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Lexicon :: Strong's H5141 - nezem

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Part of Speech
masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
From an unused root of uncertain meaning
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 1338a

Variant Spellings

The following spelling is supported by Strongs and Gesenius: נזם.

Strong’s Definitions

נֶזֶם nezem, neh'-zem; from an unused root of uncertain meaning; a nose-ring:—earring, jewel.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 17x

The KJV translates Strong's H5141 in the following manner: earring (14x), jewel (3x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 17x
The KJV translates Strong's H5141 in the following manner: earring (14x), jewel (3x).
  1. ring, nose ring, earring

    1. nose ring (woman's ornament)

    2. earring (ornament of men or women)

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
נֶזֶם nezem, neh'-zem; from an unused root of uncertain meaning; a nose-ring:—earring, jewel.
STRONGS H5141: Abbreviations
נֶ֫זֶם noun masculineJob 42:11 ring, always of gold when material mentioned; — נ׳ absolute Genesis 24:30 +; construct Genesis 24:22 +; suffix נִזְמָהּ Hosea 2:15; plural נְזָמִים Genesis 35:4; construct נִזְמֵי Exodus 32:2 +; —
1. nose-ring (Syriac bdb063306) woman's ornament, עַל־אַפָּהּ נ׳ Genesis 24:47 compare Genesis 24:22; Genesis 24:30 (J); נִזְמֵי הָאָף Isaiah 3:21 (|| טַבַּ֫עַת seal-ring); perhaps also Hosea 2:15; Ezekiel 16:12 figurative of י׳'s adorning Jerusalem (|| עֲגִילִים עַלאָֿזְנַיִךְ); compare בְּאַף חֲזִיר נ׳ Proverbs 11:22.
2. earring ornament of men and women, Genesis 35:4, אֲשֶׁר בְּאָזְנֵיהֶם נ׳ so Exodus 32:2, 3(all E); compare Proverbs 25:12 (in simile of wise reprover), and perhaps Exodus 35:22 (P; || טַבַּ֫עַת); probably also Judges 8:24 (twice in verse); Judges 8:25, 26 (of men, compare GFM), Job 42:11. — compare further GeiJüd. Zeltaschr. x (1872), 45 ff. RSSemitic i. 434, 2d ed. 453; also ref, below נור.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com

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Strong's Number H5141 matches the Hebrew נֶזֶם (nezem),
which occurs 17 times in 16 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 24:22 - And it came to pass, as the camels had done drinking, that the man took a golden earring H5141 of half a shekel weight, and two bracelets for her hands of ten shekels weight of gold;
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 24:30 - And it came to pass, when he saw the earring H5141 and bracelets upon his sister's hands, and when he heard the words of Rebekah his sister, saying, Thus spake the man unto me; that he came unto the man; and, behold, he stood by the camels at the well.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 24:47 - And I asked her, and said, Whose daughter art thou? And she said, The daughter of Bethuel, Nahor's son, whom Milcah bare unto him: and I put the earring H5141 upon her face, and the bracelets upon her hands.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 35:4 - And they gave unto Jacob all the strange gods which were in their hand, and all their earrings H5141 which were in their ears; and Jacob hid them under the oak which was by Shechem.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 32:2 - And Aaron said unto them, Break off the golden earrings, H5141 which are in the ears of your wives, of your sons, and of your daughters, and bring them unto me.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 32:3 - And all the people brake off the golden earrings H5141 which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 35:22 - And they came, both men and women, as many as were willing hearted, and brought bracelets, and earrings, H5141 and rings, and tablets, all jewels of gold: and every man that offered offered an offering of gold unto the LORD.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 8:24 - And Gideon said unto them, I would desire a request of you, that ye would give me every man the earrings H5141 of his prey. (For they had golden earrings, H5141 because they were Ishmaelites.)
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 8:25 - And they answered, We will willingly give them. And they spread a garment, and did cast therein every man the earrings H5141 of his prey.
Unchecked Copy BoxJdg 8:26 - And the weight of the golden earrings H5141 that he requested was a thousand and seven hundred shekels of gold; beside ornaments, and collars, and purple raiment that was on the kings of Midian, and beside the chains that were about their camels' necks.
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 42:11 - Then came there unto him all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house: and they bemoaned him, and comforted him over all the evil that the LORD had brought upon him: every man also gave him a piece of money, and every one an earring H5141 of gold.
Unchecked Copy BoxPro 11:22 - As a jewel H5141 of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.
Unchecked Copy BoxPro 25:12 - As an earring H5141 of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 3:21 - The rings, and nose jewels, H5141
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 16:12 - And I put a jewel H5141 on thy forehead, and earrings in thine ears, and a beautiful crown upon thine head.
Unchecked Copy BoxHos 2:13 - And I will visit upon her the days of Baalim, wherein she burned incense to them, and she decked herself with her earrings H5141 and her jewels, and she went after her lovers, and forgat me, saith the LORD.
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