no presents. But he held his peace.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 11:3 - And the elders of Jabesh said unto him, Give us seven days' respite, that we may send messengers unto all the coasts of Israel: and then, if there be no man to save H3467 us, we will come out to thee.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 14:6 - And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armour, Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the LORD will work for us: for there is no restraint to the LORD to save H3467 by many or by few.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 14:23 - So the LORD saved H3467 Israel that day: and the battle passed over unto Bethaven.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 14:39 - For, as the LORD liveth, which saveth H3467 Israel, though it be in Jonathan my son, he shall surely die. But there was not a man among all the people that answered him.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 17:47 - And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth H3467 not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD'S, and he will give you into our hands.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 23:2 - Therefore David enquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save H3467 Keilah.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 23:5 - So David and his men went to Keilah, and fought with the Philistines, and brought away their cattle, and smote them with a great slaughter. So David saved H3467 the inhabitants of Keilah.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 25:26 - Now therefore, my lord, as the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, seeing the LORD hath withholden thee from coming to shed blood, and from avenging H3467 thyself with thine own hand, now let thine enemies, and they that seek evil to my lord, be as Nabal.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 25:31 - That this shall be no grief unto thee, nor offence of heart unto my lord, either that thou hast shed blood causeless, or that my lord hath avenged H3467 himself: but when the LORD shall have dealt well with my lord, then remember thine handmaid.
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 25:33 - And blessed be thy advice, and blessed be thou, which hast kept me this day from coming to shed blood, and from avenging H3467 myself with mine own hand.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 3:18 - Now then do it: for the LORD hath spoken of David, saying, By the hand of my servant David I will save H3467 my people Israel out of the hand of the Philistines, and out of the hand of all their enemies.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 8:6 - Then David put garrisons in Syria of Damascus: and the Syrians became servants to David, and brought gifts. And the LORD preserved H3467 David whithersoever he went.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 8:14 - And he put garrisons in Edom; throughout all Edom put he garrisons, and all they of Edom became David's servants. And the LORD preserved H3467 David whithersoever he went.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 10:11 - And he said, If the Syrians be too strong for me, then thou shalt help me: but if the children of Ammon be too strong for thee, then I will come and help H3467 thee.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 10:19 - And when all the kings that were servants to Hadarezer saw that they were smitten before Israel, they made peace with Israel, and served them. So the Syrians feared to help H3467 the children of Ammon any more.

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Daily Devotionals

Blue Letter Bible offers several daily devotional readings in order to help you refocus on Christ and the Gospel of His peace and righteousness.

Daily Bible Reading Plans

Recognizing the value of consistent reflection upon the Word of God in order to refocus one's mind and heart upon Christ and His Gospel of peace, we provide several reading plans designed to cover the entire Bible in a year.

One-Year Plans

Two-Year Plan