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Lexicon :: Strong's H60 - 'ēḇel

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Part of Speech
masculine noun
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 6a

Strong’s Definitions

אֵבֶל ʼêbel, ay'-bel; from H56; lamentation:—mourning.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 24x

The KJV translates Strong's H60 in the following manner: mourning (24x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 24x
The KJV translates Strong's H60 in the following manner: mourning (24x).
  1. mourning

    1. for the dead

    2. for rites of mourning (metaph)

    3. mourning garb

    4. period of mourning

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
אֵבֶל ʼêbel, ay'-bel; from H56; lamentation:—mourning.
STRONGS H60: Abbreviations
אֵ֫בֶל noun masculineGenesis 50:11 mourning — absolute Genesis 50:10 + 17 times; construct Genesis 27:41 + 3 times; אֶבְלֵךְ Isaiah 60:20; אֶבְלָם Jeremiah 31:13 — for dead, construct Genesis 27:41; Deuteronomy 34:8 (|| בּכי) so יָחִיד א׳ simile for grievous mourning Amos 8:10, id. metaphor Jeremiah 6:26 (|| תַּמְרוּרִים מִסְפַּד); Genesis 50:11 (twice in verse); Jeremiah 16:7 compare 2 Samuel 19:3 עשה א׳ Ezekiel 24:17 (see Co) followed by לְ Genesis 50:10 (see also II. אָבֵל near the end); for calamity, Esther 4:3; Esther 9:22 (|| יָגוֺן; contracted יוֺם טוֺב) Job 30:31 (|| קול בכים Isaiah 60:20; Isaiah 61:3 (where apparently = mourning garb, followed by מַעֲטֵה תְהִלָּה, see also Bi Che on text.; || רוּחַ כֵּהָה; contracted שֶׁמֶן שָׂשׂוֺן); Jeremiah 31:13 (|| שׂשׂון), Lamentations 5:15 (|| מָחוֺל), Amos 5:16 (|| מִסְפֵּד); compare כִּבְנוֺת יַעֲנָה א׳ Micah 1:8; = time, period of mourning 2 Samuel 11:7; בֵּית א׳ Ecclesiastes 7:2 (|| בּ׳ מִשְׁתֶּה, Ecclesiastes 7:4 (|| שִׂמְחָה בּ׳); בִּגְדֵי א׳ garments of mourning 2 Samuel 14:2.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Strong's Number H60 matches the Hebrew אֵבֶל ('ēḇel),
which occurs 24 times in 22 verses in the WLC Hebrew.

Unchecked Copy BoxGen 27:41 - So Esau bore a grudge against Jacob because of the blessing with which his father had blessed him; and Esau said [fn]to himself, “The days of mourning H60 for my father are near; then I will kill my brother Jacob.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 50:10 - When they came to the [fn]threshing floor of Atad, which is beyond the Jordan, they lamented there with a very great and [fn]sorrowful lamentation; and he [fn]observed seven days mourning H60 for his father.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 50:11 - Now when the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites, saw the mourning H60 at [fn]the threshing floor of Atad, they said, “This is a [fn]grievous [fn]mourning H60 for the Egyptians.” Therefore it was named [fn]Abel-mizraim, which is beyond the Jordan.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 34:8 - So the sons of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty days; then the days of weeping and mourning H60 for Moses came to an end.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 11:27 - When the time of mourning H60 was over, David sent and [fn]brought her to his house and she became his wife; then she bore him a son. But the thing that David had done was evil in the sight of the LORD.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 14:2 - So Joab sent to Tekoa and [fn]brought a wise woman from there and said to her, “Please pretend to be a mourner, and put on mourning H60 garments now, and do not anoint yourself with oil, but be like a woman who has been mourning for the dead many days;
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 19:2 - The [fn]victory that day was turned to mourning H60 for all the people, for the people heard it said that day, “The king is grieved for his son.”
Unchecked Copy BoxEst 4:3 - In each and every province where the command and decree of the king came, there was great mourning H60 among the Jews, with fasting, weeping and wailing; and many lay on sackcloth and ashes.
Unchecked Copy BoxEst 9:22 - because on those days the Jews [fn]rid themselves of their enemies, and it was a month which was turned for them from sorrow into gladness and from mourning H60 into a [fn]holiday; that they should make them days of feasting and rejoicing and sending portions of food to one another and gifts to the poor.
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 30:31 - “Therefore my harp [fn]is turned to mourning, H60
And my flute to the sound of those who weep.
Unchecked Copy BoxEcc 7:2 - It is better to go to a house of mourning H60
Than to go to a house of feasting,
Because [fn]that is the end of every man,
And the living [fn]takes it to [fn]heart.
Unchecked Copy BoxEcc 7:4 - The [fn]mind of the wise is in the house of mourning, H60
While the [fn]mind of fools is in the house of pleasure.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 60:20 - “Your sun will no longer set,
Nor will your moon wane;
For you will have the LORD for an everlasting light,
And the days of your mourning H60 will be over.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 61:3 - To grant those who mourn in Zion,
Giving them a garland instead of ashes,
The oil of gladness instead of mourning, H60
The mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting.
So they will be called [fn]oaks of righteousness,
The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 6:26 - O daughter of my people, put on sackcloth
And roll in ashes;
[fn]Mourn H60 as for an only son,
A lamentation most bitter.
For suddenly the destroyer
Will come upon us.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 16:7 - “Men will not break bread in mourning H60 for them, to comfort anyone for the dead, nor give them a cup of consolation to drink for anyone’s father or mother.
Unchecked Copy BoxJer 31:13 - “Then the virgin will rejoice in the dance,
And the young men and the old, together,
For I will turn their mourning H60 into joy
And will comfort them and give them joy for their sorrow.
Unchecked Copy BoxLam 5:15 - The joy of our hearts has ceased;
Our dancing has been turned into mourning. H60
Unchecked Copy BoxEze 24:17 - “Groan silently; make no mourning H60 for the dead. Bind on your turban and put your shoes on your feet, and do not cover your mustache and do not eat the bread of men.”
Unchecked Copy BoxAmo 5:16 - Therefore thus says the LORD God of hosts, the Lord,
“There is wailing in all the plazas,
And in all the streets they say, ‘Alas! Alas!’
They also call the farmer to mourning H60
And [fn]professional mourners to lamentation.
Unchecked Copy BoxAmo 8:10 - “Then I will turn your festivals into mourning H60
And all your songs into [fn]lamentation;
And I will bring sackcloth on everyone’s loins
And baldness on every head.
And I will make it like a time of mourning H60 for an only son,
And the end of it will be like a bitter day.
Unchecked Copy BoxMic 1:8 - Because of this I must lament and wail,
I must go barefoot and naked;
I must make a lament like the jackals
And a mourning H60 like the ostriches.
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